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Record label founded and run by Arnold S. Caplin (1929 - 2009)

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"For the collector of jazz recordings, these are the best of times; the collector's whims have never been catered to quite as extensively as they are at this moment. He has his choice of a steady flow of recordings of new performances, which range in style from piano rags and early New Orleans ensembles to the most whimsical furies of the avante gardists - a spectrum broader than jazz has ever known before. And at the same time the opportunities to fill in past gaps in his collection - or simply to start collecting - are unprecedented."
Rare Blues Of The Twenties

'Blind' Richard Yates
- Sore Bunion Blues
- I'm Gonna Moan My Blues Away
Virginia Liston
- Rolls Royce Papa
- I'm Gonna Get Me A Man
Jenny Pope
- Whiskey Drinking Blues
- Doggin' Me Around Blues
Ethel Waters
- Tell 'Em Bout Me

Grant & Wilson
- Scoop It
- Stevedore Man
Georgia Tom & Tampa Red
- Grievin' Me Blues
- It's Tight Like That
Bobbie Leecan & Robert Cooksey
- Blue Harmonica
- Don't Let Your Head Hang Down
Coletha Simpson
- Down South Blues

cover drawings by Arnold S. Caplin

Historical Jazz RBT ASC 1
(Rare Blues Of The Twenties)

= Historical ASC-1 ("No. 1")

= Historical ASC-5829-1
("Volume 1")

= Historical 5829 HJ

notes (review)
by Paul Burgess, Jr.

= Historical HLP-1 (No. 1)

Rare Blues Of The Twenties   No. 2

Iva Smith
- Third Alley Blues
- Sad And Blue
Memphis Minnie
- I'm Talking About You No. 1
- I'm Talking About You No. 2
Lil Johnson
- You'll Never Miss Your Jelly
- Never Let Your Left Hand Know
St. Louis Bessie
- Sugar Man Blues - part 1

St. Louis Bessie
- Sugar Man Blues - part 2
Hound Head Henry
- My Silver Dollar Mama
- Low Down Hound Blues
Jean Cambell
- Wandering Blues
- Robbin and Stealing Blues
Jake Jones with Gold Front Boys
- Southern Sea Blues
- Monkeyin' Around

Historical ASC-2 (No. 2)

notes (review)
by Stanley Dance

= Historical ASC-5829-2

notes (review)
by Stanley Dance

= Historical HLP-2 (Vol. 2)

Rare Bands Of The Twenties   1928-1930

Robinson's Knights Of Rest
- Mean Baby Blues
Alex Hill's Orchestra
- Southbound
Reuben Reeves' River Boys
- Blue Sweets
King Mutt & His Tennessee Thumpers
- Shake Your Shimmy
Syd Valentine's Patent Leather Kids
- PatentLeather Stomp
AlphonseTrent's Orchestra
- The Nightmare
Oliver Cobb's Rhythm Kings
- The Duck's Yas Yas Yas
Kansas City Tin Roof Stompers
- St. Louis Bound

Jabbo Smith, Omer Simeon, Jimmy Blythe, Mary Lou Williams, Jimmy Cobb, Frank Melrose, Darnell Howard, George James, Jimmy Prince, Chester Clark

Historical ASC-3 (No. 3)

= Historical ASC-5829-3

= Historical HLP-3 (Vol. 3)

Rare Blues Of The Twenties   No. 4

Hazel Smith
- West End Blues
- Get Up Off Your Knees
Bessie Tucker
- Bessie's Moon
Bessie Jackson
- Reckless Woman
- Tired As I Can Be
Alura Mack
- Wicket Daddy Blues
- West End Blues

- Pigmeat Papa
- Becky Deem
Charley Lincoln
- Hard Luck Blues
- Chain Gang Trouble
Stove Pipe No. 1
- Bed Slats
Memphis Sanctified Singers
- The Great Reaping Day
- He's Got Better Things For You

Historical ASC-4 (No. 4)

= Historical ASC-5829-4

notes by John Norris

= Historical HLP-4 (Vol. 4)

Rare Blues Of The Twenties   No. 5

Bo Carter
- Ram Rod Daddy
- Ants In My Pants
Roosevelt Sykes
- Boot That Thing
- 44 Blues
Jim Jackson
- This Mornin' She Was Gone
- This Ain't No Place For Me
Lewis Black
- Rock Island Blues - part 1

Lewis Black
- Spanish Blues. No. 2
Teddy Bunn
- Pattin' Dat Cat
- It's Sweet Like So
Billy Bird
- Alabama Blues - part 1
- Alabama Blues - part 2
Pigmeat Pete & Catjuice Charlie
- Do It Right
- The Gin Done Done It

Historical ASC-5 (No. 5)

= Historical ASC-5829-5

= Historical HLP-5 (Vol. 5)

Rare Bands Of The Twenties   1926-1931

Roy Johnson's Happy Pals
- Savoy Rhythm
- Happy Pal Stomp
John Williams Synco Jazzers
- Down In Gallion
Russel's Hot Six
- 19th & Dearborn
- Sweet Muntaz
Jack Purvis And His Orchestra
- Be Bo Bo
- Dismal Dan

Chicago Hot Five
- Wake 'Em Up
- Just One More Chance
Gulf Coast Seven (Washboard Rhythm Kings)
- Daylight Savin' Blues
- Georgia's Always On My Mind
Jabbo Smith's Rhythm Aces
- Band Box Stomp
- Moanful Blues

Historical ASC-6 (No. 6)

notes by Ed Steane

= Historical ASC-5829-6

= Historical HLP-6 (Vol. 6)

Rare Bands Of The Twenties   1926-1931

Blue Ribbon Syncopators
- Scratch
- Memphis Sprawler
Cecil Scott's Bright Boys
- Laed, Lawd
- In A Corner
Williamson's Beale St. Frolic Orchestra
- Memphis Scronch
- Bear Wallow
New Orleans Owls
- White Ghost Shivers

Jelly James Fewsicians
- Make Me Know It
- Georgia Bo-Bo
Tiny Parham & His Musicians
- Tiny's Stomp
- Stompin' On Down
- Doin' The Jug Jug
- Blue Man Blues
Walter Barnes Royal Creolians
- Tight Like That

Historical ASC-7 (Number 7)

notes by Stanley Dance

= Historical ASC-5829-7

= Historical HLP-7 (Vol. 7)

Rare Vertical Jazz   1926-1928

California Ramblers
Red and Miff's Stompers
Phil Napoleon's Orchestra

- Stampede
- Alabama Stomp
- Hurricane
- Black Bottom Stomp
- Five Pennies
- Sidewlak Blues
- Shake
- I An't Got Nobody
- Third Rail
- Make My Cat Where The Cat Cat Cotton
- The Pay-Off

Historical ASC-8

= Historical ASC-5829-8

= Historical HLP-8 (Vol. 8)

Bennie Moton's Kansas City Orchestra   1923-1929

- 18th Street Strut
- Things Seem So Blue To Me
- South Street Blues
- She's Sweeter Than Sugar
- Elephants Wobble
- Crawdad Blues
- Let's Get It

- Kater Street Rag
- Sister Honky Tonk
- Sugar
- Dear Heart
- Evil Mama Blues (Ada Brown, voc)
- Break O' Day Blues (Ada Brown, voc)
- Moten's Blues

album design by J. Zeiger
Historical ASC-9

notes by A. Caplin

= Historical ASC-5829-9

= Historical HLP-9 (Vol. 9)

Chicago South Side   1925-1932

J.C. Cobb's Grains of Corn
- Once Or Twice
- Endurance Stomp
- Yearning And Blue
Roy Palmer's Alabama Rascals
- Georgia Grind
- Stomp That Thing
- Nancy Jane
Jimmy Wade and His Dixielanders
- Mississippi Wobble

Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards
- Strugglin'
- Easy Come Easy Go Blues
- If You Want To Be My Sugar Papa
Harry Dial and His Bluesicians
- It Must Be Love
- I Like What I Like Like I Like It
Jimmy Noone and His Orchestra
- I Need Lovin'
- When It's Sleepy Time Down South

cover design by Jay Zeiger
Historical ASC-10

notes by Arnold S. Caplin

= Historical ASC-5829-10

= Historical HLP-10 (Vol. 10)

Collector's Items   1922-1930

Harvey Brooks Quality Four
- Frankie And Johnnie Blues
- Mistreating Daddy
Kansas City Five
- Get Yourself A Monkey Man
- Louisville Blues
Thomas Morris and His Hot Babies
- Red Hot Dan
Kansas City Five
- Get It Fixed
- Dark Girl

Sonny Clay (The California Poppies)
- Lou
- What A Wonderful Time
Five Musical Blackbirds
- 18th St. Strut
- Black Horse Stomp
- Hot Coffee
Cab Calloway's Orchestra
- Sweet Jenny Lee

cover painting by S.H.A. Booker

Historical ASC-11

notes by Carl Kendziora, Jr.

= Historical ASC-5829-11

= Historical HLP-11 (Vol. 11)

Rare And Hot   1925-1930

Memphis Jazzers
- Just Blues
Cliff Jackson's Crazy Kats
- The Terror
Dixie Devils
- Miss Golden Brown
Bohemian Dance Orchestra
- In Harlem's Araby
Blue Rhythm Orchestra
- Hold 'Er Deacon
- Keep Your Temper
Wabash Trio
- Coal Black Blues

TeRoy Williams and His Orchestra
- Lindbergh Hop (Stomp?)
- Oh Malinda
Cecil Scott and His Orchestra
- Bright Boy Blues
- Springfield Stomp
Levee Syncopaters
- The Rackett
Nashville Jazzers
- St. Louis Blues
Pletcher's Eli Prom Trotters
- That's Where You Are Wrong

Historical ASC-12

= Historical ASC-5829-12

Historical HLP-12 (Vol. 12)

Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra   1923-1924

Fletcher Henderson and His Sawin' Six
- Chattanooga
- I'm Gonna See You
Rosa Henderson & Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra
- Back Woods Blues
- Four Flushin' Papa
Hannah Sylvester & Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra
- Midnight Blues
- I Don't Let No One Man Worry Me
Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra
- Oh Sister! Ain't That Hot?

Seven Brown Babies
- Dicty Blues
- Charleston Crazy
Hazel Meyers & Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra
- Don't Know And Don't Care Blues
- I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
Lena Wilson
- Tain't No Tellin'
- I Don't Love Nobody
Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra
- Mama's Gonna Slow You Down

Historical ASC-13

notes by Carl Kendziora, Jr.

= Historical ASC-5829-13

= Historical HLP-13 (Vol. 13)

Rare And Hot   1923-1926
Female Vocals with accompaniment

Monette Moore & Choo Choo Jazzers
- House Rent Blues
- Workhouse Blues
- The Bye Bye Blues
- Weeping Willow Blues
- Black Sheep Blues
- Undertakers Blues
Hazel Meyers & Choo Choo Jazzers
- Lonesome For Tha Man Of Mine

Rosa Henderson & Choo Choo Jazzers
- Strut Yo' Puddy
- Somebody's Doing What You Wouldn't
Lillian Goodner & Sawin' Trio
- Four Flushin' Papa
- Gonna Get Somebody's Daddy
Viola McCoy & her Trio
- Papa If You Can't Do Better
- I'm Savin' It All For You
Hazel Meyers & Choo Choo Jazzers
- You'll Never Have No Luck By Quitin' Me

notes by Carl Kendziora, Jr.

Historical ASC-14 (No. 14)

= Historical ASC-5829-14

notes by Carl Kenziora, Jr

= Historical HLP-14 (Vol. 14)

Rare And Hot   1923-1930
Vocals with accompaniment

Cannon And Woods
- Last Chance Blues
- Forth And Beals
Jenny Pope
- Bull Frog Blues
- Tennessee Workhouse Blues
Lena Henry
- Low Down Despondent Blues
Blind Roosevelt Graves
- New York Blues
- Guitar Boogie

Lucille Bogan
- Pot Hound Blues
- Coffee Grindin' Blues
- Black Angel Blues
- Tricks Ain't Walking No More
Margaret Carter
- Come Get Me Papa Before I Faint
- I Want Plenty Grease In My Frying
Anna Jones
- Trixie Blues
Rosa Henderson
- Get It Fixed

cover by A.S. Caplin

Historical ASC-15 (No. 15)

= Historical 5829-15

notes by Chris Albertson

= Historical HLP-15 (Vol. 15)
"Pot Hound Blues"

Jazz Bands   1926-1930

Ada Brown
- Panama Limited Blues
- Tia Juana Man
Bill Brown & His Brownies
- Bill Brown Blues
- Hot Lips
The Chocolate Dandies
- Birmingham Breakdown
- Stardust
Oliver Cobb
- Cornet Pleadin' Blues - Pt. 1
- Cornet Pleadin' Blues - Pt. 2

Elgar's Creole Orchestra
- Nightmare
- Brotherly Love
Kentucky Jazz Babies
- Old Folks Shake
- No More Blues
Hattie Burleson
- Superstitious Blues
- Sadie's Servant Room Blues
Original Memphis Five
- Lovey Lee

"Discographical notes: Brain [sic] Rust, Jazz Records A-Z, 1897 - 1931"; cover art by Paul Burgess
Historical ASC-16

notes by Paul Burgess

= Historical ASC-5829-16

= Historical HLP-16 (Vol. 16)

They Sang The Blues   (1927-1929)

Mississippi John Hurt
- Nobody's Dirty Business
"Mr. Freddie" Spruell
- Tom Cat Blues
Ki Ki Johnson
- Wrong Woman Blues
- Lady, Your Clock Ain't Right
Willie Reed
- Leavin' Home
Sluefoot Joe (= Ed Bell)
- Shouting Baby Blues
- Tooten' Out Blues

Blind Bobby Baker (= Bobby Leecan)
- Macon Georgia Cut Out
- Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
Frenchy's String Band
- Texas And Pacific Blues
- Sunshine Special
Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers
- I Want Two Wings To Veil My Face

prod. by Arnold S. Caplin; cover by Paul Burgess
notes by Arnold S. Caplin

Historical ASC-17

= Historical ASC-5829-17

notes by Paul Burgess

= Historical HLP-17

Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra Vol. 2   1923-1925

Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra - Darktown Has A Gay White Way
Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra - House Rent Ball
Seven Brown Babies - West Indies Blues
Seven Brown Babies - Do Doodle Oom
Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra - I'll See You In My Dreams
Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra - Steppin' Out
Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra - Ghost Of The Blues

Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra - Chatanooga
Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra - Downhearted Blues
Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra - Gulf Coast Blues
Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra - Down By The River
Edna Hicks - Just Thinkin'
Viola McCoy - If Your Good Man Quits You
Viola McCoy - I Ain't Gonna Marry

Historical ASC-18

= Historical ASC-5829-18

notes by Paul Burgess

= Historical HLP-18 (Vol. 18)

New York Jazz   1928-1933

Luis Russell & His Gingersnaps
- Broadway Rhythm
- The Way He Loves It Is Just Too Bad
Earl Jackson's Musical Champions
- Futuristic Jungleism
Adrian Rolini's Orchestra
- Sweet Madness
- Savage Serenade
Carmichael's Collegians
- March Of The Hoodlums
- Walkin' The Dog

Cliff Jackson & His Krazy Kats
- Torrid Rhythm
The Moonlight Revelers
- Alabama Shuffle
- Memphis Stomp
Fletcher Henderson Orchestra
- Baby Knows How
- Sugar Foot Stomp
Harlem Hot Chocolates
- Sing You Sinners
- St. James Infirmary

Historical ASC-19

= Historical ASC-5829-19

= Historical HLP-19 (Vol. 19)

Collector's Items   1925-1929

Dixie Washboard Band
- I Found A New Baby
Jeanette James and Her Synco Jazzers
- The Bumps
- What's That Thing?
Oscar Celestine Original Tuxedo Jazz
- Station Calls
- My Josephine
Coot Grand (Fletcher Henderson Orchestra)
- Have Your Chill, I'll Be Here When Your Fever Rises

Jasper Davis and His Orchestra
- It Feels So Good
- Georgia Gigolo
Luis Russel's Heebie Jeebie Stompers
- Dolly Mine
Chippie Hill & Richard M. Jones' Jazz Wizards
- Street Walker Blues
Sonny Clay's Plantation Orchestra
- Jumbled Blues
- Bogaloosa Blues
- Devil's Serenade

Historical ASC-20

notes by Carl Kenziora, Jr

= Historical ASC-5829-20

= Historical HLP-20 (Vol. 20)

Anna 'Annie' Belle, Katherine Henderson & Laura Bryant
accompanied by Clarence Williams Band   1928

Anna Belle & Clarence Williams' Orchestra
- Hopeless Blues
- Every Woman Blues
- Shake It, Black Bottom
- I Don't Care Who Gets What I Don't Want
Katherine Henderson & Clarence Williams' Orchestra
- West End Blues
- St. Louis Blues
Clarence Williams' Orchestra
- A Lonesome Lovesick Blues

Katherine Henderson & Clarence Williams' Orchestra
- Have You Ever Felt That Way?
- What Can You Do Without Me?Do It, Baby
- Mushy Love
- If You Like Me
Laura Bryant & Clarence Williams' Orchestra
- Dentist Chair Blues - pt. 1
- Dentist Chair Blues - pt. 2

cover by Sonny Burgess

Historical ASC-21

notes by Tom Lord

= Historical ASC-5829-21

= Historical HLP-21 (Vol. 21)

They Sang The Blues   1927-1934

Jelly Roll Anderson
- Free Women Blues
- I.C. Blues
Robert Wilkins
- Alabama Blues
- Long Train Blues
- Nashville Stonewall Blues
- Police Sergeant Blues
Skip James
- 22-20 Blues

Big Boy Cleveland
- Quill Blues
- Goin' To Leave You Blues
Willie Jones (Wllie Baker)
- Sweet Patunia
- Mama, Don't Rush Me Blues
Furry Lewis
- Why Don't You Come Home Blues
- Mean Old Bedbug Blues
Joshua White (Pinewood Tom)
- Welfare Blues
- Stormy Weather Blues

Historical ASC-22

= Historical ASC-5829-22

notes by Larry Cohn

= Historical HLP-22 (Vol. 22)

The Three Jolly Miners   1925-1928

Louis Hooper
- Cakewalk
Three Jolly Miners
- Chicago Backstep
- F Miner Blues
- Pig Alley Stomp
- Ridiculous Blues
- Plain Old Blues
Bob Fuller
- Fireworks

Bob Fuller
- Alligator Crawl
- Black Cat Blues
- Milenberg Joys
- Louisville Blues
- Freakish Blues
- Dallas Blues
- Here 'Tis

Historical ASC-23

= Historical ASC-5829-23

= Historical HLP-23 (Vol. 23)

Territory Bands   1926-1931

Zach Whyte and his Chocolate Beau Brummels
- Mandy
- Hum All Your Troubles Away
- It's Tight Like That
- West End Blues
- Good Feelin' Blues
- Walkin' Blues

Alphonse Trent and his Orchestra
- Black And Blue Rhapsody
- After You've Gone
- St. James Infirmary
- I've Found A New Baby
Washboard Rhythm Boys
- Dog And Cat
- Old Man Blues

Historical ASC-24

= Historical ASC-5829-24

= Historical HLP 5829-24
(Vol. 24)

Hot Clarinets   1924-1929

Tony Parenti - Old Man Rhythm
The Red Heads - A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Irene Beasley - Choo Choo Train
Jimmy Lytell - Zulu Wail
Jimmy Lytell - Davenport Blues
Louisiana Rhythm Kings - I'm Walking Through Clover
The Original Memphis Five - Fireworks

Kitty Irvin - Daddy Do
Kitty Irvin - Copenhagen
Jack Pettis and his Pets - Broadway Stomp
Buster Bailey - Squeeze Me
Lillie Delk Christian - My Blue Heaven
Lillie Delk Christian - Miss Annabelle Lee

Historical ASC-25

= Historical ASC-5829-25

= Historical HLP-25 (Vol. 25)

Territory Bands Vol. 2   1927-1931

George E. Lee's Orchestra
- Down Home Syncopated Blues
- Meritt Stomp
Willie Jones Orchestra
- Michigan Stomp
- Bugs
Floyd Mills & His Marylanders
- Hard Luck
- Chicago Rhythm
Alex Jacksons Plantation Orchestra
- Missouri Squabble

Walter Page's Blue Devils
- Blue Devil Blues
- Squabblin'
Sonny Clay's Plantation Orchestra
- California Stomp
- Chicago Breakdown
Dave Nelson's Harlem Hot Shots
- Rockin' Chair
- St. Louis Blues
- Loveless Love

Historical ASC-26

= Historical ASC-5829-26

= Historical HLP-26 (Vol. 26)

Trumpet Blues   1925-29

Ben Norsingle
- Black Cat Blues
- Motherless Blues
- Rover Blues
- Red River Bottom Blues
Texas Alexander
- Tell Me Woman Blues
Thomas' Devils
- Boot It Boy
Clara Herring
- Park No More Mama Blues

Bertha 'Chippie' Hill
- Hangman Blues
- Trouble In Mind
Billy & Mary Mack
- Black But Sweet, Oh God
- My Heart Breakin' Gal
Luella Miller
- North Wind Blues
Ann Cook
- Mama' Cookie Blues

= Historical HLP-27 (Vol. 27)
Hot Trumpets   1924-1931

Bix Beiderbecke
Bunny Berigan
Jimmy McPartland

Historical HLP-28 (Vol. 28)
Hot Pianos   1926-1940

Jelly Roll Morton's New Orleans Jazzmen
- Climax Rag
- Finger Buster
- Creepy Feeling
- Honky Tonk Music
- Winin' Boy Blues
Montana Taylor with The Jazzbo Boys
- Whoop & Holler Stomp
- Hayride Stomp

Caroline Johnson and Fats Waller
- Ain't Got Nobody To Grind My Coffee
- Mama's Losing A Mighty Good Chance
Maude Mills and Fats Waller
- Anything That Happens Just Pleases Me
- My Old Daddy's Got A Brand-New Way To Love
Alberta Hunter and Fats Waller
- I'm Going To See My Ma
Cow Cow Davenport
- Back In The Alley
- Mootch Piddle

cover art by Fred Romary

Historical HLP-29 (Vol. 29)
Chicago South Side Vol. 2   1929-1936

Jimmy Noone's Orchestra
- Melancholy Baby
- After You've Gone
- It's You
Tiny Parham and his Musicians
- Bombay
- Golden Lily
Dixie Rhythm Kings
- Story Book Ball
- Easy Rider

The Chicago Footwarmers
- Ballin' The Jack
- Granma's Ball
Hightowers Nighthawks
- Boar Hog Blues
State Street Ramblers
- Shanghai Honeymoon
- Tack It Down
Jimmy Blythe's Washboard Wizards
- My Baby
- Oriental Man

Historical HLP-30 (Vol. 30)
Masters Of The Blues   1928-1940

Robert Johnson (recorded Dallas, June 20, 1937)
- Little Queen Of Spades
- Love In Vain Blues
Curley Weaver accompanied by Blind Willie McTell (recorded Chicago, April 23, 1935)
- Sometime Mama
- Two Faced Woman
Little Bill Gaither (recorded Chicago, June 12, 1940)
- Georgia Barrel House
Blind Boy Fuller (recorded Chicago, June 12, 1940)
- You Got To Have Your Dollar
Robert Hill (recorded New Orleans, Oct 15, 1936)
- I Had A Gal For The Last Fifteen Years

Tommy Johnson (recorded Memphis, August 31, 1928)
- Lonesome Blues (take 1) unissued
- Lonesome Blues (take 2) unissued
- Canned Heat Blues
Bumble Bee Slim (Amos Easton) with Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell (NY, March 16, 1932)
- I'm Waitin' On You
Frank Stokes (recorded Memphis, Feb 2, 1928)
- Downtown Blues (unissued take)
Texas Alexander (recorded San Antonio, March 10, 1928) with Eddie Lang & Lonnie Johnson
- Yellow Girl Blues
- I Am Calling Blues

notes by Chris Albertson

Historical HLP-31 (Vol. 31)
I'm Wild About My Lovin'   1928-1930

Memphis Minnie
- Georgia Skin
- I'm Goin' Back Home
Joe McCoy
- Botherin' That Thing
- I'm Wild About Stuff
Ishman Bracey
- Leavin' Town Blues
- Brown Mama Blues
Whistlin' Alex Moore
- West Texas Woman
- It Wouldn't Be So Hard

Curley Weaver
- No No Blues
- Sweet Petunia
Hambone Willie Newbern
- Shelby County Workhouse Blues
Jim Jackson
- I'm Wild About My Lovin'
- This Mornin' She Was Gone
Little Hat Jones
- New Two Sixteen Blues
- Two String Blues

compiled by Arnold S. Caplin
artwork by Miguel Covarrubias
notes by Chris Albertson

Historical HLP-32
Jazz From New York   1928-1933

King Oliver and His Orchestra
- Call Of The Freaks
Henry Allen Jr. and His Orchestra
- Swing Out
Ten Blackberries
- St. James Infirmary
- New Party Blues
Casa Loma Orchestra
- Coal Yard Shuffle
- Top And Bottom

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
- Mood Indigo
- Hot And Bothered
- Creole Love Song
Ed Parker and His Orchestra
- Now's The Time To Fall In Love
Ben Pollack and His Orchestra
- Sing Song Girl
Jack Pettis and His Orchestra
Fred ... and His Orchestra
- Take My Sugar To Tea

Historical HLP-33 (Vol. 33)
Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn

Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers (featuring Frankie Half-Pint Jaxon and Punch Miller)
- Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn
- She's Coming 'Round The Mountain
Blind Willie Johnson
- The Soul Of A Man
- Take Your Stand
Blind Mamie Forehand & A.C. Forehand
- Wouldn't Mind Dying If Dying Was All
- Mothers Prayer
- I'm So Glad Today, Today
Laura Henton
- He's Coming Soon

Blind Willie McTell
- We Got To Meet Death One Day
- Ain't It Grand To Be A Christian
- Lay Some Flowers On My Grave
Arizona Dranes
- He Is My Story
- I Shall Wear A Crown
Edward W. Clayborn
- Jesus Will Make It Allright
Rooseveldt Graves & Brother
- I'll Be Rested (When The Roll Is Called)
- Wake Up This Morning (With My Mind On Jesus)

notes by
Richard K. Spottswood
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Historical HLP-34 (Vol. 34)
Black Bands   1927-34

Earl Hines and His Orchestra
- Every Body Loves My Baby
- Good Little, Bad Little You
- Beau-Koo
- Sister Kate
Benny Motens Kansas City Orchestra
- Just Rite
- Ding Dong Blues
- It's Hard To Laugh Or Smile

Tiny Parham and his Musicians
- The Head Hunter's Dream
- Snake Eyes
- Fat Man Blues
Baron Lee and the Blue Rhythm Band
- Doin' The Shake
- Rhythm Spasm
- White Lightning
Luis Russell and his Orchestra
- At The Darktown Strutter's Ball
- Ol' Man River

cover art by Fred Romary; front photo: Earl Hines & His Orchestra
notes by Chris Albertson

Historical HLP-35 (Vol. 35)
The Great Jug Bands   1926-1934
never before on LP

Jed Davenport & His Beale Street Jug Band
- Save Me Some
- You Ought To Move Out Of Town
- Beale Street Breakdown
- The Dirty Dozen
Cannon's Jug Stompers
- Viola Lee Blues
- Bring It With You When You Come
- Money Never Runs Out
- Prison Wall Blues

Phillips Louisville Jug Band
- Soldier Boy Blues
Dixieland Jug Blowers
- Florida Blues
- Louisville Stomp
- Skip, Skat, Doodle-Do
Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band
- Rockin' Chair Blues
Memphis Jug Band
- Mary Anna Cut Off
- Memphis Shakedown

- Papa Long Blues

notes by Dick Spottswood

Historical HLP-36 (Vol. 36)
BC-2433 ("Country series") / 8000 series
Fields Ward and His Buck Mountain Band: Early Country Music (Vol. 1)

Fields Ward And His Buck Mountain Band
- Waterbound
- Ain't That Trouble In Mind
- Sweetest Way Home
- My Only Sweetheart
- Goodbye Little Bonnie, Goodbye
- Watch And Pray
Ernest Stoneman And The Sweet Brothers
- New River Train
Fields Ward And His Buck Mountain Band
- Cruel Slavery Days

Ernest Stoneman And The Sweet Brothers
- I've Got A Bulldog
- Say, Darling, Say
- John Hardy
Fields Ward And His Buck Mountain Band
- No One Loves You As I Do
- Sweet Bird
- Jack And Mae
- Lover Of The Lord
Ernest Stoneman And The Sweet Brothers
- I Am Gonna Marry That Pretty Little Girl

rec. March 12-16, 1929 in Richmond, IN; Fields Ward, voc, g; Sampson Ward, bj; Eck Dunford, vn; Ernest Stoneman, voc, g, autoharp; prod. by Arnold S. Caplin

Historical HLP-8001
Early Country Music (Vol. 2)   1928-31

Joe Evans
- New Huntsville Jail
- Take A Look At That Baby
- Sittin' On Top Of The World
Nap Hayes and Matthew Prater
- Nothin' Doing
- Somethin' Doin'
Joe Evans ("Coleman & Harper")
- Old Hen Cackle
- Sourwood Mountain

Joe Dilleshaw
- Spanish Fandango
- Cotton Patch Rag
Golden Melody Boys (Demps & Phil)
- Sabula Blues
- Freak Melody
- State Of Arkansas
- Cross-Eyed Butcher
- Guitar Rag II

notes by Arnold S. Caplin

Historical BC-2433-2

("Country series")

= Historical HLP-8002

Traditional Country Classics

Earl Johnson and His Clodhoppers - Leather Breeches
Grayson and Whitter - What You Gonna Do With The Baby
Taylors' Kentucky Boys - Gray Eagle
Ernest Stoneman - Kenny Wagner Surrender
Cranford, Miles & Thompson - Honeysuckle Time
George "Dad" Crockett - Sugar Hill
Carrol County Ramblers - Georgia Wobble Blues

Earl Johnson and His Clodhoppers - Red Hot Breakdown
Ben Jarreli - Yellow Rose Of Texas
Decosta Woltz's Souther Broadcasters - Take Me Back To The Sweet Sunny South
Charlie Poole's North Carolina Ramblers - Just Keep Waitin Till The Good Time Comes
Burnett and Rutherford - She's A Flower From The Fields Of Alabama
B.F. Shelton - Oh Molly Dear
Dilly and His Dill Pickles - Lye Soap Breakdown

notes by Richard Nevins

Historical HLP-8003
Ernest V. Stoneman and his Dixie Mountaineers   1927-1928

- Once I Had A Fortune
- Kitty Wells
- Hop High Ladies
- Unlucky Road To Washington
- East Bound Train

- Old Maid And The Burglar
- There'll Come A Time
- Careless Love
- It's Sinful To Flirt
- Sally Goodin

notes by Richard Nevins

Historical HLP-8004
Charlie Poole and The North Carolina Ramblers   1926-1930

- Where The Whip-Poor-Will Is Whispering Goodnight
- Forks Of Sandy
- You Ain't Talkin' To Me
- What Is Home Without Babies
- The Wreck Of Virginian No. 3
- Southern Medley

- A Young Boy Left His Home One Day
- A Kiss Waltz
- The Only Girl I Ever Loved
- I Once Loved A Sailor
- Husband And Wife Were Angry One Night
- Mother's Farewell Kiss

Historical HLP-8005
Uncle Dave Macon: Wait Till The Clouds Roll By

- Fame Apart From God's Approval
- The Death Of John Henry
- Old Ties
- One More River To Cross
- Never Make Love No More
- Hop High Ladies, The Cake's All Dough

- I'm The Child To Fight
- Arcade Blues
- She Wouldn't Give Me Sugar In My Coffee
- Wait 'Till The Clouds Roll By
- Buddy Won't You Roll Down The Line
- Sleepy Lou

Historical HLP-8006
The Plains Of Alberta
A Collection of Early Cowboy Songs

Montana Slim & Wilf Carter
- Old Alberta Plains
- The Cowboy's Heavenly Dream
- Midnight The Unconquered Outlaw
John White & Roy Smeck
- Whoopie Ti Yi Yo
- Strawberry Roan
Tex Ritter
- Headin' For The Rio Grande

Edward L. Crain & Cowboy Rogers
- Little Joe The Wrangler
- Bury Me Out On The Prairie
- Ramblin' Cowboy
- Strawberry Roan
Fred Kirby
- Home
- Night Time On The Prairie

notes by J. Wesley Clark

Historical HLP-8007

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