This is a very subjective choice of musicians whose music I like to listen to.
As you will find out, it's a wild mixture of black and white, acoustic and electric, rural and urban, silent and loud, female and male, guitar- and piano-oriented, conservative and progressive music, partially of european, mostly of US-american origin. The only selection criterion was my personal taste, so all I have to offer as a principle of classification is the alphabet.

"People keep asking me:
What kind of music is that you're playin' ?
What does it mean when you play rock 'n roll, country and the blues and mix it all up..."

Bugs Henderson

My discographies are a non-commercial labor-of-love and in no way associated with any business firm. All I know about the resp. artist's / label's musical output is shown on the pages. To purchase out-of-print records I recommend an ebay, gemm or google search. And - sorry for that - I have not the time to answer any e-mails asking me about further information, let alone duplicating out-of-print recordings I happen to own.

Stefan Wirz

  Stefan Wirz

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A, B

Woodrow Adams
Abu Talib (Freddy Robinson)
Dave Alexander (Omar Sharriff)
'Texas' Alexander
Garfield Akers
Casey Anderson
Jelly Roll Anderson
Pink Anderson
Little Willie Anderson
Roosevelt Antrim
Billy Boy Arnold
Kokomo Arnold
Charles Avery

Memphis Willie B.
Baby Face Leroy Foster (under construction)
Backwards Sam Firk (Michael Stewart)
DeFord Bailey
Kid Bailey
Willie Baker
Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan (early records only)
John Henry Barbee
Cecil Barfield
Raymond Barrow
Andrew and Jim Baxter
Beale Street Sheiks / Frank Stokes
Lottie Beaman/Kimbrough
Nathan Beauregard
Brenda Bell
Earl Bell
Ed Bell
D.C. Bender
Will Bennett
Ton van Bergeyk
Brooks Berry
Big Maceo Merriweather
Leon Bibb
Eric Bibb
Hound Dog Birmingham Jones
Billy Bizor
Black Ace
'Black Diamond'
Lewis Black
Francis 'Scrapper' Blackwell
Willie '61' Blackwell
Arthur 'Blind Blake'
(Bahamian) 'Blind Blake'
Allan Block
Rory Block (early records only)
Little Joe Blue
Blue Smitty
Weldon 'Juke Boy' Bonner
Roy Book Binder
Charley Booker
James Booker
Boston Blackie
Chris Bouchillon
Eddie Boyd
Little Boyd
Ishmon Bracey
Teddy 'Sonny Boy' Smith, Lonnie Johnson
& Sam Bradley

Jim Brewer
Grace & John Brim
David Bromberg
Buster Brown
Elijah Brown
Gabriel Brown
Henry Brown
'Hi' Henry Brown
Reverend Pearly Brown
Richard (Rabbit) Brown
Willie Brown
Ian Buchanan
Mojo Buford
Bumble Bee Slim (under construction)
Samantha Bumgarner
Ranie Burnette
Eddie & Jimmy Burns
R.L. Burnside
J.C. Burris
Sam Butler (Bo Weavil Jackson)

C, D, E
Butch Cage
'Mississippi' Joe Callicott
Blind James Campbell
Gus Cannon (Jug Stompers)
Carolina Slim
Carolina Tar Heels
Leroy Carr
Bo Carter
George Carter
Joe Carter
Cat Iron
The Cedar Creek Sheik
Len Chandler
Pernell Charity
'Good Rockin' Charles
Sam Chatmon
Frank Christian
Cincinnati Jug Band
Cortelia Clark
Doctor Clayton
Paul Clayton
Big Boy Cleveland
Andy Cohen
Bob (Kid Cole) / Walter Coleman
Jaybird Coleman
Sam Collins
Pat Conte aka Major Contay
Bobby Leecan & Robert Cooksey
Dewey Corley
Floyd Council
Country Jim (Bledsoe)
Country Paul (Carolina Slim)
Cousin Leroy
Ben Covington / Ben Curry
Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup
Eddie Cusic

Daddy Stovepipe
Larry Dale
Leroy Dallas
Dallas Jug Band
Dallas String Band
Karen Dalton
Barbara Dane
Julius Daniels
Blind Teddy Darby
Rev. Gary Davis
Guy Davis (early record only)
Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis
Little Sammy Davis
Blind Willie Davis
Joe Dean
Mattie Delaney
'Black Diamond'
'Do Boy' Diamond
Tom Dickson
The Dixon Brothers
Bonnie Dobson
Joseph "Washboard Doc" Doctor
Doctor Clayton
Doctor Ross
Johnny Dollar
Willie Doss
K.C. Douglas
Little Buddy Doyle
Driftin' Slim (Elmon Mickle)
Herve Duerson
Laura Dukes
Scott Dunbar
Willie Joe Duncan
Roy Dunn
Champion Jack Dupree
Big Joe Duskin

Snooks Eaglin
Archie Edwards
David 'Honeyboy' Edwards
Frank Edwards
Ramblin' Jack Elliott
Queen Sylvia & Johnny Embry
Logan English
'Sleepy' John Estes
The Even Dozen Jug Band
Will Ezell

F, G
Billy Faier
Andy Fernbach
Backwards Sam Firk (Michael Stewart)
John "Flash" Whitner
Harmonica Frank Floyd
Forrest City Joe (Pugh)
'Baby Face' Leroy Foster
Little Willie Foster
Guitar Pete Franklin
Calvin Frazier
Jesse Fuller
Johnny Fuller

Bob Gaddy
Sam Gary
Paul Geremia
Fred Gerlach
Clifford Gibson
Gus Gibson
Pandora Gibson
Boyd Gilmore
Jack Gowdlock
John Lee Granderson
Arvella Gray
Grey Ghost
Clifford Gibson
Jazz Gillum (under construction)
Tony 'Little Sun' Glover
Good Rockin' Charles
L.C. Green
Lil Green
Guitar Slim Green
Mitch Greenhill
Shirley Griffith
George Gritzbach
Stefan Grossman
Lum Guffin
Bob Guida
Guitar Gabriel (Nyles Jones)
Guitar Nubbit
Guitar Shorty (John Henry Fortescue)

John Hammond Jr.
'Stick Horse' Hammond
Lane Hardin
Richard 'Hacksaw' Harney
Pat Hare
Harmonica Frank (Floyd)
Harmonica George (Robinson)
Slim Harpo
Otis Harris
'Shakey Jake' Harris
William Harris
Willie Harris
Hattie Hart
Buddy Boy Hawkins
Roy Hawkins
Gordon Heath & Lee Payant
Jessie Mae Hemphill
John Lee Henley
Big Boy Henry
Blind Joe Hill
King Solomon Hill
Mable Hillery
Eddie Hinton
Otis Hinton
Silas Hogan
Andrew 'Smokey' Hogg
Lyin' Joe Holley
Wright Holmes
Roosevelt Holts
Homesick James
Earl Hooker
Joel Hopkins
Walter Horton
Son House
Bennie Joe Houston (Boston Blackie)
Cisco Houston
Lawyer 'Soldier Boy' Houston
Frank Hovington
"Paul Howard"
Peg Leg Howell
Howlin' Wolf
Little Hudson
Long "Cleve" Reed & Little Harvey Hull
D.A. Hunt
Prince Albert Hunt
'Mississippi' John Hurt
I, J
Bo Weavil Jackson
G.P. Jackson
John Jackson
Papa Charlie Jackson
Lee Jackson
Little Son Jackson
Elmore James
Homesick James
Jesse James
Skip James
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Bobo Jenkins
Blind Willie Johnson
Henry 'Rufe' Johnson
Herman E. Johnson
Larry Johnson
Teddy 'Sonny Boy' Smith, Lonnie Johnson
& Sam Bradley

Luther 'Georgia Boy'/'Snake' Johnson
Mary Johnson
Robert Johnson
Tommy Johnson
Birmingham Jones
Coley Jones
Curtis Jones
Eddie 'One-String' Jones
Floyd Jones
'Little Hat' Jones
Little Johnny Jones
Nyles Jones (Guitar Gabriel)
Charley Jordan
Luke Jordan
Dick Justice
Danny Kalb
Alfred G. Karnes
Keb' Mo's early record
Arthur 'Guitar' Kelley
Jo Ann Kelly
Prez Kenneth
Hank Kilroy
Lottie Beaman/Kimbrough
Lisa Kindred
Lee Kizart
'Spider' John Koerner
Jim Kweskin (& The Jug Band)

L, M
Rube Lacey
Peter La Farge
Bruce Langhorne
Hip Lankchan/Linkchain
Louie Lasky
Terrea Lea
John Lee
Bobby Leecan & Robert Cooksey
J.B. Lenoir
Baby Face Leroy Foster (under construction)
Cousin Leroy
Walter 'Furry' Lewis
Johnie Lewis
Sammy Lewis
'Papa George' Lightfoot
Lightnin' Slim
Pinetop & Lindberg (Sparks Brothers)
Hip Linkchain/Lankchan
Mance Lipscomb
Little Boyd
Little Hudson
Little Joe Blue
John Littlejohn
Little Walter
Cripple Clarence Lofton
Willie 'Poor Boy' Lofton
Lonesome Sundown
Willie Love
Ennis Lowery ('Larry Dale')
Lazy Bill Lucas
Cab "Lucky

Willie Mabon
Short Stuff Macon
Big Maceo Merriweather
Magic Sam
Magic Slim
Sidney Maiden
Steve Mann
Eddie Mapp
Johnny Mars
Carl Martin
Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis
Judy Mayhan
Palmer McAbee
Tommy McClennan
Robert McCoy
Jimmy McCracklin (under construction)
Mississippi Fred McDowell
Suni McGrath
L.C. McKinley
Andrew McMahon
Dennis McMillon
Hayes McMullan
Blind Willie McTell
Memphis Jug Band
Memphis Willie B.
Big Maceo Merriweather
Herb Metoyer
Elmon Mickle
Luke "Long John" Miles
John Miller
Walter Miller
Mississippi Sheiks
Sam Mitchell
Model T. Slim (Elmon Mickle)
Little Brother Montgomery
Alex Moore
Alice Moore
William Moore
Leo Morris
Willie Morris
Buddy Moss
Teddy Moss
Lattie Murrell
Rabbit Muse
Sam Myers

N, O, P
Fred Neil
Romeo Nelson
Sonny Boy Nelson (aka Eugene Powell)
Bob Neuwirth
The New Lost City Ramblers
Hambone Willie Newbern
Johnny Nicholas
Manny Nichols
J.D. Nicholson
Willie Nix (under construction)
Hammie Nixon
Chuck Norris (under construction)
Guitar Nubbit
Nugrape Twins
Hermes Nye

'St. Louis Jimmy' Oden
The Otis Brothers
Jack Owens

Cleo Page
Tom Paley
Turner Parrish
Charley Patton
Country Paul (Carolina Slim)
Gordon Heath & Lee Payant
Dave Peabody
Robert Peeples
Morris Pejoe
Peg Leg Sam
Paul Pena
Robert Petway
Washington Phillips
Picaninny Jug Band
Buster Pickens
Dan Pickett
Pinetop & Lindberg (Sparks Brothers)
Lonnie Pitchford
Eugene Powell (aka Sonny Boy Nelson)
Forrest City Joe Pugh
Joe Pullum

Q, R
Doug Quattlebaum
Rufus & Ben Quillian
Herb Quinn

Yank Rachell
Willie Guy Rainey
Brother Percy Randolph
Jerry Rasmussen
Dave 'Snaker' Ray
Blind Alfred Reed
James Reed
Jimmy Reed
Long "Cleve" Reed & Little Harvey Hull
Blind Joe Reynolds
Eugene Rhodes
Seth Richard
'Philadelphia' Jerry Ricks
Nat Riddles
Boyd Rivers
Paul Robeson (under construction)
Walt Robertson
"William Robertson" (Cecil Barfield)
Abu Talib
(Freddy Robinson)

L.C. Robinson
'Sugar Chile' Robinson
Judy Roderick
Sonny 'Cat Daddy' Rodgers
Jimmy Rogers
Dave Van Ronk
Bayless Rose
Dick Rosmini
Doctor Ross
Cousin Leroy Rozier
Ollie Rupert
Otis Rush

Carl Sandburg
Eric von Schmidt
Alan 'The Duke of Ook' Seidler
Charlie Sayles
Brother John Sellers
Sid Selvidge
Will Shade
Shakey Jake (Harris)
Omar Sharriff (Dave Alexander)
Robert Shaw
Thomas Shaw
Johnny Shines
J.D. Short
Mr. Short Stuff (Macon)
The Siegel-Schwall Band
Frankie Lee Sims
Skoodle Dum Doo & Sheffield
Patrick Sky
Bumble Bee Slim (under construction)
Carolina Slim
Driftin' Slim
Lightnin' Slim
Magic Slim (under construction)
T.V. Slim
Slim Harpo
Reverend Dan Smith
George 'Harmonica' Smith
Gordon Smith
J.T. 'Funny Paper' Smith
Pinetop Smith
Robert Curtis Smith
Teddy 'Sonny Boy' Smith, Lonnie Johnson
& Sam Bradley

Spark Plug Smith
'Thunder' Smith
Moses 'Whispering' Smith
Blue Smitty
Smoky Babe
Abe 'Little Smokey' Smothers
Otis 'Big Smokey' Smothers
John Snipes
Charlie Spand
Lucille Spann
Otis Spann
Sparks Brothers (Pinetop & Lindberg)
Henry Spaulding
Speckled Red
Joseph Spence
Arthur 'Big Boy' Spires
Mark Spoelstra
Freddie Spruell
Wild Jimmy Spruill
St. Louis Jimmy Oden
James 'Guitar Slim' Stephens
Vol Stevens
Michael Stewart (Backwards Sam Firk)
Frank Stokes / Beale Street Sheiks
Luther Stoneham
Babe Stovall
Daddy Stovepipe
Leon Strickland
Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan (early records only)
Hubert Sumlin
Sweet Papa Tadpole
Roosevelt Sykes
T, U, V
Sweet Papa Tadpole
Abu Talib (Freddy Robinson)
Tarter & Gay
Baby Tate
Cary Tate
Harry Taussig
Hound Dog Taylor
Montana Taylor
"Big Road" Webster Taylor
Johnny Temple
Art Thieme
Henry 'Ragtime Texas' Thomas
James 'Son' Thomas
Jesse Thomas
Lafayette Thomas
Ramblin' Thomas
Willie B. Thomas
Jim Thompkins
Big Son Tillis
James Tisdom
Joan Toliver
Henry Townsend
Willie & Richard Trice
Lemuel Turner
T.V. Slim

Ton van Bergeyk
Dave Van Ronk
Mose Vinson
Otto Virgial
Eric von Schmidt

W, X, Y, Z
Phillip Walker
Willie Walker
Wesley Wallace
Dock Walsh
Mercy D. Walton
Square Walton
Wade Walton
'Baby Boy' Warren
J.W. Warren
Joseph "Washboard Doc" Doctor
Washboard Willie
Jackie Washington
Esau Weary
Curley Weaver
Sylvester Weaver
Casey Bill Weldon
Will Weldon
Robert Lee Westmoreland
Arthur Weston
Whistler's Jug Band
'Bukka' White
Josh White
John "Flash" Whitner
James 'Boodle It' Wiggins
Joe Willie Wilkins
Robert Wilkins
Bill Williams
Blind Connie Williams
George 'Bullet' Williams
Jabo Williams
Jimmy Lee Williams
Big Joe Williams
Jo Jo Williams
L.C. Williams
Lovey Williams
Robert Pete Williams
John Lee 'Sonny Boy' Williamson I
Sonny Boy Williamson III
Mott Willis
Ralph Willis
'T.V. Slim' Wills
Jimmy Wilson
'Howlin' Wolf
'Poor Bob' Woodfork
Johnny Woods
Oscar 'Buddy' Woods
Big John Wrencher
David Wylie

Chris Youlden
'Mighty Joe' Young
Johnny Young

John Lee Zeigler

Folker 1/2014, p. 38
Artikel aus der Zeitschrift "Folker" Nr.1/2014, S. 38
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