label Country Turtle CT-6000, side A
Country Turtle
Label founded and run by Don Kent

Flying CrowMamlish

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Stefan Wirz

year of
The Dixon Brothers: Beyond Black Smoke
Original Recordings

- Dark Eyes
- Beautiful Stars
- The Bootlegger's Story
- Weave Room Blues
- Girl I Left In Danville
- Always Be Waiting For You
- Easter Day

- Beyond Black Smoke
- A Wonderful Day
- I Didn't Hear Anybody Pray (Wreck On The Highway)
- How Can A Broke Man Be Happy
- More Pretty Girls Than One - Part 3
- I Can't Tell Why I Love You
- Jimmie And Sallie

notes by Pat Conte

Country Turtle CT-6000
Gambler's Lament
Old Time Songs and Ballads from the Southern States

Zack Hurt
- Gambler's Lament
Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Baker
- On The Banks Of The Old Tennessee
Green Bailey
- Shut Up In The Mines At Coal Creek
- The Wreck Of Number 4
Virginia Dandies (Walter Smith & Norman Woodlieff)
- The Cabin With The Roses
Bascom Lamar Lunsford
- Italy
Prof. & Mrs. I. G. Greer
- Sweet William & Fair Ellen parts 1 & 2

Carver Boys
- Tom Brooks [Molly And Tenbrooks]
Posey Rorer and the North Carolina Ramblers
- As We Sat Benath The Maple On The Hill
Blind Andy (Andrew Jenkins)
- Frank Dupree
[Frank] Wheeler & [Monroe] Lamb
- Jim Blake The Engineer [Jim Blake's Message]
Shortbuckle Roark and Family
- Gambler's Lament
Oda Roark (with George Roark)
- I Truly Understand You Love Another Man
Richard (Rabbit) Brown
- Mystery Of The Dunbar's Child
notes by Pat Conte, Frank
Mare & Barbara Beamon

Country Turtle CT-6001
The DIXON BROS.: Ramblin' & Gamblin'
14 superb old time country music classics

- Rambling Gambler
- The Old Home Brew
- Where Shall I Be
- Prisoner's Plea
- Satisfied At Last
- Two Little Boys
- She Tickled Me

- Fisherman's Luck
- Hobo Jack The Rambler
- Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now Pt. 2
- Have Courage To Only Say No
- Two Little Rosebuds
- Shining City Over The River
- There's A Place In My Home For Mother

Sides also feature Dorsey & Beatrice; Rambling Duet

cover art by Val Pretel
notes by
Pat Conte with David Crisp

Country Turtle CT-6002

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