E L M O N    M I C K L E   &   H I S   F R I E N D S, source: Gatefold sleeve of Kent KST-9007; photographer: Frank Scott
source: Gatefold sleeve of Kent KST-9007
photographer: Frank Scott

Drifting Slim/  
Model T Slim
real name: Elmon Mickle
b. February 24, 1919 in Keo, Arkansas
d. September 15, 1977 in Los Angeles, California

E L M O N   M I C K L E; source: Back cover of Flyright FLY 559; photographer: Frank Scott
source: Back cover of Flyright FLY 559; photographer: Frank Scott

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Driftin' Slim / Model T Slim 45 rpm / LPs / CDs
of release
titlelabel # / notes

- My Little Machine (MM1733)
- Down South Blues (MM1734)

rec. November 1951 in North Little Rock, AR; Elmon Mickle, voc, hca; Junior Brooks, Baby Face Turner, g; Bill Russell, dr

Modern 849
(as by "Drifting Slim")

Modern 849
(as by "Drifting Smith")


- Whiskey Head Woman
- Young And Good Lookin'

poss. with Elmon Mickle

RPM 320

- Lone Town Blues (MM1737) *
- She's The Little Girl For Me (MM1738) #

rec. c. November 1951 in North Little Rock, AR; Junior Brooks, voc, g; Baby Face Turner, g; Bill Russel, dr; # Elmon Mickle, hca

RPM 343

* Nighthawk 108
# Kent 9007
(= United 7784)
Blues Classics 15

41952DRIFTING SLIM With Rhythm Acc.

- Good Morning Baby (MM1874)
- My Sweet Woman (MM1875)

rec. March 1952 in North Little Rock, AR; Elmon Mickle, voc, hca; Sunny Blair, hca; Ike Turner, p; Baby Face Turner, g; Bill Russell, dr

RPM 370

Blue Horizon 45-1005


- Flat Foot Sam   @ youtube
- I Got To Get Some Money

rec. November 1959 in Los Angeles, CA; Elmon Mickle, voc, hca; Phillip Walker, g; Bobby Tinsley, dr

Phillip Walker discography

Elko 003

Elko discography


- Jackson Blues
- Lonesome Highway

rec. Los Angeles 1959; Elmon Mickle, voc, hca, g

E. M. Records 132
71960Elmon Mickle & Ernie Pruitt

- Whatever You're Doing, Keep On Doing It To Me
- Short 'n' Fat

rec. Los Angeles 1959; Elmon Mickle, voc, hca, g; Ernie Pruitt, voc

E. M. and E. P. Records 133

- Independent Walk
- Short And Fat

rec. 1962 in Los Angeles, CA; Hooks Brothers & AC-DC Current Swingers: Ernie Pruitt, voc; unknown, ts; Elmon Mickle, hca; unknown, org; Jerry Hooks, g; unknown, b; unknown, dr

other AC-DC Current Swingers' recordings: JGems 415 (House Rent Party / Time To Dance) and Hooks 1000 (House Party / Nothin' But The Blues)

JGEMS 1908

= LA-BREA 1001 (19??)

# = Soulin' 100 45 rpm
as by "Harmonica Harry"

8a196?Hooks Brothers & AC DC Current Swingers

- Natural Blues (526) #   @ youtube
- Soul Party (438)   @ youtube

rec. 1960s in Los Angeles, CA; Hooks Brothers & AC-DC Current Swingers: # Elmon Mickle, hca; unknown, org; Jerry Hooks, g; unknown, b; unknown, dr

Hooks Bros. Prod 1002
91966Drifting Slim

- Good Morning Baby
- My Sweet Woman

RPM 370

Blue Horizon 45-1005

101966Model "T" Slim

- Jackson, Tennessee (MA-1535)
- Shake Your Boogie (Ma-1536)

featuring Jack Wall on lead guitar; prod. by Jimmy Johnson

Magnum 45-739
111966Model T. Slim

- Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
- Shake Your Boogie

+ Ken Wall, lead g

Wonder 15001/2
121966Model T. Slim

- "T" Model Ford
- Burnt Out

+ Ken Wall, lead g

Solid State 1401/2
= Wonder 1401/2
12a1966Lets Go Down South
Post War Blues as sung from Memphis down to Dallas

Baby Face Turner
- Blue Serenade
- Gonna Let You Go
Charley Booker
- Rabbit Blues
Clarence London
- One Rainy Morning
- Going Back To Mama
Lost John Hunter
- Cool Down Mama
- School Boy
Joe Hill Louis
- Goin' Down Slow

D.A. Hunt
- Lonesome Ol' Jail
- Greyhound Blues
Dr. Ross
- Country Clown
Country Paul
- Your Picture Done Fade
- Ain't It Sad
Joe Hill Louis
- Eyesight To The Blind
Big Charley Bradix
- Dollar Diggin' Woman
- Boogie Like You Wanna

prod. by John G. Allinson
notes by Mike Leadbitter

Neshoba N-11 (UK)
[limited edition of 99 copies]
12b1966Memphis ....On Down
the post-war blues volume 2

Jimmy & Walter (Walter Horton & Jimmy De Berry)
- Easy
Joe Hill Louis
- Dorothy Mae
- When I Am Gone
Willie Love & His Three Aces
- Nelson Street Blues
- V-8 Ford
Levi Seabury & His Band
- Motherless Child Blues
Charley Booker
- Moonrise Blues
- Charley's Boogie Woogie

Harmonica Frank
- She's Done Moved
Junior Brooks
- Lone Town Blues

Drifting Slim
- My Little Machine
- Down South Blues
Luther Huff
- Dirty Disposition
- 1951 Blues
Boyd Gilmore
- Take A Little Walk With Me
- All In My Dreams
notes by Mike Rowe

The Post War Blues pwb 2

PWB discography

131967Model "T" Slim

- Somebody Voodooed The Hoodooman [remixed (overdubbed?) drums]
- You're Growing Old Baby [faded early]

rec. prob. 1966/67 for Jerry Hooks

Audio Blues AB 1932
141967Model "T" Slim

- Woman's The Glory Of Man[= "15 Years My Love Was In Vain"; remixed (overdubbed?) drums and faded early]
- Take My Hand [remixed drums]

rec. prob. 1966-67 for Jerry Hooks

Audio Blues AB 1933
1519??Original MODEL "T" SLIM sings

- 15 Years My Love Was In Vain [= "Woman's The Glory Of Man" on Audio Blues AB 1933; remixed version]
- Lead Me Where You Wanna [= "Take My Hand"on Audio Blues AB 1933]

rec. prob. 1966-67 for Jerry Hooks
"A Williams Brothers Production"

Kim 1001
161966/67?The Original Model "T" Slim

- Flat Foot Sam (H-100A) [tk. 1; faded early]
- Oh Babe (H-200B) [faded early]

rec. 1966/67 in Los Angeles, CA; Model T Slim, voc, hca; prob Little Boyd, 2nd hca; g; b; Jesse Price, dr; prod. by Mikel Hooks

Styletone 392

- Flat Foot Sam (tk 2)

rec. 1966/67 in Los Angeles, CA; Model T Slim, voc, hca; prob Little Boyd, 2nd hca; g; b; Jesse Price, dr; prod. by Mikel Hooks
Styletone unissued

Flyright FLY 559

171968Memphis And The Delta - The 1950s

Houston Boines
- Relation Blues
Luther Huff
- Bull Dog Blues

Junior Brooks
- She's A Little Girl
Harmonica Frank
- Goin' Away Walking
Forest City Joe
- Memory Of Sonny Boy
Roosevelt Sykes
- West Helena Blues
Joe Hill Louis
- I Feel Like A Million

Sunnyland Slim
- Going Back To Memphis
Boyd Gilmore
- Rambling On My Mind

Drifting Slim
- Good Morning Blues
Willie Love
- Seventy Four Blues
James Cotton
- Cotton Crop Blues
Baby Face Turner
- Gonna Let You Go
Elmore James
- Please Find My Baby

cover photo by Danny Lyon
notes by Paul Oliver

Blues Classics BC 15 (1968)

notes by Paul Oliver

Blues Classics BC 15

Blues Classics discography

Driftin' Slim & His Blues Band
Somebody Hoo-Doo'd The Hoo-Doo Man

- Jackson Blues #
- How Many More Years? *
- Hoo-Doo Man Blues #
- Mama Blues *
- Standing Around Crying
- Give an Account #
- Jack O'Diamonds *

- My Little Machine *
- Mama Don't Tear My Clothes #
- This World Is None Of My Home *
- A Drip Of Snuff And A Narrow Escape *
- Till I Got Sixteen *
- Christine Blues #
- Jonah *
- I'm Hunting Somebody *

produced by Pete Welding
# rec. June 26, 1967 by Bruce and Mike Bromberg; Driftin' Slim, voc, hca; Jack Wall, el g; Ike Parker, el b; Guy Jones, dr
* rec. Dec. 3, 1966 and Jan. 7, 1967 at the Center for Comparitative Study of Folklore and Mythology, University of California, Los Angeles by Pete Welding with the assistance of Bruce Bromberg and Frank Scott; Driftin' Slim, voc, g, hca, dr
notes by Pete Welding

Milestone MSP 93004
= Milestone MLP 3004

Milestone discography

= OBC 590 (1999)

OBC discography

191969The Blues

Fleetwood Mac - Rollin' Man
Duster Bennett - Jumping At Shadows
Chicken Shack - What Did You Do Last Night
Eddie Boyd - The Blues Is Here To Stay
Gordon Smith - Diving Duck Blues
Champion Jack Dupree - A Racehorse Called Mae

Johnny Shines - Pipeline Blues
Fleetwood Mac - Long Grey Mare
Sunnyland Slim - Stella Mae
Chicken Shack - I Wanna See My Baby
Curtis Jones - Gee, Pretty Baby
Fleetwood Mac - Shake Your Money Maker

Johnny Winter - Be Careful With A Fool
Blind Lemon Jefferson - Prison Cell Blues
John Lee Hooker - Hobo Blues
Bessie Smith & Louis Armstrong - St. Louis Blues
Taj Mahal - The Cuckoo
Ma Rainey - Deep Moanin' Blues
Robert Johnson - Terraplane Blues
Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper - That's All Right

Janis Joplin - Ball And Chain
Lightnin' Hopkins - War Is Starting Again
Steamhammer - Junior's Wailing
Son House - Pearline
Big Maybelle - No More Trouble Out Of Me

Driftin Slim & His Blues Band - Jackson Blues
Blood, Sweat And Tears - Blues Part II

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Blue Horizon SPR 31 /
201969Model T Slim

- Christine
- Baby, Don't Tear My Clothes

prod. by Bruce & Michael Bromberg

Kent 504
211969Arkansas Blues
Anthology Of The Blues   Volume Seven

Baby Face Turner
- Blues Serenade
- Gonna Let You Go

Drifting Slim
- My Little Machine
- Good Morning Blues
Sunny Blair
- Step Back Baby
- Send Me Back Baby

Robert Dudlow Taylor
- Lonesome
- Old Helena Blues
James "Peck" Curtis
- Jerusalem Blues
Sunny Blair
- My Baby's Gone

Junior Brooks
- She's The Little Girl For Me
Baby Face Turner
- Best Days

tracks on P-Vine PCD 3040:
Baby Face Turner
- Blue Serenade
- Gonna Let You Go
- Best Days

Drifting Slim
- My Little Machine
- Good Morning Baby
- Down South #
- My Sweet Woman #
- I Feel So Good #
- You're Getting Old Lady #
- Shout #
Sunny Blair
- Step Back Baby
- Send My Baby Back
- My Baby's Gone
- Five Foot Three Blues #
- Glad to Be Back Home #

Robert Dudlow Taylor
- Lonesome
- Old Helena Blues
- I Know #
- Dudlow's Blues #
James "Peck" Curtis
- Jerusalem Blues # *
- Bus Fare # *
- 44 Blues # *
Junior Brooks
- She's The Little Girl For Me
- Lone Town Blues #

# additional CD tracks
* rec. Helena, Ark, Jan. 22, 1952; James "Peck" Curtis, voc, dr; Sonny Boy Williamson, Elmon Mickle, hca; Robert "Dudlow" Taylor, p; poss. W.C. Clay, g

Kent KST-9007 gatefold sleeve (inside)

notes by Bruce Bromberg

Kent KST-9007

= United Superior US-7784

notes by Bruce Bromberg

= Musidisc 30 AB 5607

(=) P-Vine PCD 3040
(Jp 1994)

221971Nothing But The Blues
The record companion to Hanover Publications' book "Nothing But The Blues" compiled by the Editors of Blues Unlimited

J.B. Lenoir
- I Don't Care What Nobody Say
Juke Boy Bonner
- Runnin' Shoes
Doctor Ross
- Goin' Down Slow

Model 'T' Slim
- Woman's The Glory Of Man
Little Mack Simmons
- Come Back
Johnny Shines
- Pipeline Blues

Boozoo Chavis
- Forty One Days
Hop Wilson
- That Wouldn't Satisfy
Big Walter
- My Tears
Lonesome Sundown
- I Stood By
Arthur Gunter
- Don't Leave Me Now
Rockin' Sydney
- Keep On Pushin'

B. B. King
- Eysight To The Blind
Otis Rush
- All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
Buddy Guy
- Sit And Cry (The Blues)
John Brim
- Lifetime Baby
Elmore James
- Goin' For Good
Magic Sam
- All Night Long

Lightnin' Slim
- Greyhound Blues
Slim Harpo
- Loving You (The Way I Do)
Otis Spann
- Can't Do Me No Good
Sunnyland Slim
- Midnight Jump
Johnny Young
- Moaning And Groaning
George Smith
- Telephone Blues
2 LP set
notes by Mike Leadbitter

CBS 66278 (UK)
23197?Packiní Up My Blues

In The Country
Stick Horse Hammond
- Alberta
- Gamblin Man
Tommy Lee
- Highway 80 Blues
- Packin Up My Blues
Stick Horse Hammond
- Truck Em Down
- Too Late Baby
David "Pete" McKinley
- Shreveport Blues
- Ardelle

In The Jook Joints
Levi Seabury
- Boogie Beat
- Motherless Child
Sunny Blair
- Five Foot Three Blues
- Glad To Be Back Home
The Confiners
- Toss Bounce
- Harmonica Boogie

Drifting Slim
- Down South
- My Sweet Woman

original recordings supplied by Frank Scott and Darryl Stolper
notes by Frank Scott

Muskadine M 102

Muskadine discography

241973Blues Is Here To Stay !!
Oldies But Goodies ..!
The Best Of Model T Slim, Little Boyd, Ironing Board Sam

Model T Slim
- Somebody Done Voodo That Hoodo Man
Little Boyd
- 13 Highway
Ironing Board Sam
- I've Been Used

Model T Slim
- 15 Years My Love Was In Vain
Little Boyd
- Harmonica Crying In The Chappel

Ironing Board Sam
- Non Support That What The Judge Say

Model T Slim
- Flatfoot Sam Always In A Jam [tk. 1]
Little Boyd
- Bad Man Don't Live Too Long

Model T Slim
- Oh Babe [faded early]

prod. by Mikel Hooks & Duffy Hooks

Styletone I.G.W.T. 001
24a197?Shake Your Boogie
Blues Obscurities Vol. 10

Model T Slim
- Shake Your Boogie
- Jackson Tennessee
- Take My Hand
- Somebody Voodooed The Hoodoo Man
- You're Growing Old Baby
Sweets Reed
- Bad Shape Blues
- I'm Wise

B. Brown
- My Baby Left Me
- Hard Working Man
Calvin Leavy
- Blues For Cummins Prison
Junior Kimbell
- I'm A Lover
- You Can't Leave Me
Louisiana Red
- Tell Me Mama
- Take Your Time

Blues Obscurities BOV10



Mr. Fulbright's Blues

Jimmy Nolen [actually Jimmy Wilson]
- Strangest Blues
- I Used To Love A Woman
Phillip Walker
- Louisiana Walk
- I Want You For Myself
- Playing In The Park
- Hello My Darling
Mac Willis
- Pretty Woman

- Howling Woman
Smokey Hogg
- Blue And Lonesome Blues
- Misery In My Life

Elmon Mickle
- Flat Foot Sam
- I Got To Get Some Money
Jesse Fuller
- Listen Here Mr. Fireman
- San Francisco Bay Blues

Big Son Tillis & D.C. Bender
- Zetela Blues
- Rock Is My Pillow
- Ten Long Years
- I Got A Letter
Unknown Artist A
- Hard Luck Blues
- Lonesome Road °°
Jesse Thomas
- Another Fool Like Me

George Smith
- West Helena Blues
Unknown Artist B
- Come Back Baby
Unknown Artist C
- Strange Ol' Feeling
J.D. Nicholson
- I Ain't Gonna Be Your Dog No More
Jimmy Nolen
- Let's Try It Again
Willie Egans
- It's A Shame
- Willie's Boogie

°° omitted from P-Vine PCD-2008 supposedly due to lack of space!

2 LP set

P-Vine Special PLP 2-704
(Jp 1976)

= P-Vine PCD-2008
(Jp 1988)

notes (November 1989)
by Chris Bentley

(=) Diving Duck DD 4314
"Mr. Fullbright's Blues
Vol. 1"

notes (November 1989)
by Chris Bentley

(=) Diving Duck DD 4315
"Mr. Fullbright's Blues
Vol. 2"

Wolf CD 120.614 (1994),
120.615, 120616 (1998)

"Elko Blues Vols. 1, 2 & 3"

Elko discography

261980Model T. Slim: Somebody Done Voodoo The Hoodoo Man

- Somebody Done Voodoo The Hoodoo Man [= Audio Blues AB 1932; = Styletone I.G.W.T. 001]
- Flat Foot Sam Always In A Jam (tk. 1) [= Styletone 392; = Styletone I.G.W.T. 001]
- Sit There Mama [previously unissued]
- Sir-C-Lee [previously unissued]
- Come Take My Hand Darling [= Audio Blues AB 1933]
- Short & Fat [= JGems 1908 ???]

- 15 Years My Love Was In Vain [= Styletone I.G.W.T. 001]
- Oh Baby [= Styletone 392]
- You're Getting Old, Baby [= Audio Blues AB 1932]
- Black Gal [previously unissued]
- Flat Foot Sam Always In A Jam (tk. 2) [tk. 2 previously unissued]
- Whose Mule Is That In My Stable [previously unissued]

rec. prob. 1966-67 for Jerry Hooks
complete and unedited versions of recordings partially previously issued on Audio Blues (45 rpm) and Styletone (45 rpm & LP) labels
notes by Bruce Bastin
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Flyright FLY 559

Flyright discography

26a1984Going To California

Don & Dewey
- Miss Sue
- My Heart Is Breaking
Sugarcane Harris
- Elim Stole My Baby
B. Thomas
- Pocket Change
Roy Brown
- Separation Blues
- Lack Of Nookie

Cleo Page
- Leaving Mississippi
- California Prison Farm

Model T Slim
- Woman's The Glory Of Man [Audio Blues AB 1933]
- Take My Hand [Audio Blues AB 1933]
Monica Dupont
- Screaming For My Freedom
- Too Much Alcohol

JSP 1075
271983Juicy Harmonica

Eddie Burns
- Biscuit Baking Mama
Sir Arthur
- Stop Cheating On Me
Jerry McCain
- That's What I Want
Papa Lightfoot
- Wildfire
Chicago Sunny Boy (=Joe Hill Louis)
- Western Union Man
(Jesse) Mule Thomas
- Take Some And Leave Some
Sonny Boy Williamson
- Cut That Out
Rhythm Willie
- Wailin' Willie

Jerry McCain
- Courtin' In A Cadillac
Eddie Burns
- Superstition
Chicago Sunny Boy (=Joe Hill Louis)
- Jackpot
Sonny Terry
- I Love You Baby
Bobo Jenkins
- Bad Luck And Trouble

Model T Slim
- Shake Your Boogie
Papa Lightfoot
- After-While (Blue Lights)
(Jesse) Mule Thomas
- Blow My Baby Back To Me

Sundown CG 709-06

Sundown discography

28198?Take A Greyhound Bus And Ride

Jerry McCain
- Stay Out Of Automobiles
- Trying To Please
- Love To Make Out
- My Next Door Neighbour
John Hogg
- Got A Mean Evil Woman
Betty James
- I'm A Little Mixed Up
Juke Boy Bonner
- Life Is A Dirty Deal

Model T Slim
- Woman's The Glory Of Man
G.L. Crockett
- It's A Man Down There

Woodrow Adams
- Seventh Son
- Everything I Do Is Wrong
- Something On My Mind
- Sad And Blue
John Hogg
- Why Did You Leave Me
Little Willie Brown
- Cut It Out
Betty James
- Salt In My Coffee
McKinley James
- Tuskeegee Boogie
Little Eddie
- Listen Baby Please Be Good To Me

Moonshine BLP 117 (NL)

Moonshine discography

28a1998Down Home Harp

- Blue Mood - Big Walter Horton
- We All Got To Go - Billy Boy Arnold
- Billy Boy's Jump - Billy Boy Arnold
- Borrow Love And Go - James 'Bat' Robinson
- You Know I Love You - Big John Wrencher
- Thinkin' About Your Apples - Coot Venson
- Sweet Woman Blues - George Robertson
- Canadian Sunset - Harmonica Slim Willis Quartet
- Last Night Blues - Andrew Cauthen
- Blue As I Can Be - Willie Lee Harris
- Fox Chase - Snake Hippin' - Careless Love - John Lee Henley
- Sweet Little Woman - Robert Nighthawk with Little Walter

- Slow Train Through Arkansas - Elmon 'Driftin' Slim' Mickle #
- T-Model And The Train - Elmon 'Driftin' Slim' Mickle #
- Morning Rock - Coot Venson
- Blues For Illinois - Dr. Ross
- Mattie Mae - Billy Boy Arnold
- Where The Southern Crosses The Dog - Coot Venson
- Goin' Down To The Station - Andrew Cauthen
- Walter's Boogie - Big Walter Horton
- John Henry - James 'Bat' Robinson
- Baby, You Don't Have To Go - Johnny Young with Little Walter

# rec. January 7, 1967 in Los Angeles (Milestone session); previously unissued
notes by Frank Scott

Testament TCD 6011

Testament discography

= P-Vine PCD-5575 (Jp)

28b19??Stompin' The Country Blues
Volume 22

Freddy King
- That's What You Think
Dennis McMillion
- Going Back Home
Harmonica Frank
- Rock A Little Baby
Jesse Belvin
- Goin' Away Baby
Tommy McClennan
- I Love My Baby
Albert & Charles
- Weird
Clifford King
- Chicken Shack Boogie
J&J Deuce
- Sweet Woman Blues

Clifford King
- Want To Jump With You Baby
Jesse Pipkin
- Work With It
Clear Waters
- Hillbilly Blues
- One Of These Days
Morris Pejoe
- Tired Of Crying Over You
Country Paul
- Sidewalk Boogie
Richard Bros
- Drunk Drivers Coming

Elmon Mickle
- Jackson Blues

Stompin' ST 122

Stompin' discography

2919??Black Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 6

Model T Slim
- Shake Your Boogie

Savage Kick SK-506
302001The Traveling Record Man
Historic Down South Recording Trips Of Joe Bihari & Ike Turner

- Blue Serenade - Baby Face Turner
- My Sweet Woman - Driftin' Slim
- No Ridin' Blues - Charlie Booker
- Numbered Days (previously unreleased) - Big Charlie Bradix
- Riding In The Moonlight - Howlin' Wolf
- I'm Gonna Find Your Trick - Smokey Hogg
- Baby Please Don't Go - Pinetop Slim
- Cairo Blues - Lil' Son Jackson
- Good Morning Little Angel - Joe Hill Louis
- Tiny's Down Home - Tiny Webb
- Tomorrow I May Be Gone - Jesse Thomas
- Please Send My Baby Back Home aka Step Back Baby - Sunny Blair
- If I Lose You Woman - Alexander Moore

- My Little Machine - Driftin' Slim
- My Baby's Gone - Elmore James
- Rock House - Calvin Frazier
- She Broke Up My Life (She Got Me Walking) - Joe Hill Louis
- Keep Away From Me Baby - Joe Hill Louis
- Lonesome Bedroom Blues - Willie Nix
- Talking Boogie - Lil' Son Jackson
- Long Tall Woman - Elmore James
- I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You - "Arkansas Johnny Todd"
- Ramblin' On My Mind - Boyd Gilmore

Ace CDCHD 813
312003Blowing The Blues
A History Of Blues Harmonica 1926-2002
three discs: 'Pre-War Acoustic Harmonica', '1946-52 The Harp Goes Electric', & 'Into The Rock Era & Beyond'
1. Sun Brimmers Blues - The Memphis Jug Band
2.Need More Blues - Robert Cooksey
3.Up Country Blues - De Ford Bailey
4.Man Trouble Blues - Jaybird Coleman
5.Greenville Strut - Mississippi Sarah & Daddy Stovepipe
6.Chickasaw Special - Noah Lewis
7.The Old Folks Started It - Minni Wallace
8.Touch Me Light Mama - George Bullet Williams
9.Fourth Avenue Blues - Slim Barton & Eddie Mapp
10.El Watsons Fox Chase - Wl Watson
11.Medley Of Blues - Freeman Stowers
12.Beale Street Breakdown - Jed Davenport & His Beale St Jug Ba
13.Police And High Sheriff Come Ridin Down - Ollis Martin
14.Bumble Bee Blues - Memphis Minnie
15.Mean Low Blues - Blues Birdhead
16.Mississippi Swamp Moan - Alfred Lewis
17.Tampa Strut - The Georgia Browns
18.Harmonica Stomp - Jazz Gillum
19.Im A Stranger Here - Blind Boy Fuller
20.Blues In The Rain - Eddie Kellys Washboard Band
21.You Can Lead Me - Sonny Boy Williamson
22.Slick Capers Blues - Little Buddy Doyle
23.Blowing The Blues - Sonny Terry
24. Frank Edwards
- We Got To Get Together
25.Tampa Blues - Skoodle Dum Doo & Sheffield
26.King Biscuit Stom - Big Joe Williams
27.Pet Milk Blues - Walter Mitchell
28.Better Get Reaky - Elder Roma Wilson
29.Bring Another Half A Pint - Sonny Boy Williamson
30.Memory Of Sonny Boy - Forest City Joe
31.Im A Country Boy - Pee Wee Hughes & His Delta Duo
32.Wig Wearing Woman - Robert Richard
33.Boogy Fool - Snooky Pryour
34.Creole Gal Blues - Edgar Blanchard & The Gondoliers
35.Wailin Willie - Rhythm Willie
36.Winehead Seing - James Tisdom
37.Evans Shuffle - Muddy Waters
38.Gotta Go Baby - Joe Hill Louis
39.Moanin At Midnight - Howling Wolf
40.Jumpin Blues - Walter Horton
41.Me & My Chauffeur - Memphis Minnie

42.Down South Blues - Driftin Slim
43.Juke - Little Walter
44.Glad To Be Back Home - Sunny Blair
45.After While (Blue Lights) - Papa Lightfoot
46.Man Around My Door - Grace Brim
47.Doctor Ross Boogie - Doctor Ross And His Jump & Jive Boys
48.The Woman Is Killing Me - Sonny Terry
49.Mighty Long Time - Sonny Boy Williamson
50.Dont Come Back - Little Mac
51.Gonna Have A Good Time - Snooky Pryor
52.Juke - Little Walter
53.Hoodoo Man Blues - Junior Wells
54.Dont Start Me Talking - Good Rockin Charles
55.Sonny Boy Williamson - Paul Jones & Jack Bruce
56.Got Something To Tell You - Doctor Ross
57.99 - Sonny Boy Williamson
58.Last Night - Paul Butterfield
59.Down At The Grocery Store - Jimmy Reed
60.Fresh Country Jam - Duster Bennett
61.Key To The Highway - Charlie Musselwhite
62.Easy - Walter Horton
63.Hoodoo Party - King Biscuit Boy
64.You Went Away Baby - Carey Bell
65.Why Worry - John Mayall
66.Honeydripper - Big John Wrencher
67.Back Door Friend - Billy Boy Arnold
68.Rode Myself Crazy - Paul Delay
69.Bring It On Home - Sonny Blake
70.Texas Flood - Whispering Smith
71.Hootin And Screamin - Paul Lamb
3 CD box

IGOTD 2536

322003Harmonica Blues, Vol. 2: 1946-1952

CD 1
- Hoodoo Hoodoo John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson
- Boogy Fool Snooky Pryor
- Take One More Chance With Me Jazz Gillum
- Mellow Chick Swing John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson
- Woman On Every Street Forest City Joe
- Pontiac Blues Sonny Boy Williamson
- My Bebop Gal Doctor Ross
- Little Boy Blue Big Walter Horton
- Love My Baby Frank Edwards
- Mercury Boogie
- Cadillac Blues J. D.Horton
- Better Get Ready Elder Roma Wilson
- Brazos Blues Billy Brazos
- Santa Fe Blues Pee Wee Hughes
- Rambling Around My Blues Sam Kelly
- Walkin' Talkin' Blues Joe Hill Louis
- Now Tell Me Baby Big Walter Horton
- Mr. Downchild Sonny Boy Williamson
- Harmonica Boogie Pete Lewis

CD 2
- Down South Blues Drifting Slim
- Blue Midnight Little Walter
- Going to New Orleans Little Sam Davis
- Harmonica Rhumba Sonny Terry
- Riding in the Moonlight Howlin' Wolf
- Scratchin' Pete Lewis
- Baby, Let's Have Some Fun Sonny Terry
- Honeydripper Papa Lightfoot
- Come Home and Go With Me Sonny Boy Johnson
- Stop Mess Around
- Jumpin' With Jarvis Papa Lightfoot
- Man Around My Door Grace Brim
- Little Milton's Boogie Little Milton
- Five Foot Three Sunny Blair
- Wailin' Willie Rhythm Willie
- Hello Miss Jessie Lee Eddie "Guitar" Burns
- Sad Hours Little Walter

Fremeaux CD FA 5059
332003The Modern Down Home Blues Sessions Vol. 1
Arkansas & Mississippi 1951 - 1952

Driftin' Slim
- Down South Blues
- My Little Machine
Junior Brooks
- Lone Town Blues
- She's The Little Girl For Me
Sunny Blair
- 5 Foot 3 Blues
- Glad To Be Back Home
Houston Boines
- Going Home
- Relation Blues
Charley Booker
- Rabbit Blues
- No Ridin' Blues
- Moonrise Blues
Boyd Gilmore
- Ramblin' On My Mind
- Just An Army Boy (Look On Yonder Wall)
- If That's Your Girl
- I Love My Little Woman
- Ramblin' On My Mind
- I Believe I'll Settle Down
- If That's Your Girl
- Ramblin' On My Mind
Elmore James
- Hand In Hand
- Please Find My Baby
Ernest Lane
- Little Girl, Little Girl
- What's Wrong Baby?
Red Boyd & His Orchestra
- Red's Ride

Ace CDCHD 876
342003The Modern Down Home Blues Sessions Vol. 2
Mississippi & Arkansas 1952

Boyd Gilmore
- All In My Dreams
- Take A Little Walk With Me (Come On Baby)
Elmore James
- Please Find My Baby
- Long Tall Woman
Charley Booker
- Charley's Boogie Woogie
Houston Boines
- G Man
- Operator Blues
- Superintendent Blues
- Monkey Motion
Cleanhead Love
- Why Don't My Baby Write To Me
Houston Boines
- Operator Blues
Baby Face Turner
- Blue Serenade
- Gonna Let You Go
Sunny Blair
- Step Back Baby Aka Please Send My Baby Back
Baby Face Turner
- Best Days
- Blue Serenade
Sunny Blair
- My Baby's Gone
- Step Back Baby (You Got To Step Back)
- Send My Baby Back
Baby Face Turner
- Blue Serenade

Drifting Slim
- Good Morning Baby
- My Sweet Woman
- You're An Old Lady
- Shout Sister Shout
- I Feel So Good

Ace CDCHD 982
352005Stompin' Vol. 26

Walter Price
- Six Weeks Of Misery
Allen Bunn
- Too Much Competition
Po' Joe Williams
- Goin' Back

Elmon Mickle
- Independent Walk
- Short And Fat
Mojo Watson
- I'm The Only One
- My Conscience Is Bothering Me
Papa Lightfoot
- P.l. Blues
Morris Pejoe
- Tired Of Cryin' Over You
Little Sonny
- Love Shock
The Bighampton Blues Boys
- Cross Cut Saw
- Slim's Twist

Stompin' 326

Stompin' discography

362005Stompin' Vol. 27

Schoolboy Cleve
- She's Gone
Sunnyland Slim
- Going Back To Memphis
- It's You Baby
Calvin Frazier
- Track Down
Big Ed (Burns)
- Biscuit Baking Mama
McKinley James
- Ain't Gonna Pick No Cotton
Dr. Ross
- Industrial Boogie
John Lee (Henley)
- Rhythm Rockin' Boogie
Clarence Johnson
- Baby Come Back To Me
- That's Not Right

Elmon Mickle
- Jackson Blues
- Lonesome Highway
Jimmy Rogers
- Sloppy Drunk
Clear Waters
- Boogie Woogie Baby

Stompin' 327

Stompin' discography

372009Juicy Harmonica

- Gary Stomp - John Brim & His Stompers [Parrot 799]]
- Biscuit Baking Mama - Big Ed & His Combo[Checker 790]
- Tough Times - John Brim & His Stompers[Parrot 799]
- Boggie Woogie Woogie Baby - Little Milton (vocal Eddie White)[Delta 403]
- Boogie Beat - Levi Seabury & His Band [Blues Boys Kingdom 101]
- Harmonica Train - Sonny "Hootin'" Terry & His Night Owls [Jackson 2302]
- Little Milton's Boogie - Little Milton [Delta 403]
- Don't Do It Again - Leslie Louis [Rockin' 509]
- My Little Baby - Little Shy Guy & The Hot Rods [Calvert 107]
- Goin' Back To Orleans - Jesse & Buzzy [Savoy 1556]
- Working Man - Long Tall Lester & His Band [Duke 197]
- All Because Of You - Long Tall Lester & His Band [Duke 197]
- Well, You Know - Dusty Brown [Bandera 2503]
- Messin' With The Kid - Mojo Buford [Bangar 4415]
- Whole Lotta Woman - Mojo Buford [Bangar 4415]
- Get Up And Go - Al Smith [Falcon 1001]
- You Better Believe It - Harmonica Slim [Vita 138]
- Mary Helen - Harmonica Slim
[Aladdin 3317]
- Somebody Voodooed The Hoodooman - Model "T" Slim [Audio Blues 1932]
- You're Growing Old Baby Model "T" Slim [Audio Blues 1932]
- Take My Hand - Model "T" Slim [Audio Blues 1933]
- Spend My Money - Little Daddy Walton & Sons [Pennie 555]
- Highway Blues - Little Daddy Walton & Sons [Big Hit 100]
- You'd Better Change - Joe Richards [Carl 504]
- Jive Harp - Tim Whitsett & His Imperials [Trebco 701]
- Hello Mary Lee - Ken Cameron
[Hilltop 1001]

Sundown CD 4001

Sundown discography

382013It's A Southern Blues Thing - Volume 1

- No Way Out - Mighty Men
- Heart Trouble - Jessie "Guitar" Box with Harry Dallas Band
- Non Support (That's What The Judge Say) - Ironing Board Sam
- You Won't Treat Me Right - TV Slim & His Bluesmen
- The Things I Used To Do - King Edward with Sammy Myers, hca
- Dark, Muddy Bottom - Lightnin' Leon
- Worst Feeling (I Ever Had) - Willie Cobbs
- Fatten Pin - Clyde Hopkins
- Bye Bye Baby - Slim Sanders
- Lein On Your Body - Calvin Johnson
- She's Nineteen Years Old - Johnny Little John

- "T" Model Ford - Model "T" Slim feat. Jack Wall, lead g
- I've Been Used - Ironing Board Sam
- Rambling Woman - Big Moose
- Lorain, Lorain - Eddie Clay
- Santa Fee - Clyde Hopkins
- Married Too Soon - Jolly George
- Look Here Mama - Harmonica Joe
- Do It Like That - Little Willie Brown & Cameos
- Ron-De-View 36 - Little Boyd (King of Harmonica) [Lamga 0002]
- It's All Your Fault - Bill Rice

- Burnt Out - Model "T" Slim with Jack Wall, g
- Unsatisfied Mind - Calvin Johnson
- Love Bounce - T.V. Slim & His Bluesmen

Styletone 100

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source of left column picture: Front cover of Milestone MSP 93004; photographer: David Gahr

thanks to Alan Balfour, Paul Vernon, Patrick Banino and Gerard Herzhaft for additional info / scans


'Elmon Mickles One Man Band'; source: Mike Leadbitter: Nothing But The Blues, p. 218 i; photographer: Darryl Stolper
source: Mike Leadbitter: Nothing But The Blues, p. 218 i
photographer: Darryl Stolper

E L M O N    M I C K L E, source: Harris' Blues Who's Who; photographer: Frank Scott
source: Harris' Blues Who's Who;
photographer: Frank Scott

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