click to enlarge !There is no photo of Geeshie Wiley known to exist

Geeshie Wiley /

Lilly Mae (Geeshie) Wiley b. "around 1908" in "some country place" (one census document says Louisiana)
date and location of Geeshie Wiley's death unknown

L.V. Thomas b. August 7, 1891 at 3116 Washington Avenue in Houston, Texas
L.V. Thomas d. May 20, 1979 in Houston, Texas

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only known photo of "Sister" L.V. Thomas
source: The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie
("courtesy Robin Wartell")

Geeshie Wiley / L.V. Thomas 78 rpm / LPs / CDs
of release
titlelabel # / notes

10 inch 78 rpm
Since this ain't no museum, my aim is not to depict actually existing specimen of 78 rpm records,
but to show the labels as pristine as workmanlike possible

even if this - in some cases - takes a whole lot of my time to photoshop process the initial data
11930Geeshie Wiley

- Last Kind Words Blues (L-257-4)   @ youtube
- Skinny Leg Blues (L-261-1)   @ youtube

rec. c. March 1930 in Grafton, WI; Geeshie Wiley, voc, prob. g
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Paramount 12951
21930Elvie Thomas / Wiley and Thomas

Elvie Thomas #
- Motherless Child Blues (L-254-2)   @ youtube
Wiley and Thomas
- Over To My House (L-265-1) *   @ youtube

# rec. c. March 1930 in Grafton, WI; Elvie Thomas, voc, prob. g; prob. Geeshie Wiley, g

* rec. c. March 1930 in Grafton, WI; Elvie Thomas, Geeshie Wiley, voc duet; Elvie Thomas, g; prob. Geeshie Wiley, g
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Paramount 12977
31931Geeshie Wiley & Elvie Thomas

- Pick Poor Robin Clean (L-824-1) #   @ youtube
- Eagles On A Half (L-826-1)   @ youtube

rec. c. March 1931 in Grafton, WI; Geeshie Wiley, voc, prob. g; # prob.1) Elvie Thomas, voc

1) source: THE BALLAD OF GEESHIE AND ELVIE (look for "Slack"!)

Paramount 13074

LP / CD compilations
41964The Country Girls! 1927 - 1935

Lottie Kimbrough
- Wayward Girl Blues
- Rolling Log Blues

Geeshie Wiley
- Pick Poor Robin Clean
Rosie Mae Moore
- Stranger Blues
Lulu Jackson
- Careless Love Blues
Lillian Miller
- Dead Drunk Blues
Lucille Bogan
- I Hate That Train Called The M & O
Elvie Thomas
- Motherless Child Blues

Nellie Florence
- Jacksonville Blues
- Midnight Weeping Blues
Pearl Dickson
- Little Rock Blues
Memphis Minnie
- Where Is My Good Man
- Can't I Do It For You
Mae Glover
- Shake It Daddy
Lottie Kimbrough
- Going Away Blues
- Lost Lover Blues

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the woman on the front cover of OJL 6 is not Geeshie Wiley !!! The photo depicts a Gullah woman; "photo by Doris Ulmann, from 'Roll, Jordan, Roll', by Julia Peterkin & Doris Ulmann (New York, Robert O. Ballou, 1934), p. 101." [Chris Smith]   "A photo of a Gullah woman may have been chosen because the album included material by Geeshie, on the basis that the name 'Geeshie' was thought to indicate a GA/SC origin for her - whereas it turns out she came from Texas." [Bob Eagle]

notes by
Nancy Grace Whelan
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Origin Jazz Library OJL 6

OJL discography


390 East 8th St
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Mississippi Blues 1927 - 1941

Harvey Hull - Gang Of Brownskin Women
Henry Sims - Be True, Be True Blues
William Harris - I'm Leavin' Townclick to enlarge!
Skip James - Special Rider Blues
Skip James - Cypress Grove Blues
Charley Patton - Hang It On The Wall

Geechie Wiley - Eagles On A Half

Mattie Delaney - Tallahatchie River Blues
John Byrd - Billy Goat Blues
Charley Patton - Mean Black Moanclick to enlarge!
Charley Patton - Pea Vine Blues
Bobby Grant - Nappy Head Blues
Son House - Delta Blues
Robert Johnson - Dead Shrimp Blues

37 E. Clinton St, Newton, NJ
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notes by Bradley Sweet
[= Stephen Calt]
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Belzona L-1001 (US 1967)

notes by Bradley Sweet
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245 Waverly Place
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= Yazoo L-1001 (US 1968)

notes by Bradley Sweet
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= Yazoo 1001HLP (2011)
[180g reissue LP]

Yazoo discography

61969Going Away Blues 1926 - 1935

Lottie Beaman
- Going Away Blues
- Rolling Log Blues
George 'Big Boy' Owens
- Kentucky Blues
Charlie Kyle
- Kyle's Worried Blues
Jelly Jaw Short
- Grand Daddy Blues
Frank Stokes
- Right Now Blues
George 'Bullet' Williams
- Frisco Leaving Birmingham

Charley Jordan
- Stack O'Dollar Blues
Henry Thomas
- Railroadin' Some
Robert Wilkins
- Old Jim Canaan
- New Stockyard Blues
William McCoy
- Central Tracks Blues
Uncle Bud Walker
- Look Here Mama Blues

Elvie Thomas & Geeshie Wiley
- Over To My House
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Yazoo L 1018

= CD 1018 YAZ [1992]

Yazoo discograpy

71972The World's Rarest Country Blues Records

Blind Willie McTell
- B And O Blues No 2 (New York Sep. 21 1933)
King Solomon Hill
- Down On My Bended Knee (Grafton, Wis. c. Jan 1932)
Blind Lemon Jefferson
- Disgusted Blues (Chicago, Ill. c. Jan 1929)
- The Cheaters Spell (Richmond Ind. Sep 24 1929)
Sluefoot Joe
- She's A Fool (Long Island City, N.Y. Apr 1929)
- House Top Blues (Long Island City, N.Y. Apr 1929)
Jaybird Coleman
- Trunk Busted Suitcase Full Of Holes (Birmingham Alabama c. Aug. 1927)
Ruby Paul
- Last Farewell Blues (Chicago, Ill. Dec. 1927)
Blind Willie Davis
- Trust In God And Do Right. Grafton Wis. c. Jan 1930)

William Harris
- Electric Chair Blues
- Kansas City Blues (Richmond Ind. Oct. 9th 1928)

Geeshie Wiley
- Last Kind Words Blues
- Skinny Leg Blues (Grafton, Wis. c. April 1930)
Skip James
- Hard-Luck Child
- 4 O'Clock Blues (Grafton Wis. c. Feb. 1931)
Charley Patton
- Circle Round The Moon
- Magnolia Blues
- Mean Black Cat Blues (Grafton Wis. Nov. 1929)

Strictly limited edition (150 Copies). Plain white cover white Separate Typed Listing Sheet.
Note: "Every title presented on this lp has been dubbed from the only copy known to exist in the world. The makers have done their best to make these extremely rare and worn out 78's audible!"

For Specialists Only FSO-001
(Austria [Roots])
81988Mississippi Girls   (1928-1931)
The Complete Recordings In Chronological Order Of ...

Rosie Mae Moore
- Staggering Blues
- Ha-Ha Blues
- School Girl Blues
- Stranger Blues
Mary Butler
- Bungalow Blues
- Mary Blues
- Electric Chair Blues
- Mad Dog Blues

Mattie Delaney
- Down The Big Road Blues
- Tallahatchie River Blues

Geechie Wiley & Elvie Thomas
- Last Kind Words
- Skinny Leg Blues
- Motherless Child Blues
- Over To My House
- Pick Poor Robin Clean
- Eagles On A Half

RST Blues Documents
BD-2018 (Austria)

= Story Of Blues CD
SB 3515 (1991)

91994Mississippi Blues   Vol. 1   1928-1937
Complete Recorded Works of ...

Uncle Bud Walker
- Look Here Mama Blues
- Stand Up Suitcase Blue
Big Road Webster Taylor
- World In A Jug
- Sunny Southern Blues
Mattie Delaney
Down The Big Road Blues
- Tallahatchie River Blues
Louise Johnson
- All Night Long Blues (tk 1)
- Long Ways From Home
- On The Wall
- By The Moon And Stars
Mississippi Bracy
- You Scolded Me And Drove Me From Your Door
- Cherry Ball
- Stered Gal
- I'll Overcome Someday

Geechie Wiley & Elvie Thomas
- Last Kind Words Blues
- Skinny Leg Blues
- Motherless Child Blues
- Over To My House
- Pick Poor Robin Clean
- Eagles On A Half
The Mississippi Moaner (Isaiah Nettles)
- Mississippi Moan
- It's Cold In China Blues
Mose Andrews
- Ten Pound Hammer
- Young Heifer Blues

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Document DOCD 5157
101994Mississippi Masters
Early American Blues Classics 1927 - 35

Garfield Akers
- Dough Roller Blues (1930)
William Harris
- Kansas City Blues (1928)
Otto Virgial
- Little Girl In Rome (1935)
Mattie Delaney
- Tallahatchie River Blues (1930)

Geeshie Wiley
- Last Kind Words (1930)
Joe Calicott
- Fare Thee Well Blues (1930)
Williams Harris
- Bullfrog Blues (1928)
John D. Fox
- The Moaning Blues (1927)

Geeshie Wiley & Elvie Thomas
- Pick Poor Robin Clean (1931)
Blind Joe Reynolds
- Outside Woman Blues (1930)
King Solomon Hill
- Gone Dead Train (1932)
Garfield Akers
- Cottonfield Blues Part 1 (1929)
Garfield Akers
- Cottonfield Blues Part 2 (1929)
Williams Harris
- Hot Time Blues (1928)

Geeshie Wiley
- Skinny Leg Blues (1930)
Blind Joe Reynolds
- Third Street Woman Blues (1930)
John D. Fox
- Worried Man Blues (1927)
Mattie Delaney
- Down The Big Road Blues (1930)
King Solomon Hill
- Whoopee Blues (1932)
Elvie Thomas
- Motherless Child Blues (1930)
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Yazoo CD 2007

Yazoo discograpy

111995Crumb (the soundtrack album)

- Ragtime Nightingale
- Sensation Rag
- Harlem Strut
- Abraham Jefferson Washington Lee
- Belle Of The Phillippines

- Last Kind Word Blues - Geeshie Wiley
- Radiator Cap Blues
- Gabby Glide Medley
- Frog-I-More Rag
- Cocaine
- Won't You Fondle Me Medley
- Pass The Jug

- Skinny Leg Blues - Geeshie Wiley
- Buffalo Rag
- 35th Street Blues
- Mabel's Dream
- Wall Street Rag
- Hateful Blues
- A Real Slow Drag
- Comic Montage Stomp
- Someday Sweetheart
- Rag Pickings
- Black Diamond Rag
- Ragtime Nightingale
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Rykodisc RCD 10322
121996Before The Blues, Vol. 2
The Early American Black Music Scene

Dallas String Band - Dallas Rag
Frank Stokes - How Long
Peg Leg Howell - Skin Game Blues
Memphis Jug Band - K.C. Moan
Charley Jordan - Just A Spoonful
Hattie Hudson - Doggone My Good Luck Soul
Eck Robertson - There's A Brown Skin Girl Down The Road Somewhere
Lulu Jackson - You're Going To Leave The Old Home Jim!
Tommy McClennan - Deep Blue Sea Blues
South Street Trio - Cold Morning Shout
Blind Joe Taggart - Been Listening All The Day
Charley Patton - Mississippi Bo Weavil Blues
Golden P- Harris - I'll Lead A Christian Life
Minnie Wallace - The Old Folks Started It
Tennessee Chocolate Drops - Vine Street Drag
Blind Willie Johnson - It's Nobody's Fault But Mine

Geeshie Wiley - Last Kind Words Blues
Roland & Scott - Guitar Stomp
Blind Lemond Jefferson - Jack O'diamond Blues
Emry Arthur - Reuben Oh Reuben
Blue Boys - Memphis Stomp
Louise Johnson - On The Wall
Frank Jenkins - Roving Cowboy
notes by Don Kent
and Richard Nevins
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Yazoo CD 2016

Yazoo discograpy

131997I Can't Be Satisfied, Vol. 1 - Country
Early American Women Blues Singers-Town & Country
Classic Recordings from the 1920s

Lonesome Day Blues - Ruby Glaze
- Papa's Got Your Bath Water On - Hattie Hart / Memphis Jug Band
- Black Hand Blues - Hattie Hudson
- Going Away Blues - Lottie Kimbrough
- Mind Reader Blues - Bertha Lee
- Outdoor Blues - Memphis Minnie
- That Lonesome Rave - Bertha Henderson
- I Ain't Givin' Nobody None - Mae Glover
- School Girl Blues - Rosie Mae Moore
- Dead Drunk Blues - Lillian Miller
- My Low Down Brown - Lizzie Washington
- My Back To The Wall - Irene Scruggs

- Eagles On A Half - Geeshie Wiley
- Penitentiary - Bessie Tucker
- Rolling Log Blues - Lottie Kimbrough
- State Of Tennessee Blues - Jennie Clayton / Memphis Jug Band
- Shake It Daddy - Mae Glover
- Twelve Pound Daddy - Pearl Dickson
- The Voice Of The Blues - Irene Scruggs
- Be My Kid Blues - Elizabeth Johnson

- Pick Poor Robin Clean - Geeshie Wiley
- Yellow Bee - Bertha Lee
- Down The Big Road Blues - Mattie Delaney

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Yazoo CD 2027

Yazoo discograpy

141999Southern Blues   Volume One

- I'm Leaving Town - William Harris
- Mistreatin' Blues - Frank Stokes
- Canned Heat Blues - Tommy Johnson
- Dry Land Blues - Furry Lewis
- Last Time Blues - Charlie Mccoy
- Elder Greene Blues - Charley Patton
- Never Drive A Stranger From Your Door - Willie Harris
- Dough Roller Blues - Garfield Akers
- Beale Street Breakdown - Jed Davenport

- Skinny Legs Blues - Geeshie Wiley
- Stop And Listen - Mississippi Sheiks
- I Let My Daddy Do That - Hattie Hart
- Little Girl In Rome - Otto Virgial [Bluebird B6213]
- It's Cold In China Blues The Mississippi Moaner
- The Ins And Outs Of My Girl Bo Carter
- Skippy Whippy Mississippi Jook Band
- Preachin' Blues - Robert Johnson
- Lonesome World Robert Lee Mccoy
- Spider Bite Blues - James De Barry
- Special Streamline - Bukka White
- Jailhouse Blues - Sleepy John Estes
- Mozelle Blues - Tommy Mcclennan
- Standin' At My Window - Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
- Anna Mae Cecil - Cecil Gant
- No Good Woman Blues Rudy Greene

Audio Book & Music
Company ABMCD 1090

= Acrobat CD 130
(UK 2002)

152000Little Rock Blues: The Essential Recordings of Country Girls

- Last Kind Words
- Pick Poor Robin Clean
- Eagle On A Half
- Skinny Leg Blues

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Indigo CD 2124
9 CD Set
American Pop: An Audio History

- Last Kind Words
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West Hill Audio Archives
172002 Country Blues - the essential

CD 1:
- Weeping Willow - Blind Boy Fuller
- Little Rock Blues - Pearl Dickson
- Weak-Minded Woman - Willie Baker
- Saturday Blues - Ishman Bracey
- Rolling Log Blues - Lottie Kimborough
- Starvation Farm Blues - Bob Campbell
- California Desert Blues - Lane Hardin
- Fence Breakin' Blues - Shreveport Home Wreckers
- Mississippi Jailhouse Groan - Rube Lacey
- Charming Betsy - Henry Thomas
- Mamlish Blues - Barefoot Bill
- Easy Rider Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson
- Davidson County Blues - De Ford Baily
- Kentucky Blues - Little Hat Jones
- Cocaine Blues - Luke Jordan
- Mama, You Gotta Get It Fixed - Troy Ferguson
- One Way Gal - William Moore
- Two Time Blues - Arthur Petties

CD 2:
- Hambone Willie's Dreamy-Eyed Woman's Blues - Hambone Willie Newbern
- Police Sargeant Blues - Robert Wilkins
- Penal Farm Blues - Scrapper Blackwell
- Ghost Woman Blues - George Carter
- Indian Squaw Blues - Freezone
- Unknown Blues - Tarter & Gay
- Nehi Mamma Blues - Frank Stokes
- I Ain't Givin' Nobody None - Mae Glover
- Happy Blues - Tom Dickson
- Cairo Blues - Henry Spaulding
- C.C. & O Blues - Pink Anderson and Simmy Dooley
- I Will Turn Your Money Green - Furry Lewis
- John Henry Blues - Evans & Mcclain
- Jealous Hearted Blues - Charlie Lincoln

- Last Kind Words Blues - Geeshie Wiley
- Devil In The Woodpile - Noah Lewis
- Bye Bye Mama - Buddy Moss
- Jailhouse Fire Blues - Walter 'Buddy Boy' Hawkins
2 CD set
notes by Gary Atkinson
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Document CBL-200008
18200?The Rough Guide To The Delta Blues

- Jumper On The Line - R.L. Burnside
- Preaching Blues (Up Jumped The Devil) - Robert Johnson
- Done Left Here - Mississippi Fred McDowell
- High Water Everywhere (Part 1) - Charley Patton
- Walkin' Blues - Son House
- Sitting On Top Of The World - Mississippi Sheiks
- Country Blues - Muddy Waters
- Goin' Back To The Bridge - Asie Payton

- Last Kind Words Blues - Geechie Wiley & Elvie Thomas
- Catfish Blues - Robert Petway
- Cool Drink Of Eater Blues - Tommy Johnson
- Black Mattie - Robert Belfour
- Outside Woman Blues - Blind Joe Reynolds
- Future Blues - Willie Brown
- On The Wall - Louise Johnson
- Stack O'Lee Blues - Mississippi John Hurt
- Mississippi Swamp Moan - Alfred Lewis
- Aberdeen Mississippi Blues - Bukka White
- Meet Me In The City - Junior Kimbrough
- That's No Way To Get Along - Robert Wilkins
- The Banker's Blues - Big Bill Broonzy
- Don't Mash My Digger So Deep - Bo Carter
- Baby Please Don't Go - Big Joe Williams
- I'm So Glad - Skip James

notes by Johnathan Ogle
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192005American Primitive Vol. II
Pre-War Revenants (1897-1939)

disc 1:
- I Want Jesus To Talk With Me, Go Down Moses (1926) - Homer Quincy Smith
- Deal Rag (1930) - Walter Taylor

- Motherless Child Blues (1930) - Elvie Thomas
- Big Bed Bug (Bed Bug Blues) (1930) - Tommy Settlers and his Blues Moaner
- I Got Your Ice Cold NuGrape (1926) - NuGrape Twins
- Molly Man (1928) - (Red Hot) Old Mose / Moses Mason
- Black Dog Blues (1930) - Bayless Rose
- Workhouse Blues (1939) - Mattie May Thomas
- Bo-Lita (1927) - Kid Brown and his Blue Band
- My Mama Always Talked To Me (1927) - John Hammond
- Ballin' The Jack (1930) - The Salty Dog Four
- Friday Moan Blues (1930) - Alfred Lewis

- Pick Poor Robin Clean (1931) - Geeshie Wiley
- It's Cold In China Blues (1935) - The Mississippi Moaner
- Black Sheep Blues (1935) - Pigmeat Terry
- Old Hen Cackle (1931) - Two Poor Boys
- Frisco Blues (1930) - Bayless Rose
- Hot Time Blues (1928) - William Harris
- Take A Look At That Baby (1931) - Two Poor Boys
- Mean Low Blues (1929) - Blues Birdhead
- Be My Kid Blues (1928) - Elizabeth Johnson
- Little Girl In Rome (1935) - Otto Virgial [Bluebird B6213]
- Dangerous Blues (1939) - Mattie May Thomas
- Mean Low Blues (1929) - Blues Birdhead
- Be My Kid Blues (1928) - Elizabeth Johnson

disc 2:
- Last Kind Words Blues (1930) - Geeshie Wiley
- Poor Mourner (1897) - Cousins & Demoss
- Jamestown Exhibition (1930) - Bayless Rose
- There's A City Built Of Mansions (1926) - NuGrape Twins
- Cairo Blues (1929) - Henry Spaulding
- Two White Horses In A Line (1931) - Two Poor Boys
- Shrimp Man (1928) - (Red Hot) Old Mose / Moses Mason
- Don't Mistreat Your Good Boyfriend (1929) - The Bubbling Over Five
- Bull Frog Blues (1928) - William Harris
- Purty Polly (1927) - John Hammond
- Go Down Moses (1926) - Homer Quincy Smith

- Over To My House (1930) - Wiley and Thomas
- Shaking Weed Blues (1930) - Tommy Settlers and his Blues Moaner
- Big Mac From Macamere (1939) - Mattie May Thomas
- Moaning The Blues (1935) - Pigmeat Terry
- Original Blues (1930) - Bayless Rose
- John Henry Blues (take 3) (1931) - Two Poor Boys
- Sobbin' Woman Blues (1928) - Elizabeth Johnson
- Bad Notion Blues (1935) - Otto Virgial [Bluebird B6213]

- Eagles On A Half (1931) - Geeshie Wiley
- Mississippi Swamp Moan (1930) - Alfred Lewis
- Red Cross The Disciple Of Christ Today (1928) - (Red Hot) Old Mose / Moses Mason
- Kansas City Blues (1928) - William Harris
- As Free As A Little Bird Can Be (1927) - John Hammond
- No Mo' Freedom (1939) - Mattie May Thomas

2 CD set

Revenant 214
202006The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

disc 1:
Freeny's Barn Dance Band: Croquet Habits
Son House: Mississippi County Farm Blues
Georgia Pot Lickers: Up Jumped The Rabbit
Memphis Minnie & Joe McCoy: I'm Going Back Home
Wilmer Watts & The Lonely Eagles: Fightin' In The War With Spain
John Byrd: Old Timbrook Blues
Ernest Phipps And His Holiness Singers: A Little Talk With Jesus
Tommy Johnson: Slidin' Delta
The Three Striped Gears: Alabama Blues
Jack Gowdlock: Rollin Dough Blues
Kentucky Ramblers: Ginseng Blues
Ollis Martin: Police And High Sheriff Come Ridin' Down
Roy Harvey & Jess Johnston And The West Virginia Ramblers: John Hardy Blues
Long "Cleeve" Reed & Little Harvey Hull - The Down Home Boys: Original Stack O' Lee Blues
Amedie Ardoin & Dennis McGee: Two Step De La Prairie Soileau
Andrew & Jim Baxter: Operator Blues
J.D. Harris: The Grey Eagle
Memphis Jug Band: Jim Strainer Blues
Grayson County Railsplitters: Ain't That Trouble In Mind (unissued)
Dock Boggs: Old Rub Alcohol Blues
Jaybird Coleman: Mistreatin' Mama
Henry Whitter: It's A Rough Road To Georgia (unissued)
Rev. B.L. Wightman with Lottie Kimbrough & Congregation: Live The Life

disc 2:
Yank Rachel with Sleepy John Estes & Jab Jones: Sweet Mama
Crowder Brothers: We All Love Mother (unissued)
Son House: Clarksdale Moan
Ashley & Foster: Bull Dog Sal (unissued)
Jesse "Babyface" Thomas: Down In Texas Blues
Georgia Pot Lickers: Chicken Don't Roost Too High
William Harris: I'm Leavin' Town (But I Sho' Don't Wanna Go)
Asa Martin & Roy Hobbs: Wild Cat Rag
King Solomon Hill: Whoopee Blues (Alternate Take)
Chubby Parker: Davey Crockett

Geeshie Wiley: Skinny Leg Blues
Sweet Brothers: I'm Gonna Marry That Pretty Little Girl
Blind Roosevelt Graves & Varoy Graves: I Shall Not Be Moved
Smith & Irvine: Lonesome Road Blues
Luke Jordon: If I Call You Mama
Grayson & Whitter: My Mind Is To Marry (unissued)
Osey Helton: Green River
Lottie Kimbrough: Don't Speak To Me
Wade Ward: Married Man's Blues (unissued)
Ken Maynard: Sweet Betsey From Pike (unissued)
Jaybird Coleman: Boll Weevil
Bill Shepherd with Hayes Shepherd & Ed Webb: Bound Steel Blues
Middle Georgia Singing Convention No. 1: Bells Of Love
double CD

Yazoo YAZ CD 2202

street date: April 4th, 2006

more info:

Tom Mug's Blog

Stefan Grossman's
Guitar Workshop

212009I Woke Up One Morning In May

Cryin' Sam Collins - Lonesome Road
Lottie Kimbrough (The Kansas City Butterball) - Lost Lover Blues
Henry Spaulding - Cairo Blues
Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy - Can't I Do It For You?
Buster Johnson - Undertaker Blues

Elvie Thomas - Motherless Child Blues
Little Hat Jones - Bye Bye Baby Blues

Robert Wilkins - I'll Go With Her
Willie Baker - Rag Baby
Blind Blake - Rope Stretchin' Blues
Louie Lasky - How You Want Your Rolling Done?
Charlie McCoy - Keep It Clean
Lottie Kimbrough - Wayward Girl Blues
Joe Callicott - Fare Thee Well Blues

Mississippi MR 033
222012The Return of The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

disc 1:
Alex Hood & His Railroad Boys - L And N Rag
Hambone Willie Newburn - Roll And Tumble Blues
Appalachia Vagabond (Hayes Shepherd) - Hard For To Love
Washington (Bukka) White - The Panama Limited
Earl Johnson & His Dixie Entertainers - John Henry Blues

Geeshie Wiley - Last Kind Words Blues
Carter Brothers & Son - Old Jaw Bone
B.F. Shelton - Oh Molly Dear
Charley Patton - High Water Everywhere – Part 1
Ernest Stoneman & Kahle Brewer - Lonesome Road Blues
Ishman Bracey - Woman Woman Blues
Fiddling Powers & Family - Old Molly Hair
Ashley’s Melody Men - Bath House Blues
Dennis McGee & Sady Courville - Mon Chere Bebe Creole
Willie Walker - Dupree Blues
Packie Dolan & His Boys - Irish Girl/Blue Breeches
Cartwright Brothers - Texas Ranger
L.O. Birkhead & A.E. Ward - Robinson County
Robert Wilkins - That’s No Way To Get Along
Lewis Brothers - Bull At The Wagon
Karola Stocha & S. Bachleda - Koscieliska
Fruit Jar Guzzlers - Stack-O-Lee
Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers - Sail Away Ladies

disc 2:
Mississippi Possum Hunters - The Last Shot Got Him
George Edgin’s Corn Dodgers - My Ozark Mountain Home
Henry Thomas - Charmin Betsey
Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers - Milwaukee Blues
Eck Robertson & Family - Texas Wagoner
Joe Evans & Arthur McClain - Two White Horses
Leo Soileau & Mayuse Lafleur - Basile Waltz
Lottie Kimbrough - Rolling Log Blues
Luke Hignight & His Ozark Strutters - Fort Smith Breakdown
Carver Boys - Tim Brook
Blind Willie Johnson - Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed
Furry Lewis - Billy Lyons And Stack O’Lee
J.P. Nester & Norman Edmonds - Train On The Island
Tommy Johnson - Lonesome Home Blues
Orkiestra Majkuta - Wsciekla Polka
Lulu Jackson - Little Rosewood Casket
E. Mullaney & P. Stack - Maid In A Cherry Tree
Elder Golden P. Harris - I’ll Lead A Christian Life
Fiddling Sam Long - Seneca Square Dance
Blind Blake - Sun To Sun Blues
Blue Ridge Mountain Singers - The Letter That Never Came
Charley Patton - Some These Days I’ll Be Gone
Allison’s Sacred Harp Singers - I’m A Long Time Traveling Away From Home

Yazoo CD 2203
232017American Epic: The Collection

disc 1:
- The Coo Coo Bird (The Cuckoo) - Clarence Ashley
- On the Road Again - Memphis Jug Band
- The Panama Limited - Bukka White
- Indian War Whoop - Hoyt Ming and His Pep Steppers
- 'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do, Pt. 1 - Frank Stokes
- K.C. Railroad Blues - Andrew & Jim Baxter
- I Am Bound for the Promised Land - Alfred G. Karnes
- Cottonfield Blues, Pt. 2 - Garfield Akers
- I Wish I Was a Mole In the Ground - Bascom Lamar Lunsford
- Down On Penny's Farm - Bentley Boys
- Foldin' Bed - Whistler's Jug Band
- Greenback Dollar - Weems String Band
- Tallahatchie River Blues - Mattie Delaney
- Walk Right In - Cannon's Jug Stompers
- Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow - The Carter Family
- Old Dog Blue - Jim Jackson
- Bayou Teche - Columbus Fruge
- Cool Drink of Water Blues - Tommy Johnson
- Train On the Island - J.P. Nestor

disc 2:
- My Heart Keeps Singing - Elder J.E. Burch
- Ninety-Nine Year Blues - Julius Daniels
- I Get My Whiskey From Rockingham - Earl Johnson and his Clodhoppers
- Death's Black Train Is Coming - Rev. J. M. Gates
- Waiting for a Train - Jimmie Rodgers
- Darling, Where Have You Been So Long? - Tenneva Ramblers
- Rocky Road - Alabama Sacred Harp Singers
- Ma Blond Est Partie - Amadie Breaux, Ophey Breaux & Cleoma Breaux
- Peg and Awl - Carolina Tar Heels
- Chocolate to the Bone - Barbecue Bob
- Down On Me - Eddie Head and Family
- Prenez Courage - Cleoma Breaux with Joseph Falcon and Ophy Breaux
- Pickin' Off Peanuts - Dilly and his Dill Pickles
- Just Because - Nelstone's Hawaiians
- Dupree Blues - Willie Walker
- Ladies On the Steamboat - Burnett & Rutherford
- Mamma, 'Tain't Long Fo' Day - Blind Willie McTell

disc 3:
- Cecilia - Cuarteto Flores
- La Coquetera - Los Borinquenos
- Coconito - Guty Cárdenas Y Lencho
- Lovesick Blues - Emmett Miller
- Long Tall Mama - Big Bill Broonzy
- John Henry Blues - Two Poor Boys
- Mr. Tom Hughes' Town - Lead Belly
- Louis Collins - Mississippi John Hurt
- I Am The Light of the World - Blind Gary Davis
- Fifty Miles of Elbow Room - Rev. F.W. McGee
- Chant of the Eagle Dance - Hopi Indian Chanters
- Hilo Hula - Mike Hanapi & The Ilima Islanders
- If The River Was Whiskey - Charlie Poole
- Stackalee - Frank Hutchison
- The Wreck of the '97 - Ernest Stoneman
- Faded Coat of Blue - Buell Kazee
- Country Blues - Dock Boggs
- Sail Away Ladies - Uncle Dave Macon and His Fruit-Jar Drinkers
- Sail Away Lady - Uncle Bunt Stephens
- Sally Gooden - Eck Robertson
- Arkansas Traveller - Don Richardson

disc 4:
- Hard Time Blues - Lane Hardin
- Down the Dirt Road Blues - Charley Patton
- Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home - Banjo Joe
- Hastings Street - Blind Blake & Charlie Spand
- See That My Grave's Kept Clean - Blind Lemon Jefferson
- Gonna Have 'Lasses In the Morning - Golden Melody Boys
- New Orleans Stop Time - Memphis Minnie & Bumblebee Slim
- Prove It On Me Blues - Ma Rainey
- Gonne Die with My Hammer in My Hand - Williamson Brothers & Curry

- Last Kind Words Blues - Geeshie Wiley
- Banjoreno - Dixieland Jug Blowers
- It's a Good Thing - Beale Street Sheiks
- Trust In God and Do the Right - Blind Willie Davis
- Someday Baby Blues - Sleepy John Estes
- Lonesome Road Blues - Sam Collins
- Future Blues - Willie Brown
- Bull Doze Blues - Henry Thomas
- Brown Skin Gal (Down the Lane) - Massey Family
- Henry Lee aka Young Hunting - Dick Justice
- Old Country Rock - William Moore
- La Danseuse - Delma Lachney & Blind Uncle Gaspard
- My Black Mama, Pt. 1 & 2 - Son House
- Cypress Grove Blues - Skip James

disc 5:
- Cross Road Blues - Robert Johnson
- Mal Hombre - Lydia Mendoza
- Sunshine Special - Frenchy's String Band
- Old Jim Canan's - Robert Wilkins
- Les Blues De Voyage - Amédé Ardoin & Dennis McGee
- The Lost Child - Stripling Brothers
- I'm Gonna Cross the River Jordan Some of These Days - Jaybird Coleman
- Tomi Tomi - Sol K. Bright with The Aloha Serenaders
- Sittin' On Top of the World - Mississippi Sheiks
- James Alley Blues - Richard Rabbit Brown
- The Indian Tom Tom - Big Chief Henry's Indian String Band
- Blues In a Bottle - Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers
- Je Me Suis En Alle - Bartmont Montet & Joswell Dupuis
- Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground - Blind Willie Johnson
- E Mama Ea - Sol Hoopii & His Novelty Quartette
- Ghost Dance - Truett & George
- Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind On Jesus) - Roosevelt Graves & Brother
- Allons A Lafayette - Joseph Falcon
- Corrido De Joaquin Murrieta, Pt. 1 & 2 - Los Madrugadores
- Denomination Blues (Part 1 & 2) - Washington Phillips

"American Epic: The Collection gathers 100 of these original recordings from the 1920s and 1930s in one five-disc set, restored to unprecedented levels of sonic fidelity. For this box set, compiled by Director Bernard MacMahon, engineer Nicholas Bergh refined a transfer process using a mix of both modern and vintage equipment in order to extract the remarkable resolution from the records that is often missed."
5 CD set

American Epic AMPC451
(US 2017)


Other artist's Covers of Geeshie Wiley / L.V. Thomas songs
of release
Record Title

- featured Geeshie Wiley / L.V. Thomas song
label # / notes
11997Asylum Street Spankers: Live

- Last Kind Word Blues

Watermelon CD 1065

Asylum Street Spankers

22001Neil Harpe

- Eagles On A Half
- Pick Poor Robin Clean

Neil Harpe website
32002Erin Harpe: Blues Roots

- Chauffer Blues (Memphis Minnie)
- Alligatoe Blues (Bessie Smith)
- One Thing I lIke About That Man of Mine (William Moore)
- Bye Bye Blues (Tommy Johnson)
- Big Bad Bill (Yellen/Ager)
- In My Girlish Days (Memphis Minnie)
- M & O Blues (Lucille Bogan)
- You Gonna Quit Me Blues (Blind Blake)
- Big Road Blues (Tommy Johnson)

- Pick Poor Robin Clean (Geechie Wiley)
- Future Blues (Willie Brown)
- Stop and Listen Blues (Eleanor Ellis)

Juicy Juju Records

42002David Johansen and the Harry Smiths:

- Last Kind Words
click to enlarge !
Chesky JD236

Sources / Further reading:
- own record collection
- Robert M.W. Dixon, John Godrich & Howard W. Rye: Blues & Gospel Records 1890 - 1943, 4th ed. 1997, pp. 917, 1028
- "The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie - On the trail of the phantom women who changed American music and then vanished without a trace" by John Jeremiah Sullivan
- "Under Cover - In Pursuit of an Unearthly Record" by Jeannie Choi
- eBay auctions
- diverse internet resources

thanks to Chris Smith and Bob Eagle for additional info
"Although Geeshie Wiley may well have been the rural South's greatest female blues singer and musician, almost nothing is known of her.
Ishmon Bracey, who met her in Jackson in the late '20's, said she was from Natchez, Mississippi. She may have come to town with a medicine show, with which she played during her sojourn, and reportedly took up with Charlie McCoy. Other than a report of Robert Wilkins seeing her in eastern Mississippi around 1930, her name elicited no further response among her contemporaries.
If Geeshie Wiley did not exist, she could not be invented: her scope and creativity dwarfs most blues artists. She seems to represent the moment when black secular music was coalescing into blues. Her repertoire included early raggy songs like Pick Poor Robin Clean and Come On Over To My House, but delivered with more punch; songs such as Last Kind Words that probably predate World War I but handled as befitting a blues sensibility; and state of the art country blues with imaginative arrangements. Her guitar technique is unusual: her use of an A-minor chord in Last Kind Words is rare for a rural blues artist and her adoption of a riff in A normally associated with Texas artists shows a shrewd appreciation for exciting sounds.
Moreover, despite her sensual voice, the persona she presents is as tough as Charley Patton: money before romance and she sweetly says, while extolling her sexual charms, that she's calmy capable of killing you. Wiley apparently came up to record with Elvie Thomas, another guitarist said to be from Palmers Crossing, Mississippi, near Hattiesburg. Her guitar duet with Wiley on Pick Poor Robin Clean shows her to be a less forceful musician but her hauntingly beautiful vocal on Motherless Child Blues reveals a powerful poignancy among the most sublime in American music. Equalling the vocal with exquisite force and imagination is the guitar arrangement in the key of E, probably played by Geeshie Wiley. This shows traces of a northern Mississippi influence, but the B7th section is without parallel in rural blues. A very similar arrangement is used on Skinny Legs Blues. the lyrics are from Boar Hog Blues, but the melody used by Geeshie Wiley bears only a token resemblance to that song. Wiley's masterpiece, Last Kind Words, played in the key of E, is one of the most imaginatively constructed guitar arrangments of its era and possible one of the most archaic. Although the lyrics date it to the late World War I era, its eight-bar verse structure appears to be older. The opening A minor chord that leads directly into the same A riff employed by Texas artists is unique, and the thumb rolls in the B7th part echo Charley Patton's Green River Blues."

Don Kent's liner notes
to "Mississippi Masters: Early American Blues Classics 1927-35"


further reading:
GAYLE DEAN WARDLOW: "Six Who Made Recorded History--1926-1935" 78 Quarterly #5, 1990 (John Byrd, Isaiah Nettles, Sonny Scott, Freddie Spruell, Elvie Thomas, Geeshie Wiley)


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