G E O R G E   G R I T Z B A C H with the Unknown Blues Band   (picture from cover of Alcazar 106)
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George Gritzbach LPs / CDs
of release
title / label # / notes
11976Had Your Gritz Today ?

- Pay Day Katy (Gritzbach)
- Skippin' Thru The Tall Grass In The Moonlight (Papa John Miller)
- She Ain't Crazy (Rev. Gary Davis)
- Great Green Bees (Gritzbach)
- Tired Of Being Mistreated (trad. arr. Gritzbach)
- Ballad For Reverend Gary Davis (Gritzbach)
- Audition Blues (Gritzbach)

- Kind Hearted Blues (trad.)
- Georgia Town (Gritzbach)
- East Coast Blues (Gritzbach)
- Shake It (Gritzbach)
- Charlie Stone (trad. arr. Gritzbach)
- Sweet Talkin' Blues (Gritzbach)
- Love Story (The Hat Song) (Gritzbach)

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Kicking Mule KM 126

List of Kicking Mule LPs

21979The Sweeper
Gritz Is Back

- The Sweeper An' The Debutante (Gritzbach)
- Moon Sheperd Stride (Gritzbach)
- Over The River (Gritzbach)
- Poor Boy (Rev. Wilkins)
- Out Of The Game (trad. arr. Gritzbach)
- Mr. Fat's Sad Surprise (Gritzbach)

- Long As It's Green (Gritzbach)
- Duck In A Peacock Flock (Gritzbach)
- Delia (Rev. Davis)
- Cemetery Weather (Gritzbach)
- If By Chance (Gritzbach)
- Buddy Bolden (Jelly Roll Morton)

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Kicking Mule KM 304

= Sonet SNKF 157 (1979)

List of Kicking Mule LPs

31984All American Song

- American Car (Gritzbach)
- Off the Wall Street Blue (Gritzbach)
- Jubilee (Gritzbach)
- Latest Show (Gritzbach)
- Loretta, Is That You? (Gritzbach)
- Talking Freeze (Gritzbach)

- Red Alert (Gritzbach)
- Heartstone (Gritzbach)
- Independence Rag (Gritzbach)
- Common Denominator (Gritzbach)
- Creole Chill (Gritzbach)
- Seeds of Tomorrow (Gritzbach)

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Flying Fish FF 353

available as cassette
at Rounder Records

41989George Gritzbach
with the Unknown Blues Band
.... Blue Bottom
- Blue Bottom (Gritzbach)
- Sweet Fixation (Gritzbach)
- The Chase (Gritzbach)
- Please Just Go (Gritzbach)
- Queen Bee (Gritzbach)

- Monkey Man (Gritzbach)
- Me And You Again Moon (Gritzbach)
- Look Out In The Morning Blues (Gritzbach)
- Fat In February (Gritzbach)
- Rev It Up And Go (trad. arr. Gritzbach)

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Alcazar 106

available as CD

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(Guest) Appearances on other Artist's recordings
of release
artist / title /
songs/instruments/functions of George Gritzbach
label # / notes



Anthologies / Compilations / Samplers
containing songs performed by George Gritzbach
of release
title / songs performed by George Gritzbachlabel # / notes
11990Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival, Vol. 2

- Midnight Hour Blues

Alcazar 113

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21991Boston Blues Blast Vol. 1

- Tell Me Sister

Tone-Cool 1146

more info

31994Best Of Kicking Mule -- Country Blues Vol. 1

- The Sweeper & The Debutante
- Kind Hearted Woman
- Skippin' Through The Grass
- Poor Boy

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Laserlight CD 2352

available at

41994Best Of Kicking Mule -- Country Blues Vol. 2

- Delia
- Pay Day Katy
- She Ain't Crazy
- Out Of The Game

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Laserlight CD 2353

available at

from cover of Kicking Mule KM 304

Other artist's Covers of George Gritzbach songs
of release
Record Title

- featured George Gritzbach song
label # / notes
11974Jaime Brockett: North Mountain Velvet
- No Spare Parts

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Adelphi 1028

"The Home of Jaime Brockett"


Lyrics / Tabs
to songs written by George Gritzbach
songswhere to find
American CarSING OUT! vol. 30#3, p. 64
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