H A R R Y   T A U S S I G; from cover of 'Fate Is Only Once'; photo: John Upton
Harry Taussig 1960s; source: cover of 'Fate Is Only Once'
photographer: John Upton



Harry Taussig LPs / CDs
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11965Harry Taussig:
Fate Is Only Once

and other blues, ragtime, and fingerpicking tunes

- Baby Let Me Lay It On You / That'll Never Happen No More
- Blues For Zone VII
- Dark Town Strutter's Ball
- R.R. Bill & Co.
- Rev's Rag
- Sugar Babe, Your Papa Cares For You

- National Ragtime Stomp
- Rondo To Death
- Monte's Blues
- Dorian Sonata
- St. Louis Tickle
- Fate Is Only Once
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Talisman TM-1001

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= Tompkins Square
TSQ 1523 (2006)


21966Contemporary Guitar

Max Ochs
- Raga
John Fahey
- Sampler (more info)
Bukka White
- Old Man Walking Blues

Max Ochs
- Raga

Harry Taussig
- Water Verses
- Children's Dance
Robbie Basho
- The Thousand Incarnations Of The Rose

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Takoma C 1006

Takoma discography

32005Imaginational Anthem
A Guitar Anthology

Max Ochs
- Imaginational Anthem (rec. July 23, 2004)
Brad Barr
- Bouba's Bounce (rec. Aug. 3, 2004)
Suni McGrath
- Train Z (rec. June 2004)
Harris Newman
- Lake Shore Drive (Slight Return) (rec. June 2004)

Harry Taussig
- Dorian Sonata (rec. 1965)
Jack Rose
- White Mule III (rec. live Oct. 2004)
Steve Mann
- My Thoughts Began To Crystallize (rec. Sept. 2004)
Glenn Jones
- The Little Dog's Day (rec. Sept. 2004)
Gyan Riley & Terry Riley
- La Cigale (The Locust) (rec. live Jan. 23, 2004)
Bern Nix
- Low Barometer (rec. June 26, 2004)
Bob Hadley
- Celtic Reverie (rec. July 2004)
Janet Smith & Steve Mann
- Daemon Lover Variations (rec. Sept. 2004)
John Fahey
- O'Holy Night (from 1991 album)
Kaki King
- Night After Sidewalk (from 2003 album)
Sandy Bull
- Untitled (rec. ca. 1996)
Max Ochs
- Imaginational Anthem (rec. Jan. 29, 1969)
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Near Mint NM 0531



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Harry Taussig Instruction Books

Instrumental Techniques of American Folk Guitar, Trad. String Instr. (1965)
Folk Style Autoharp, Oak (1967)
Teach Yourself Guitar, Oak (1971)
Folk-Style Guitar, Oak (1973)
Advanced Guitar, Oak (1975)


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