Harry   'Suni'   McGrath
Harold James 'Suni' McGrath
b. July 7, 1943 in Indiana, IN
d. January 11, 2017 in Richmond, IN

S U N I   M c G R A T H, June Symonds, Jon Wallen; source: Back cover of Adelphi LP AD1014S
Suni McGrath, June Symonds, Jon Wallen
source: Back cover of Adelphi LP AD1014S

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11969Suni McGrath: Cornflower Suite

- Cornflower Suite (McGrath)
- Picnic On The Moor (McGrath)
- Garden Of Afternoon (McGrath)

- Winged Sandal (McGrath)
- Pea Plucker's Pavane (McGrath)
- Xopo (McGrath)
- Blue Domes Of Isfahan (McGrath)
- Parting Dance (McGrath)

Suni McGrath, 6 & 12 string guitars, 6 string electric guitar
Raymond Biase, bass drum, traps & tablas
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Adelphi AD 1002

Adelphi discography

21971Suni McGrath: The Call Of The Mourning Dove

- Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
  (L. Stead / W. Kirkpatrick; p.d. - arr. McGrath)
- In The Carriage House (McGrath)
- He Led Me Out Of The Darkness (McGrath)
- Kyrie (trad. arr. McGrath)
- The Call Of The Mourning Dove (McGrath)

- Ripe Figs (McGrath)
- The King Is Coming (McGrath)
- Hallelujah, I Belong To The Band (Gary Davis, arr. McGrath)
- Verbum Patris-Sanctus, Benedictus (trad. arr. McGrath)
- On The Riverpath She Waited (McGrath)

rec. 1971; Suni McGrath, 6 string acoustic guitar; Jon Wallen, 2nd guitar on 'On The Riverpath ...'; June Symonds, violin on 'On The Riverpath...'

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Adelphi AD 1014

Adelphi discography

31972Suni McGrath: Childgrove

- The Star Of County Down / Childgrove
- Love Abides
- Zoe
- Lo, I'll Be with You Always (Gary Davis)
- The Harvest
- (Jesus Said) I Am The Resurrection

- The Lion Of Judah

with Jack Denlinger, Ellen Matthews
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Adelphi AD 1022

Adelphi discography

42005Imaginational Anthem
A Guitar Anthology

Max Ochs
- Imaginational Anthem (rec. July 23, 2004)
Brad Barr
- Bouba's Bounce (rec. Aug. 3, 2004)

Suni McGrath
- Train Z (rec. June 2004) *
Harris Newman
- Lake Shore Drive (Slight Return) (rec. June 2004)
Harry Taussig
- Dorian Sonata (rec. 1965)
Jack Rose
- White Mule III (rec. live Oct. 2004)
Steve Mann
- My Thoughts Began To Crystallize (rec. Sept. 2004)
Glenn Jones
- The Little Dog's Day (rec. Sept. 2004)
Gyan Riley & Terry Riley
- La Cigale (The Locust) (rec. live Jan. 23, 2004)
Bern Nix
- Low Barometer (rec. June 26, 2004)
Bob Hadley
- Celtic Reverie (rec. July 2004)
Janet Smith & Steve Mann
- Daemon Lover Variations (rec. Sept. 2004)
John Fahey
- O'Holy Night (from 1991 album)
Kaki King
- Night After Sidewalk (from 2003 album)
Sandy Bull
- Untitled (rec. ca. 1996)
Max Ochs
- Imaginational Anthem (rec. Jan. 29, 1969)

* from the forthcoming Suni McGrath album on (Near Mint) Tompkins Square

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Near Mint NM 0531

= Tompkins Square



52005Suni McGrath

- Seven Stars
- Fantasia
7 inch 45 rpm
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Near Mint NM 53167

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= Tompkins Square
NM 53167



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Harry 'Suni' McGrath 2003; click to enlarge photo !
Harry 'Suni' McGrath & his mother Harriette, 2003
(photo sent to me by Suni in 2003)


Memories of Ian Buchanan

By Harry 'Suni' McGrath


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