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Stefan Wirz

year of
Home Again Blues

Luther Huff
- 1951 Blues
Sonny Boy Johnson
- Desert Blues
Bluesboy Bill
- Come On Babe
Sunnyland Slim
- Back To Korea Blues
Hot Red Happy
- Worried Blues
Hank Kilroy
- Awful Shame
Baby Face Leroy
- Lou Ella
Brother Willie Eason
- I Want To Live (So God Can Use Me)

Frankie Lee Sims
- Home Again Blues
Sonny Boy Johnson
- Come And Go With Me
Eddie Kirkland
- Time For My Lovin' To Be Done
Sunnyland Slim
- It's All Over Now
John Tinsley & Fred Holland
- Keep Your Hands Off 'Er
L. C. Green
- Come Back Sugar Mama
Charles Bradix
- Wee Wee Hours
Little Sam Davis
- 1958 Blues

design by Borden Elniff
notes by Pat Conte, Don
Kent and Robert Javors

Mamlish S-3799
Black Cat Trail

Elmore James
- Hawaiian Blues
Big Boy Spires
- Murmur Low
Johnny Howard
- Vacation Blues
Slim Pickens
- Bad Woman Blues
Robert Nighthawk
- Crying Won't Help You
Grace Brim
- Strange Man
Willie Lane
- Black Cat Rag

Otis Hinton
- Walking Down Hill
Snooky Pryor
- Boogie Twist
Black Diamond
- T. P. Railer
Chicago Sunny Boy
- Western Union Man
Baby Face Leroy
- Pet Rabbit
Rev. Utah Smith
- God's Mighty Hand
Country Paul
- Black Cat Trail

cover art by Don Kent, from photo lent by Arthur Spires
notes by Sam Firk [Michael
and Don Kent

Mamlish S-3800
New Deal Blues

Joe McCoy
- Meat Cutter Blues
One Arm Slim
- Howling Man Blues
Black Ace
- Whiskey And Woman
Lee Green
- Memphis Fives
Bo Carter
- Don't Do It No More
Peanut the Kidnapper
- Suicide Blues
Chatman Brothers
- If You Don't Want Me

Walter Davis
- Sweet Sixteen
Memphis Minnie
- Keep It To Yourself
Big Bill
- Dreamy Eyed Baby
Bumble Bee Slim
- You Can't Take It Baby
- Tell Her About Me
Sonny Scott
- Firewood Man
Scrapper Blackwell
- Alley Sally Blues

notes by Don Kent
and Michael Stewart

Mamlish S-3801
Mississippi Bottom Blues

Papa Freddie Spruell
- Muddy Water Blue
Mister Freddie Spruell
- Low Down Mississippi Bottom Man
- Don't Cry Baby
- Mr. Freddie's Kokomo Blues
Long Cleve Reed & Papa Harvey Hull
- Original Stack O'Lee Blues
Paper Harvey Hull & Long Cleve Reed
- Mama You Don't Know How
Tommy Bradley
- Please Don't Act That Way

Otto Virgial
- Bad Notion Blues
- Little Girl In Rome
Charlie Patton
- Jersey Bull Blues
- Love My Stuff
Mr. Freddie Spruell
- Your Good Man Is Gone
- Way Back Down Home
- 4A Highway

notes by Mike Stewart
& Don Kent [OCRed &
posted at weeniecampbell
by Alan Balfour]

Mamlish S-3802
Low Down Memphis Barrelhouse Blues

Hattie Hart
- I Let My Daddy Do That
Will Shade
- Better Let That Stuff Alone
Robert Wilkins
- Alabama Blues
South Memphis Jug Band
- Policy Rag
- Doctor Medicine
Kansas Joe and Memphis Minnie
- Shake Mattie
- My Washwoman's Gone

Mooch Richardson
- T and T Blues
John Estes
- My Black Gal Blues
Jack Kelly
- Highway No. 61 Blues
Mooch Richardson
- Burying Ground Blues
Jim Jackson
- Bootlegging Blues
Memphis Minnie
- Reachin' Pete
Mooch Richardson
- Low Down Barrelhouse Blues pt. 1

notes by Michael Stewart
and Don Kent

Mamlish S-3803
The Mississippi Sheiks: Stop And Listen

- Sitting On Top Of The World
- Jail Bird Love Song
- Yodeling Fiddling Blues
- Your Good Man Caught The Train And Gone
- Unhappy Blues
- Honey Babe Let The Deal Go Down

- She Ain'N Go good
- Ramrod Blues
- Stop And Listen Blues no. 2
- The World Is Going Wrong
- Shake Hands And Tell Me Goodbye
- I've Got Blood In My Eyes For You

Sam Chatmon discography

notes by Stephen Calt,
Michael Stewart & Don Kent

Mamlish S-3804
Good Time Blues - St. Louis 1926-1932

Charley Jordan
- Two Street Blues
JD Short
- She Got Jordan River In Her Hips
Sylvester Palmer
- Lonesome Man Bues
Papa Eggshell
- Far From Home
Edith North Johnson
- Honeydripper Blues
Peetie Wheatstraw
- Don't Hang My Clothes On No Barbed Wire Line
Jelly Roll Anderon
- Good Time Blues

Lee Green
- Train Number 44
"Hi" Henry Brown
- Hospital Blues
Walter Davis
- Sunnyland Blues
Robert Peeples
- Fat Greasy Baby
Lonnie Johnson
- Love Story Bues
- Pretty Boy Walker
- The Breaks I'm Gettin'
Cora Perkins
- Today Blues

cover artwork by Gary Bready

Mamlish S-3805
Hard Time Blues - St. Louis 1933-1945

Lane Hardin
- Hard Times Blues (1935)
Aaron “Pinetop” Sparks
- Workhouse Blues (1935)
Mary Harris
- Happy New Year Blues (1935)
Roosevelt Sykes
- Drunken Gambler (1937)
Henry Townsend
- Don’t Love That Woman (1934)
Charly Jordan
- Tight Time Blues (1934)
Walter Davis
- Just Thinking (1940)

Blind Teddy Darby
- Pitty Pat Blues (1933)
Peetie Wheatstraw
- Third Streets Going Down (1937)
Alice Moore
- Blue Black and Evil Blues (1935)
Charlie McFadden
- Times Are So Tight (1933)
Leroy Henderson
- Good Scuffler Blues (1935)
Milton Sparks
- Grinder Blues (1935)
Lane Hardin
- California Desert Blues (1935)

cover artwork by Borden Elniff & Don Kent
notes by Michael Stewart
and Don Kent

Mamlish S-3806
Lonnie Johnson: Mr. Johnson's Blues 1926-1932

Lonnie Johnson
- Uncle Ned Don't Use Your Head
- Winnie The Wailer
Mooch Richardson
- Helena Blues
Lonnie Johnson
- Mr. Johnson's Blues No. 2
Katherine Baker
- Chicago Fire Blues
Lonnie Johnson
- No More Trouble Now (Take A)
Violet Green
- You Had Too Much

Lonnie Johnson
- Racketeer's Blues
- There Is No Justice
- New Fallin' Rain Blues
Texas Alexander
- Cornbread Blues
Lonnie Johnson
- There's No Use Lovin'
- Bull Frog Moan
Victoria Spivey
- Dope Head Blues

original (cropped) photo showing Lonnie Johnson Trio (Lonnie Johnson with prob. Andrew Harris on string bass & Dan Dixon on rhythm guitar), April 1941; photographer: Russell Lee
notes by Stephen Calt

Mamlish S-3807
Barbecue Bob: Chocolate To The Bone

- Barbecue Blues
- Cloudy Sky Blues
- Chocolate To The Bone
- Black Skunk Blues
- It's Just Too Bad
- Beggin' For Love
- She Shook Her Gin

- Tellin' It To You
- Motherless Chile Blues
- Twisting That Stuff
- Dollar Down Blues
- Yo Yo Blues
- Waycross Georgia Blues
- California Blues

design by Borden Elniff
notes by Stephen Calt

Mamlish S-3808

= Yazoo CD 2005 (1992)

Bullfrog Blues
"Can't be satismamlishfied"

Sam Butler
- Devil And My Brown Blues
- Heaven Is My View
- You Can't Keep No Brown
Walter "Buddy Boy" Hawkins
- Working On The Railroad
- Shaggy Dog Blues
William Harris
- Hot Time Blues
- Early Morning Blues

William Harris
- Bullfrog Blues
- Range In My Kitchen
Walter "Buddy Boy" Hawkins
- Yellow Woman Blues
- Jailhouse Fire Blues
Bo Weavil Jackson
- When The Saints Go Marching In
- Why Do You Moan ?
Sam Butler
- Christians Fight On, Your Time Ain't Long

cover painting by Richard Wakefield
notes by Stephen Calt
& Gayle Dean Wardlow

Mamlish S-3809
Big Joe Williams: Early Recordings 1935 - 1941

- Somebody's Been Borrowing That Stuff
- Providence Help The Poor People
- 49 Highway Blues
- Stepfather Blues
- Baby Please Don't Go
- Stack O'Dollars
- Wild Cow Blues

- Worried Man Blues
- I know You Gonna Miss Me
- Rootin' Ground Hog
- Brother James
- Crawlin' King Snake
- Peach Orchard Mama
- Meet Me Around The Corner

design by Borden Elniff

Big Joe Williams discography

notes by Stephen Calt
Don Kent & Pat V. Conte

Mamlish S-3810
Ed Bell's Mamlish Moan

- Mamlish Blues
- Shouting Baby Blues ("Sluefoot Joe")
- From Now On ("Barefoot Bill")
- She's A Fool ("Sluefoot Joe")
- Mean Conductor Blues
- She's Got A Nice Line ("Barefoot Bill With Pillie Bolling")
- One More Time ("Barefoot Bill")

- Ham Bone Blues
- Big Rock Jail ("Barefoot Bill")
- Tooten Out Blues ("Sluefoot Joe")
- Frisco Whistle Blues
- Carry It Right Back Home
- House Top Blues ("Sluefoot Joe")
- Squabblin' Blues ("Barefoot Bill")

cover drawing by Val Pretel

Ed Bell discography

notes by Stephen Calt,
Don Kent & Michael Stewart

click to read liner notes by Stephen Calt, Don Kent, and Michael Stewart !

click to read liner notes by Don Kent !

Mamlish S-3811
Barefoot Bill’s Hard Luck Blues

Ed Bell
- Bad Boy
- My Crime Blues
- Snigglin’ Blues
- She’s A Fool Gal
- Barefoot Bill’s Hard Luck Blues
John Lee
- Alabama Boogie
- Baby’s Blues

Pillie Bolling
- Brown Skin Woman
- Shake Me Like A Dog
Pillie Bolling with Ed Bell
- I Don’t Like That
May Armstrong
- Nobody Can Take His Place
Sonny Scott
- Red Cross Blues
John Lee
- Down At The Depot
- Baby Please Don’t Go

front & back cover layout by Borden Elniff & John Serrano

Ed Bell discography

notes by Don Kent,
Pat Conte, Gayle Dean
Wardlow & Bengt Olsson

Mamlish S-3812

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