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from album:
- Rockin' The Cradle (trad.)
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"Judy Mayhan".-
Decca DL7-5287
- I Gave My Love A Cherry (trad.)    
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- He's Gone Away (trad.)
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- The Cuckoo (trad.)
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- Rich Irish Lady (trad.)
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- Freest Fancy (Judy Mayhan) ! ! ! ! ! !
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"Judy Mayhan".-
Decca DL7-5287
- Dolphins (Fred Neil)
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- Sweet Reason (Bobby Darin)
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- See Here! (Judy Mayhan) ! ! ! ! ! !
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- Morning And An Oldsmobile
  (Antonia Lamb)

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Judy Mayhan LPs/CDs
of release
titlelabel # / notes
11962Rockin' The Cradle

- Rockin' The Cradle
- Come All Ye Loyal Heroes
- Johnny Went Foling
- One Morning In May
- I Gave My Love A Cherry [= The Riddle Song]
- At The Foot Of Yonder's Mountain

- Lass From The Low Country
- Turtle Dove
- He's Gone Away
- The Cuckoo
- Rich Irish Lady
Judy Mayhan, dulcimer
+ (David) 'Jake' Ander, g

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Horizon WP 1605

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= Tradition 2075 (196?)
'Folk Songs Of Old Eire'

re-released 2002 on CD
by Shayomi Productions,
Mendocino, California
available at

in 1969 Judy Mayhan has been member of ex-Monkee Peter Tork's band 'Release'
(obviously this band never recorded)

- Walk Right In (Judy Mayhan)
- I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew (Tom T. Hall)
- Old Man At The Fair (Jimmy Webb)
- Shinin' (Judy Mayhan)
- Everlovin' Ways (Judy Mayhan)
- Dream Goin' By (Judy Mayhan) #

- Dream Goin' By (Judy Mayhan)
- Begin Again (Judy Mayhan)
- You Are My Sunshine (Jimmy Davis)
- I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan)

rec. at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, Muscle Shoals, AL; Judy Mayhan, voc, p; Andrew Love & Ed Logan, saxes, flutes; Wayne Jackson, trumpet, French horn; Eddie Hinton, lead, rhythm g, string arrangements; Jimmy Johnson, rhythm g; Duane Allman, slide g; Al Lester, country fiddle; Barry Beckett, keyb; David Hood, b; Roger Hawkins, dr; Southern Comfort, voc backgr; Marlin Greene, string arrangement on "Shinin'"; prod. by Marlin Greene & Eddie Hinton; engineers: Marlin Greene & Eddie Hinton

# rec. at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, CA; Judy Mayhan, voc, p; Mike Pinera, lead g; Lowell George, rhythm g, flute; Warren Klein, sitar; William Charlton, b; Richard Hayward, dr; Aumashananda, Aum dr; Moffet, background voc; Arif Mardin, string arr.; prod. by Ahmet Ertegun; engineer: Stan Ross
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Atco SD 33-319

re-released 2001 on CD
by Shayomi Productions,
Mendocino, California
available at

more info
more info

31971Judy Mayhan

- Freest Fancy (Judy Mayhan)
- I've Been The One (Lowell George)
- Mythical Kings And Iguanas (Dory Previn)
- Dolphins (Fred Neil)
- Sweet Reason (Bobby Darin)

- Kerosene Lantern (Judy Mayhan)
- See Here! (Judy Mayhan)
- He Gives Us All His Love (Randy Newman)
- I Keep Singing Love Songs (Judy Mayhan)
- Morning And An Oldsmobile (Antonia Lamb)

prod. Nikolas Venet
Judy Mayhan, voc, p, banjo
Alan Dennison, Thomas Keene, John Herron, org
Joe Osborne, Floyd Fletcher, b
Mike Bolan, Roy Marinell, g
Steve Douglas ten sax
Ron Tutt, dr
cover painting: Renate Druks

[Bobby Darin 45rpm:
Baby May / Sweet Reasons
Direction 4001, 1969

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Decca DL7-5287

re-released 2000 on CD
by Shayomi Productions,
Mendocino, California
'See Here'
available at

Antonia Lamb page


picture from back cover of 'Rockin The Cradle'
Judy Mayhan, dulcimer + (David) 'Jake' Ander, g
(picture from back cover of 'Rockin The Cradle')


Anthologies / Compilations / Samplers
containing songs performed by Judy Mayhan
of release
title / songs performed by Judy Mayhanlabel # / notes
5 LP set
V.A.: 150 Songs, Ballads, Jigs And Reels Of Ireland

Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
John McCormack / Mary O'Hara
Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem and their families

David Hammond / Judy Mayhan
Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem

"The Mayhan voice is most unusual, and so is the person. Judy Mayhan studied opera and classical vocal repertoire from a very early age. She majored in drama in college and then became a folk singer ... in a way that combines her musical and dramatic talents. She is an extremely sensitive performer who has appeared in folk music clubs across the country, including The Troubador, The Second Fret and The Insomniac. Her sensitivity to the meaning of the songs she sings and their significance for today's culture are legendary in folk music circles. The simple dulcimer and guitar accompianment to Judy's amazing voice combine to produce a dramatic projection of a real Irish mood which always transcends the immediate meaning of each songs lyrics. She creates this mood for each song and because each of her songs has a personal meaning very important to her ... they take on a new stature wherever she performs them." (from liner notes)

Murray Hill 920344
(Bob Hyde's label)
21963Hootenanny At The Troubadour

Hoyt Axton
- Greenback Dollar
- Blues For A Hoot
Judy Henske
- House Of The Rising Sun
- Go Tell It On The Mountain
Other Singers
- Rebel Soldier
Sherwood Singers
- Wasn't That A Mighty Day

Travis Edmonson
- I'm A Drifter
- E La Bas
Phil Campos
- Captain Kidd
- The Summer Winds
Barry & Barry
- Soft Blow
Judy Mayhan
- Come All Ye Loyal Heroes
Paul Sykes
- Plane Crash At Los Gatos

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Horizon WP 1616
Thanks to Allan ('alinact') for contributing info on Murray Hill 920344


pictures from back cover of Moments'
Judy Mayhan (pictures from back cover of 'Moments')


(Guest) Appearances on other Artist's recordings
of release
artist / title / instrument(s) played by Judy Mayhanlabel # / notes
11971Dory Previn: Mythical Kings And Iguanas

- Mythical Kings And Iguanas
- Yada Yada La Scala
- Lady With The Braid
- Her Mother's Daughter
- Angels And Devils The Following Day

- Mary C. Brown And The Holywood Sign
- Lemon Haired Ladies
- Stone For Bessie Smith
- The Game
- Going Home (Mythical Kings And Iguanas)

Abbey Hall Singers (among others: "Princess Judy Mayhan"), vocals, background vocals

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United Artists UAG 29186

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Other artist's Covers of Judy Mayhan songs>
Record Title

- featured Judy Mayhan song
label # / notes
11974Meg Christian: I Know You Know

- Freest Fancy

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Olivia LF-902

more info

21980Banish Misfortune: Freest Fancy

- Freest Fancy

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Kicking Mule KM 240

Kicking Mule discography

31994Dave van Ronk: To All My Friends In Far-Flung Places

- Subterranean Homesick Blues
- Where Were You Last Night
- Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear
- Ramblin' Boy
- My Name Joe
- Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends
- Entering Marion
- The Drinking Song
- Amoeba Hop
- Things
- Stone Sober Blues
- Joshua Gone Barbados
- Soon My Work Will All Be Done
- To All My Friends In Far Flung Places

- Wrap The World Around Your Finger (Judy Mayhan)
- Jersey Girl
- Punky's Dilemma
- I'm Hip
- Harbour Of Love
- Awful Kind Of Blues
- Why The Blues Don't Worry Me
- A Sailor's Prayer
- Many A Mile
- Four Strong Winds
- The Simple Things We Said (Los Choses Los Plus Simple)
- Song To A Seagull
- Heart On The Run
- To All My Friends In Far Flung Places (Reprise)

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Gazell GPCD 2011/12

Dave van Ronk

41996Michael Callen: Legacy

- Kerosine Lantern
- See Here

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Significant Other CD 951

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Kate Wolf
on her Poet's Heart album
dedicated the song "See Here, She Said" to Judy Mayhan




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