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b. April 20, 1948 in Southall, Middlesex, London, England

D A V E   P E A B O D Y
source: Back cover of Waterfront WF 033; photographer: Dave Peabody

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Dave Peabody 45 rpm / EPs / LPs / CDs
of release
titlelabel # / notes
11971Polly Flosskin: Sailin' On The Ocean

- Sailin On The Ocean   @ youtube
- Hairy Villain N°2
- West End Rag
- Picture Postcard
- One Man Band

- Get On Board (Little Children)
- Jo's Song
- Face In The Fire
- (You Got To Cross That) River Jordan
- Smokey Choke
- Ellie Mae

Dave Peabody; Griff Griffiths, Mike Brite, Hugh McNulty (& Nick Pickett on 1)
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Disques Vogue CLDM 798 (Fr)
21971Polly Flosskin

- Sailin' On The Ocean
- (You Got To Cross That) River Jordan

7 inch 45 rpm
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Disques Vogue V45 1801 (Fr)

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= MAM R 26 (UK)
[distributed by Decca]

31971Polly Flosskin

- Sunny Day
- Hoedown Express

7 inch 45 rpm
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Disques Vogue V45 1835 (Fr)
48/1971Polly Flosskin

- Sunny Day
- We're Gonna Have A Good Time
7 inch 45 rpm
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MAM R 38 (UK)
51972Tight Like That: Hokum

- Mississippi Mud
- What Makes My Baby Cry
- Twentieth Century Rag
- How Do You Want Your Rolling Done
- Everybody Loves My Baby
- West End Rag
- If I Had A Talking Picture Of You

- Death Letter
- Muskrat Ramble
- Selling That Stuff
- Spider John
- Don't Put Your Hands On Me
- Coney Island Washboard

Tight Like That are: Dave Peabody, David Griffiths, Bill Shortt, Hugh McNulty
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Village Thing VTS 12

Village Thing discography

61973Dave Peabody: Peabody Hotel

- Turn On The Light (Dave Peabody)
- Right Now (Dave Peabody)
- Scared At Night (Dave Peabody)
- Mistaken Identity (Dave Peabody)
- Nobody's Business If I Do ('Copyright Control'
- Aviator Special (Dave Peabody)

- Jug Band Superstars (Dave Peabody)
- Searching The World For You (Dave Peabody)
- Long Time Loser Blues (Dave Peabody)
- Blue Ridge Breakdown (Dave Peabody)
- Last Of The Goodtime Guys (Dave Peabody)
- Walking The Dog (Rufus Thomas)

rec. at Village Thing Studios, June 1973; with Dave Griffiths, Hugh McNulty, Bill Shortt, Don Weller, Bill Lackey & Kathy Sweeney
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Village Thing 22

Village Thing discography

71974Dave Peabody: Keep It Clean

- She's Gone
- Keep It Clean
- No Matter How She Done It
- My Friend Was Arrested
- Keep Your Hands Off Her
- Worried Life Blues
- Georgia Rag

- Everybody's Talking About Sadie Green
- Walking Blues
- Oh Yes!
- Jitterbug Rag
- I Never Cried
- She's Alright With Me
- Long Tall Texan

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Saydisc/Matchbox SDM 261
81975Hot Vultures: Carrion On

- Low Down Dog
- The Sky
- I Love The Life I Live *
- So It Goes
- Pretty Polly

- Baby What's Wrong/ Shame Shame Shame
- The Midnight Special
- Another Normal Day
- Bound To Lose
- You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
- The Road To Marazion
- We Got Hard Times Now

Ian A. Anderson, voc, g; Maggie Holland voc, b; * Hilary James, voc; Dave Griffiths, mandolin; John Pilgrim, washboard; Al Jones, g; Dave Peabody, hca
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Red Rag RRR 005 (UK)
= EMI 4C054 96947 (Be)
91976Dave Peabody: Come And Get It

- Come On Boys, Let's Do That Messin' Around (Blind Blake)
- Statesboro Blues (Blind Willie McTell)
- San Francisco Bay Blues (Jesse Fuller)
- Hi-Heeled Sneakers (Robert Higginbotham)
- But I Forgive You (Tampa Red)
- Shut Your Mouth (Dave Peabody)
- The Happy Blues (Dave Peabody)

- Rock Little Baby (Cecil Gant)
- Love In Vain (Robert Johnson)
- My Friend Whiskey (Dave Peabody)
- Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Pinkard & Casey)
- You Can't Come In (Dave Peabody)
- Hard Man To Please (Dave Peabody)
- Don't You Leave Me Here (Jelly Roll Morton)

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Matchbox SDX 270

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= Appaloosa AP 019 (It 1981)

101977Dave Peabody & Co: Blues In Brussels

- Broke Down Engine
- Cocaine
- Lonesome Road
- Greasy Greens
- Louisiana Blues
- Charlie Stone
- Cairo Blues

- Blues In Brussels
- Crossroads
- Love Bug
- Sun's Gonna Shine
- Viola Lee Blues
- You Put It In
- Bye Bye Baby Blues

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CL Records CL 2004
111979Dave Peabody: Payday

- Something Different (Paul Geremia)
- Payday (Mississippi John Hurt)
- Jesus Be My Saviour (Dave Peabody)
- Gone By Midnight (Dave Peabody)
- Blues Gonna Getcha (Dave Peabody)
- Hum Dum Dinger From Dingersville (Jimmie Davis)
- Slappin' On My Black Cat Bone (Dave Ray)

- You Just As Well Let Her Go (Casey Bill Weldon)
- Knockin' Myself Out (Lil Grenn)
- Wild Women Don't Have The Blues (Ida Cox)
- South Carolina Rag (Willie Walker)
- Don't Sell It, Don't Give It Away (Oscar 'Buddy' Woods)
- I Know (Dave Peabody)
- I Got A Gal (Big Joe Turner & Pete Johnson)

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Waterfront WF 001
121981Bob Hall & Dave Peabody:
Down The Road Apiece

- Down The Road Apiece (Don Raye)
- She Walks Like A Kangaroo (Ollie Shepard)
- Beedle Um Bum (Georgia Tom Dorsey)
- Rolling Down The Highway (Bob Hall/Dennis Cotton)
- Boogie Woogie Blues (Albert Ammons)
- Roamin' And Ramblin' (Dave Peabody)

- I'm A Business Man ('Little' Walter Jacobs)
- Tears Came Rolling (Henry Townsend)
- Folks Down Stairs (Ikey Robinson/Jimmy Blythe)
- Old Devil (Bo Carter)
- Same Old Thing (Bob Hall/Dennis Cotton)

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Appaloosa AP 025
131982The English Country Blues Band
No Rules

- Baby, What You Want Me To Do #
- Travellers In Heaven
- Strong Man
- Oregon/ Portland Town
- Weary Blues
- Under The Waterbed/ Under The Army Blanket

- Handsome Johnny
- Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
- The Panic Is On
- The Weave Room Blues
- The Nutting Girl

- We Got Hard Times Now #

Ian A. Anderson, voc, g; Maggie Holland, voc, b, banjo, g; Rod Stradling, melodeons; Sue Harris, hammered dulcimer, oboe; John Kirkpatrick, accordion, concertina; Nic Jones, fiddle; Chris Coe, voc; # Dave Peabody, hca; Danny Stradling, tambourine
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Dingles DIN 323
141983Dave Peabody & Bob Greenwood:
The Cat's Whiskers

4 track EP

151984Bob Hall & Dave Peabody:
Roll And Slide

- Close To You (Willie Dixon)
- Sober (Welch)
- Rooming House Boogie (Amos Milburn)
- Don't Block My Road (Dave Peabody)
- Hungry (Willie Mabon)
- Stagolee (Trad. arr. Hallo/Peabody)

- Do It Yourself (Bob Hall/Dennis Cotton)
- Living With The Blues (Brownie McGhee)
- Number 29 (Wesley Wallace)
- I Ain't Got None (Dave Peabody)
- She Fooled Me (Harvey Hill Jr.)
- Walk The Streets Of The City (Rev. Robert Ballinger)

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Appaloosa AP 044

- Monkey See Monkey Do - Josh Joffen
- Shoestrings - Billy Jones
- For Margaret - Ned Massey
- A Veglia - Germana Pucci

- Let The Good Times Roll - Dave Peabody
- Dance Of The Knee-Jerk Reactionaries - Left Field
- Hey Mack - Peter Wilson
- I Always Wore Colors Of My Country - Ned Solomon
- Bluesman - Susan Firing
- My Father's America - Joe Virga
- I Pity The Poor British Soldier - Kirk Kelly
- The Nightmare Room - Sherwood Ross

Fast Folk FF 107
171984Mike Cooper & Ian Anderson
Continuous Preaching Blues

- Preachin' Blues
- New Lonesome Day
- Everybody's Killing Me
- Oh Baby, We Got A Good Thing Going
- Dark is the Night
- City Jail Blues
- You Never Can Tell
- Tell Me
- Lone Wolf Blues
- You Got To Move
- Paint It, Black
- Hey, Space Pilot
- The Inverted World

Ian A. Anderson, voc, g; Mike Cooper, voc, National & el. slide g, Mike Messer, g, Maggie Holland, voc, b; Geoff Nichols, dr; Dave Peabody, hca; Tim Hill, as
Appaloosa AP 037-2 (It)

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= Appaloosa CD 37

181985Dave Peabody: Americana

- On A Monday (Leadbelly)
- What Are They Doing In Heaven Today? (Washington Phillips)
- Sewing Machine Blues (Jimmie Davis)
- Boot That Thing (Roosevelt Sykes)
- Lonesome Man Blues (Harry 'Eddie' Shayne)
- Tu Partisa (Lydia Mendoza)

- Great Dreams Of Heaven (Pindar Family & Joseph Spence)
- Big Road Blues (Tommy Johnson)
- The Woman I Love ( Little Brother Montgomery)
- Ragg, Mama, Rag (Blind Boy Fuller)
- Oh Lord, Search My Heart (Reverend Gary Davis)
- Cincinnati Underworld Woman (Bob Coleman)

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Waterfront WF 033
191988Charlie Musselwhite: Cambridge Blues

- Miss Bessie
- Big Legged Woman
- Key To The Highway
- Take A Little Walk With Me #
- Up And Down The Avenue
- Need My Baby
- Skinny Woman

rec. August 1, 1986 live at Cambridge Folk Festival; Charlie Musselwhite, voc, hca; Dave Peabody, g, # voc; Bob Hall, p
notes by Ken Hunt
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Blue Horizon BLUH 005
201991Dave Peabody: Dream Of Mississippi

- Dream Of Mississippi (Peabody)
- Rambling On My Mind (Johnson)
- Jumper Hanging On The Line (Burnside)
- Delta Blues (House)
- Street Walkin' (Nelson)
- Wind Howling Blues (Edwards)
- Old Jim Canan's (Wilkins)
- Please Throw This Pood Dog A Bone (Wells)
- Mary, Ain't I Been One Good Man To You (McFarland)
- Mississippi Blues (Brown)
- Mortgage Blues (Peabody)
- Take A Walk Around The Corner (Carr)
- I'm Going Home (Patton)

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Appaloosa AP 079
211993Big Boy Henry and friends: Carolina Blues Jam

- The New "Mr. President"
- Corrine
- John Henry
- My Baby Won't Let Me In
- Airport Blues
- Lookin' For My Woman
- Holland Boogie
- My Little Dog
- Goodbye, Little Girl
- Talkin' With Mr. Henry #1
- Rockin' Little Woman
- Just Like My Child
- Big Boy's Jump
- Do Lord

with Dave Peabody, g; Sandra Hall, voc; Gary Erwin, p; Ted Donlon, b; Jay Niver, dr
notes by Gary Erwin

Erwin CD EM-9301

Big Boy Henry

221994Big Boy Henry & His Blues Friends: I Feel So Good

- Holland Dog No. 2
- Early This Morning
- My Little Woman Is Mad With Me
- I Got A Girl Named Nina Mae
- Holland Boogie
- I'm In Love With You

- I Need Her By My Side
- Lookin' For My Woman
- She Mistreated Me
- I Feel So Good
- Let's Try All Over Again
- Henry What You Got On Your Mind

with Gary Erwin, Dave Peabody, Rod Mason, Brian Neville & Matt Radford

Hometown H 1023

Big Boy Henry

231994Dave Peabody: Hands Across The Sea

- Hands Across The Sea (Peabody)
- Lifetime Guarantee (Peabody)
- Hey There Lucas (Peabody)
- Hard Times Knocking On My Door (Peabody)
- Hard To Write A Blues (Peabody)
- New Found Friend (Henry / Peabody) #
- Miss Jessie James (Walton)
- Go Easy Miss Daisy (Peabody)
- Cryin' Blues (Henry) #
- Shake In The Woods (Peabody)
- I Know A Man (Peabody)
- Walking Blues (House)
- Make The Most Of It (Peabody) #
- Going To The Dance (Peabody)
- I Done Got Wise On You (Peabody)

# rec. Nov. 1992 - May 1993 in London; Big Boy Henry, voc; Dave Peabody, g; Rob Mason, hca; Gary Erwin, p
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Appaloosa CD AP 096-2

Big Boy Henry

241996Dave Peabody: Down In Carolina

- Down In Carolina (Peabody)
- German Hill (Peabody)
- What Goes Up (Peabody)
- True Blues (Peabody)
- You Was Born To Die (Weaver)
- Kansas City Blues (Jackson)
- Dangerous Woman (Peabody)
- McTell, Moss, & Weaver (Bryant)
- Mama Whoopin' Blues (Pattman)
- Love In The Afternoon (Peabody)
- Blues Bash Breakdown (Peabody)
- Who Stole De Lock? (Troy/Williams)
- All In All (Peabody)
- Be Safe (Peabody)
- Glory, Glory, Hallelujah (Traditional)

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Appaloosa CD AP 127-2
251998Hot Vultures: Vulturama!

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Weekend Beatnik WEBE 9031

more info

262000Charlie Musselwhite: Up & Down the Highway Live: 1986

- Hey Miss Bessie
- Key To The Highway
- Big Leg Woman (Short Mini Skirt)
- Everybody Needs Somebody
- Candy Kitchen
- Up And Down The Avenue
- Need My Baby
- Skinny Woman

Charlie Musselwhite, voc, hca; Bob Hall, p; Dave Peabody, g, mixing, photography
notes by Bob Hall
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Indigo CD 527

= Silverline 288134

272000Dave Peabody & Brendan Power:
Two Trains Running

- Broke Down Engine (McTell)
- Careless Love (Handy/Koenig/Williams)
- Ride, Ride Mama (Shines)
- Queen Bee
- Two Trains Running (Waters)
- Crow Jane (Traditional)
- Didgeriblues (Power)
- Bad Luck Dice (Gibson)
- I've Got The Blues, Can't Be Satisfied (Hurt)
- One Way Gal (Moore)
- Long Tall Mama (Broonzy)
- Losing Hand (Calhoun)
- Mama Talk To Your Daughter (Atkins/Lenoir)
- Pearline (Traditional)

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Indigo CD 519
282005Dave Peabody: Side By Slide

Dave Peabody & Gypsy Dave Smith
- Jumper On The Line
- Betty And Dupree
- Keep On Raining
Dave Peabody & Mary Flower
- You Got To Move
- When The Sun Goes Down
- High Risk Mama
- Been On The Road Too Long
Dave Peabody & Michael Messer
- Elvena
- In The Wilderness
- Lonesome Atlanta Blues
- New Shake 'Em On Down
Dave Peabody & Steve James
- Old Rock Island Blues
- Guitar Rag
- Our Last Goodbye
- If You Don't Want Me

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Appaloosa CD AP 1562
292009Dave Peabody & Colin Earl
Frets & Keys

- Walking My Troubles Away
- Who Baby, Who
- Wine Cellar Blues
- It'll Be Me
- When The Sun Goes Down
- California Blues
- Can't Get The Stuff No More
- Red Cross Store
- Stone Cold Sober
- Let Me Play With Your Yo Yo
- Bacon Butty Boogie
- Lonesome Road
- Roll 'em Pete

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Valve 1587
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