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P A U L   C L A Y T O N 1959; source: Gahr/Shelton: The Face Of Folk Music, p. 100
Paul Clayton 1959
source: Gahr/Shelton: The Face Of Folk Music, p. 100
Paul Clayton, who came from the old whaling town,
New Bedford, Massachusetts, and who sang sea chanties
went around singing Dylan's praises to any who would listen.
"Bobby worshipped Pablo Clayton artistically," one of the
folksingers from those days [Dave Van Ronk] recalls.
"And Pablo became absolutely fixated on Bobby.
Bobby could talk about nothing else but Woody Guthrie,
and Pablo could talk about nothing else but Bobby Dylan."

Anthony Scaduto: Bob Dylan.- London 1972, p. 59

Paul Clayton
Paul Clayton Worthington
b. March 3, 1931 [not 1933] in New Bedford, Massachusetts
d. March 30, 1967 in New York City
buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, New Bedford, Massachusetts
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Paul Clayton 45 rpm / EPs / LPs / CDs
of release
titlelabel # / notes
11954?Whaling Songs & Ballads

- Blow Ye Winds
- A Fitting Out
- Whale To The Starboard
- Desolation
- The Coast Of Peru
- Ye Men Of Renown
- The Sailor's Grave

- The Sailorman's Alphabet
- The Greenland Fishery
- In Days Of Old
- The Bark Gay Head
- The Wings Of A Goney
- Off To Sea Once More
- Rolling Home

prod. in cooperation with the New Bedford Whaling Museum

10 inch album
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Stinson SLP 69
21956?Waters Of Tyne
English North Country Songs & Ballads

- Waters Of Tyne
- Billy Boy
- Collier's Rant
- Keel Row
- Lambton Worm
- When This Old Hat Was New
- Geordie Hinny

- Cushie Butterfield
- Willow Tree
- Blaydon Races
- Ca' Hawkie
- Maa Bonny Lad
- Heh You Seen Wor Jimmy
- Banks Of The Dee
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Stinson SLP 70
31956Bay State Ballads

Sea Songs
- Cape Cod Girls
- Huzza For Commodore Rodgers
- The Ocean Rover
- Blow The Man Down
- Come All Ye Shipmates
- Whiskey Johnny
- The Seaman's Grave

Land Songs
- Springfield Mountain
- The Bailiff's Daughter Of Islington
- The Old Soldier
- Polly Van
- The Embargo
- Bachelor's Hall
- Around The Ingals Blazing
10 inch album

Folkways FP 47/2
= FA 2106
41956Folk Songs And Ballads Of Virginia

- Railroad Bill
- In The Pines
- Gambling Man
- Wild Rover
- Bill Dooley
- Talt Hall
- The Farmer's Curst Wife

- Harvey Logan
- Lady Margaret
- Frankie
- If I Had A Bottle Of Rum
- Lord Darnell
- Poor Old Maids
- The Little Pig
10 inch album
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Folkways FP 47/3
= FA 2110
51957Cumberland Mountain Folksongs

- The Hustling Gamblers
- Lord Bateman
- Floyd Collins
- Mush Toodin
- The House Carpenter
- Sugar Baby

- Spotty And Dudie
- Pretty Polly And False William
- Once I Courted A Pretty Little Girl
- Kathy Fiscus
- Walk, Tom Wilson, Walk
- Cold Winter's Night
- The Texas Rangers
10 inch album
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Folkways FA 2007
61956The Folkways-Viking Record of Folk Ballads of the English Speaking World

- Botany Bay
- The Twa Sisters
- Katherine Jaffray
- The Dying Stockman
- Silkie Of Sule Skerry
- Lass Of Roch Royal
- Derby Ram

- Dupree
- Lilliburlero
- Naomi Wise
- The Sea Captain
- The Baffled Knight
- The Cherry Tree Carol
- The Bailiff's Daughter Of Islington
- Avondale Mine Disaster

prod. in connection with A.B. Friedman, ed., "The Viking Book of Folk Ballads"
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Folkways FA 2310
71956Whaling And Sailing Songs from the Days of Moby Dick

- The Maid Of Amsterdam
- Old Stormalong
- The Girls Around Cape Horn
- Paddy Doyle's Boots
- Spanish Ladies
- Sally Brown
- The Dying Sailor To His Shipmates
- Ranzo
- The Mermaid
- Johnny's Gone To Hilo

- Saturday Night At Sea
- Shenandoah
- Admiral Benbow
- Round The Corner
- The Greenland Whale Fisheries
- Go Down You Blood Red Roses
- The Turkish Revelee
- Boney Was A Warrior
- Lady Franklin's Lament
- Santy Anna

Tradition 1005

= Legacy CD 389 (1994)
"Sailing and Whaling Songs
of the 19th Century"

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=Tradition CD 1064 (1997)
more info

=Empire Musicwerks 450 765-2

81956Bloody Ballads
British and American Murder Ballads

- Pearl Bryan
- Banks of the Ohio
- Stagolee
- Two Brothers
- Brookfield Murder
- Down in the Willow Garden
- Jellon Grame, Bloody Ballads
- Suncook Town Tragedy

- Poor Ellen Smith
- Knoxville Girl
- Delia
- Pretty Polly
- Cruel Mother
- John Hardy
- Tom Dooley
- Edward
- Lula Viers

notes by Paul Clayton
& Kenneth S. Goldstein
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Riverside RLP 12-615

notes by Paul Clayton
& Kenneth S. Goldstein

= Washington WLP 727
(US 1962)
(Folk Music of the World)

9195?Wanted For Murder
Songs of Outlaws and Desperados

- Jesse James
- Cole Younger
- Charles Guiteau
- Duncan And Brady
- Kenny Wagner
- Wild Bill Jones
- Quantrell
- Ella Speed

- Billy The Kid
- Bully Of The Town
- Sidney Allen
- Claude Allen
- Bad Lee Brown
- Sam Bass
- Coon-Can Game
- Zeb Turney's Girl

ed. by Kenneth S. Goldstein
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Riverside RLP 12-640

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P-Vine PCD-5145 (Jp 1997)
(Coffee House Folkie Sounds)

101957American Broadside Ballads In Popular Tradition

- When Cockle Shells Make Silver Bells
- Pleasant And Delightful
- Three Maidens To Milking Did Go
- The Bonny Bunch Of Roses
- The Bold Thrasher
- My Grandmother
- The Lost Lady Found
- When Pat Came Over The Hill
- The Dark-Eyed Sailor

- Jim, The Carter's Lad
- Geordie
- The Oyster Girl
- The Bold Fisherman
- Brian O'Lynn
- The Sweet Primroses
- Green Room
- Herchard Of Taunton Dene
- The False-Hearted Knight
- The Indian Lass

Folkways FA 2378
= F 8708
111957Dulcimer Songs And Solos

- Flop-Eared Mule
- Old Joe Clark
- False Love
- Soldier's Joy
- Goin' To Georgia
- Shady Grove
- Boil Them Cabbage Down
- Mary Hamilton
- Charley's Ran
- John Henry
- Lonesome Road

- Sad And Lonely
- Cedar Mountain Breakdown
- Swannanoah Tunnel
- Dogwood (Knocking Blues)
- Storms Of The Ocean
- Massey Groves
- John Hardy
- Chinese Breakdown
- Georgia Buck
- All the Good Times Are O'er

Folkways FA 2382

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= FG 3571 (1962)

121957American Songs of Revolutionary Times

- The Gambling Suitor (Paul Clayton & Jean Ritchie)
- That's Once (told by Richard Chase)
- The Bashful Courtship (Jean Ritchie)
- The Split Dog (told by Richard Chase)

- Locks And Bolts (Paul Clayton)
- The Snakebite Hoehandle (told by Richard Chase)
- The Old Grey Goose Is Dead (Jean Ritchie)
- The Big Toe (told by Richard Chase)

- The Deaf Woman's Courtship (Paul Clayton & Jean Ritchie)

- Wondrous Love (Jean Ritchie)
- The Devil's Question (Paul Clayton & Jean Ritchie)
- The Man In The Kraut Tub (told by Richard Chase)
- The Swapping Song (Paul Clayton)
- The Hickory Toothpick (told by Richard Chase)
- The Riddle Song (Jean Ritchie & Paul Clayton)
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Olympic 6123
The Atlas Series - Music
from around the World
Lumberjack Folk Songs & Ballads
- Lumberman's Alphabet
- Jerry's Rock
- Little Brown Bull
- Harry Dunn
- James Whalen
- Wild Mustard River
- Banks of the Little Eau Plaine

- Canaday
- Jack Haggerty
- Rackets Around Blue Mountain Lake
- Backwoodsman
- Lost Jimmie
- Peter Emberly
- Harry Bale
- Jolly Shantyboys
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Riverside RLP 12-648
14195?Concert Of British And American Folksongs

Riverside RLP 12-836 [???
Riverside RLP 12-836 is much
more likely "Ohela Halevy:
Voice of Israel"]

151958Unholy Matrimony

- Stay Away From The Girls
- The Wooden-Legged Parson
- Will The Weaver
- Mother-In-Law Song
- I Wish I Was Single Again
- The Old Wife Who Wanted Spruncin'
- The Charleston Merchant
- Life On The Installment Plan
- The Dumb Wife

- Jack The Sailor
- Farmers Nagging Wife
- Dirty Wife
- The Farmer's Servant
- A Quick Way To Be Rid Of A Wife
- The Butcher And The Tailor's Wife
- The Husband With No Courage In Him
- I Can't Change It
- Home, Sad Home

with Bob Yellin, bj, cithern
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Elektra EKL 147

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= Collector's Choice CD 682
(US 2008)

161958Bobby Burns' Merry Muses Of Caledonia
Sung By Paul Clayton

- Nine Inch Will Please A Lady
- Our Jock's Broke Yesterday
- How Can I Keep My Maidenhead?
- Who Will Mow Me Now?
- Johnnie Scott
- John Anderson
- My Jo
- Tommie Makes My Tail Toddle
- Tweedmouth Town
- Would You Do That?
- Ellibanks
- Beware Of The Ripples
- Duncan Macleerie
- Muirland Meg
- No Hair On It
- Copper Of Dundee
- Who The Devil Can Hinder The Wind To Blow
- Lassie Gathering Nuts
- The Thrusting Of It
- My Bonnie Highland Lad
- The Patriarch
- Duncan Davison
- Know Ye Not Our Bess
- Auntie Jean
- A Hole To Hide It In
- Can You Labour Lea

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Elektra EKL-155
171959Foc'sle Songs And Shanties

- Ratcliffe Highway (Paul Clayton)
- Rio Grande (Roger Abrahams)
- Haul On The Bowline (Dave van Ronk)

- Maggie May (Paul Clayton)
- Haul Away Joe (Bob Brill)
- Do My Johnny Booker (Paul Clayton)
- Roll The Cotton Down (Roger Abrahams)
- Haul Boys Haul (Paul Clayton)
- Leave Her Johnny (Dave van Ronk)
- Paddy Lay Back (Paul Clayton)

- Fire Down Below (Paul Clayton)
- A Hundred Years Ago (Bob Brill)
- Santy Anno (Dave van Ronk)

- Captain Nipper (Paul Clayton)
- Hanging Johnny (Roger Abrahams)
- Banks Of The Sacramento (Paul Clayton)
- Won't You Go My Way (Roger Abrahams)
- Good Bye Fare Thee Well (Paul Clayton)
- All Bound To Go (Roger Abrahams)
- The Black Ball Line (Paul Clayton)
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Folkways FA 2429

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= Le Chant Du Monde
FWX-M 52429
Chants de marins anglais

181959Paul Clayton

- Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons (When I'm Gone)   @ youtube
- This Land Is Your Land

"Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons (When I'm Gone)" was the basis for Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right". Clayton's composition was based on an older folksong, entitled "Who's Gonna Buy You Chickens When I'm Gone?"

Monument 45-416
191960Paul Clayton

- Last Cigarette
- So Long (It's Been Good To Know You)

Monument 45-424
201960Paul Clayton

- So Long (It's Been Good To Know You)
- Wings Of A Dove

London 45-HLU-9285
211961Home-Made Songs & Ballads

- Durango Jail
- Last Cigarette
- The Bully Of The Town
- Long John
- Love For Love
- Pharaoh`s Army

- On The Job Too Long
- Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons
- Pretty Peggo-O
- If She's Gone
- Young But Growing
- This Morning She Was Gone
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Monument M 4001
221961Paul Clayton

- Wings Of A Dove
- So Long (It's Been Good To Know You)

- Last Cigarette
- Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons
7 inch EP
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London RE-U 1276 (GB)
231964Paul Clayton

- Wings Of A Dove
- The Convent At Ronda

Monument 45-432
24196?Paul Clayton

- Yellow Bird
- Kilgary Mountain

Monument 45-450
25196?Paul Clayton

- San Francisco Bay Blues
- Green Rocky Road

Monument 45-819
261965Folk Singer!

- Pay Day At Coal Creek
- Silver City Bound
- Green Rocky Road
- Down By The Rio Grande
- Gotta Travel On
- San Francisco Bay Blues

- Wild Mountain Thyme
- Goin' On Down The Road
- Spanish Is The Loving Tongue
- Lie Down Betty
- Cecil Gone In The Time Of Storm
- Life Is A Toil
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Monument MLP 8017
= SP 18017
272008Paul Clayton Sings Homemade Songs And Ballads / Folk Singer!

- Durango Jail #
- Last Cigarette #
- Pharaoh's Army #
- Bully of the Town #
- Love For Love #
- Long John (Long Gone) #
- On the Job Too Long #
- Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons (When I’m Gone) #
- Pretty Peggy-O #
- This Morning She Was Gone #
- If She’s Gone (Let Her Go) #
- Young But Growing #
- Pay Day At Coal Creek *
- Silver City Bound *
- Green Rocky Road *
- Down By The Rio Grande *
- Gotta Travel On *
- San Francisco Bay Blues *
- Wild Mountain Thyme *
- Goin' On Down The Road *
- Spanish Is The Loving Tongue *
- Lie Down Betty *
- Cecil Gone In The Time Of Storm *
- Life Is A Toil *
- So Long (It's Been Good To Know You) []
- This Land Is Your Land []
- Yellow Bird []
- Kilgary Mountain []

remastered from original master tapes of the two Monument LPs (# *) by Simon Polinski at Laundry Goat Studios 2008; four non-LP tracks ( [] ) included; originally prod. by Fred Foster

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Omni CD 120


"Mr. Clayton has also recorded songs traditional in his family for the Archive of the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Flanders Ballad Collection at Middlebury College, Vermont, and for the Library of Congress."

from liner notes to Tradition TLP 1005


Paul Clayton at Caffé Lena, Saratoga Springs, New York, autumn 1963; source: Kristin Baggelaar & Donald Milton: The Folk Music Encyclopedia.- London / New York / Sidney 1977, p. 73
Paul Clayton performing at Caffé Lena autumn 1963
source: Kristin Baggelaar & Donald Milton: The Folk Music Encyclopedia
London / New York / Sidney 1977, p. 73


Anthologies / Compilations / Samplers
containing music performed by Paul Clayton
of release
title / songs (Paul Claytonlabel # / notes
1195?Tradition Folk Sampler

- The Bird's Courtship (Erik Darling)
- O'Donnell Aboo (Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem)
- John Henry (Etta Baker)
- The Hearse Song (Colyn Davies)
- Rodenos (El Niño de Ronda)

- Johnny's Gone To Hilo (Paul Clayton)
- Dark As A Dungeon (Glenn Yarbrough, Fred Hellerman)

- Johnny Lad (Ewan MacColl)
- Ha-Na-Ava Ba-Ba-Not (Hillel & Aviva)
- I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago
  (Oscar Brand, Fred Hellerman)
- Keel Row (Isla Cameron)
- The Fairy Boy (Seamus Ennis)

- The Gambling Suitor (Jean Ritchie & Paul Clayton)
- Spirtual Trilogy (Oh, Freedom, Come And Go With Me,
  I'm On My Way) (Odetta)

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Tradition TSP1
21958Our Singing Heritage Vol. 1

- Jack Went A-Sailing (Lori Holland)
- Strawberry Roan (Pat Foster)
- Rich Old Lady (Peggy Seeger)
- Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane (Pegram and Parham)
- Gypsy Lover (Lori Holland)
- When I Was Single (E.G.Huntington)

- Roll On Buddy (Paul Clayton)
- The House Carpenter (Ellen Stekert)
- Nobody Know [sic] You When You're Down And Out (Dave Van Ronk)
- Who's Going to Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet (Lee Charles)
- Lakes Of Ponchartrain (E.G.Huntington)
- Froggie Went A-Courtin (Ellen Stekert)

- Goodbye, Little Bonnie, Goodbye (Paul Clayton)
- John Riley (Myra Ross)
- Johnny Runkins (Pat Foster)
- Mary, What You Call That Pretty Little Baby (Dave Van Ronk)
- Yellow Rose Of Texas (Pegram and Parham)
- Love Henry (Peggy Seeger)
Kenneth S. Goldstein
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Elektra EKL 151
31958Folk Sampler Five

- Stay Away From The Girls
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Elektra SMP 5 (mono)
4196?Everybody Sing, Vol 2.
Songs For Juniors

- Lumberman's Alphabet
- Buffalo Skinners
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5196?Little Cowboys
15 Cowboy Songs specially selected for Children

Bob Gibson, Paul Clayton, Ed McCurdy, Oscar Brand, Milt Okun, Merrick Jarrett & others
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6196?Folksong Selection

- Banks Of The Sacramento

Chants Du Monde FWX 1601
71970A Nation Conceived And Dedicated
American Adventures Program Vol. 1

Ella Jenkins, Barry Hall, Pete Seeger, Sam Hinton, Ewen McCall, Paul Clayton, Ossie Davis, Montgomery Gospel Trio and others

Side One: The Early Americans

Side Two: The Rise Of A Nation

81996The Riverside/Folklore Series Vol. 3:
Singing the New Tradition Songs, Singers, and Instrumentalists of the Folk Revival

- Omie Wise
- Tom Dula
rec. 1955-1958

Riverside RCD-9911-2

more info


Paul Clayton
Paul Clayton


Collaborations with / (Guest) Appearances on other Artist's recordings
of release
artist / title label # / notes
11956Instrumental Music Of The Southern Appalachians

recording (with Diane Hamilton, Liam Clancy), liner notes

- Cripple Creek (Mr. Hobart Smith)
- Pateroller Song (Mr. Hobart Smith)
- One Dime Blues (Mrs. Etta Baker)
- Sourwood Mountain (Mr. Boone Reid)
- Going Down The Road Feeling Bad (Mrs. Etta Baker)
- Amazing Grace (Mrs. Edd Presnell)
- The Girl I Left Behind Me (Mr. Richard Chase)
- Marching Jaybird (Mr. Lacey Phillips)
- John Brown’s Dream (Mr. Hobart Smith)
- Sally Goodin (Mrs. Edd Presnell)

- Railroad Bill (Mrs. Etta Baker)
- Soldier’s Joy (Mr. Lacey Phillips)
- Molly Brooks (Mr. Richard Chase)
- Pretty Polly (Mr. Hobart Smith)
- Johnson Boys (Mr. Boone Reid)
- John Henry (Mrs. Etta Baker)
- Drunken Hiccups (Mr. Hobart Smith)
- Shady Grove (Mrs. Edd Presnell)
- The Bully Of The Town (Mrs. Etta Baker)
- Skip To My Lou (Mr. Richard Chase)

rec summer 1956

Tradition TLP 1007

Rykodisc TCD 1061

more info

2195?Jean Ritchie & Paul Clayton: American Folk Tales & Songs

- The Gambling Suitor
- That's Once
- The Bashful Courtship
- The Split Dog
- Locks And Bolts
- The Snakebit Hoehandle
- The Old Grey Goose Is Dead
- The Big Toe
- The Deaf Woman's Courtship
- Wondrous Love
- The Devils Questions
- The Man In The Kraut Tub
- The Swapping Song
- The Hickory Toothpick
- The Riddle Song.

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Tradition TLP 1011
31961Rev. Gary Davis and Pink Anderson: American Street Songs

rec. by Paul Clayton May 29, 1950 Charlottesville, Virginia

Pink Anderson: Carolina Street Ballads
- John Henry
- Everyday In The Week
- The Ship Titanic
- Greasy Greens
- Wreck Of The Old 97
- I've Got Mine
- He's In The Jailhouse Now

Rev. Gary Davis: Harlem Street Sprituals
- Blow, Gabriel
- Twelve Gates To The City
- Samson And Delilah
- Oh Lord, Search My Heart
- Get Right Church
- You Got To Go Down
- Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
- There Was A Time That I Was Blind

Pink Anderson rec. May 29
1950 by Paul Clayton
Davis rec. Jan. 20 1956
by Kenneth F. Goldstein

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Riverside RLP 12-611
= Riverside RLP 148
"Gospel, Blues and
Street Songs

click to enlarge !
= OBCCD-524-2 (1987)

Pink Anderson discography

41975Bill Clifton & Paul Clayton: The First Recordings
A Bluegrass Session, 1952

- John Henry
- Watermelon On The Vine *
- Roll On The Ground §
- Pleasant And Delightful #
- The Fox #
- John Hardin #

- East Virginia Blues #
- Jealous Lover #
- Beautiful Mable Clare #
- Burry Me Beneath The Willow #
- Poor Boy #
- Roll On The Ground

# Paul Clayton, lead vocal, guitar
* Paul Clayton, guitar
§ Paul Clayton, guitar and vocal

Folk Variety FV 12004 (D)
Folk Variety has been Richard
Weize's first effort before starting
Bear Family Records

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Bear Family BF-15001 (1979)

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King GXF 6002 (Jp)


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Other artist's Covers of Paul Clayton songs
Record Title

- featured Paul Clayton song
label # / notes
11958Billy Grammer

- Gotta Travel On
- Chasing A Dream


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Monitor 400
219??Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops:
Gotta Travel On

- Leaving On A Jet Plane (John Denver)
- I Feel The Earth Move (Carole King)
- By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Jim Webb)

- Gotta Travel On (Paul Clayton)
- Wichita Lineman (Jim Webb)

- King Of The Road (Roger Miller)
- Music From Across The Way (James Last, Carl Sigman)
- Until It's Time For You To Go (Buffy Sainte Marie)
- Homeward Bound (Paul Simon)
- Green, Green Grass Of Home (Curly Putnam)

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- own record collection
- Stambler, Irvin & Landon Grelun: Encyclopedia of Folk, Country and Western Music
  New York / London 1969, p. 58
- Baggelaar, Kristin & Donald Milton: The Folk Music Encyclopedia.- London/New York/Sidney 1977
- Bob Coltman: Paul Clayton & The Folksong Revival.   Scarecrow Press 2008
- Woliver, Robbie: Hoot! A 25-Year History of the Greenwich Village Music Scene.- New York 1994
  (photo left edge by Joe Alper, in Woliver 1994, p. 88)
- John Ross' Paul Clayton discography
- Urawamats' Paul Clayton album cover pages
- Blue Grass LPs, Ca-Cn
- The Bob Dylan Who's Who
- The Bob Dylan Musical Roots and Influences Pages
- The Kingston Trio Linernotes
- various other internet sources

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