Billy Faier
William David Faier
b. December 21, 1930 in Brooklyn, New York City
d. January 29, 2016 at the Big Bend Regional Medical Center in Alpine, Texas

B I L L Y   F A I E R; source: I L L Y   F A I E R with Gilles Malkine (crouching, right); source:

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Stefan Wirz

Billy Faier LPs
of release
titlelabel # / notes

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Billy Faier: Travelin' Man

- Travelin' Man
- Downfall Of Paris
- Billy The Kid
- All My Trials
- Wind In The Trees
- Dying British Sergeant
- Great Assembly

- Galveston Flood
- Soldier's Joy
- Miner's Lifeguard
- Pay Day At Coal Creek
- Nine Pound Hammer
- Diane's Reel
- Hell Bound Train

prod. by Bill Grauer
notes by Billy Faier
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Riverside RLP 12-657

notes by Billy Faier

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= Washington 740

= P-Vine PCD 5223

21957Billy Faier: The Art Of The Five-String Banjo

- The Rakes Of Mallow
- H'Kotsrim
- Green Corn
- Garryowen/MacLeod's Reel/
  Haste To The Wedding
- Yugoslav Kolo
- High Barbary
- Spanish Fandango
- The Last Of Callahan

- Farewell Blues
- Dance Of A Spanish Fly
- Three Jolly Rogues
- Sailor's Hornpipe
- The Wren Song
- Greek Dance
- The Darby Ram
- Lute Song For Five-String Banjo

assisted by Frank Hamilton, g
notes by Pete Seeger
each song's history by
Kenneth S. Goldstein
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Riverside RLP 12-813
31959Folk Song Kit
Guitar Instruction prepared by Billy Faier
Lee Hays, Milt Okun, voc

Standard Note "A"; "A" Chord, "E" Chord, Slip To My Lou; Down In the Valley; "D" Chord Exercise One; Home On The Range; 2/4 Basic Strum, Skip To My Lou; 3/4 Basic Strum; Down In The Valley; Home On The Range; "G" Chord Excerise 2; Chords, B7, C, F, E7, A7, D7, G7; "AM" Chord; "EM" Chord; St. James Infirmary; Venezuela; Greensleeves; A Finale Word; Cindy; Shenandoah; Streets of Laredo; Barabara Allen; Red River Valley; Sweet Betsy From Pike; Frankie And Johnny; Black Is The Color; The Golden Vanity; Gently Johnny My Jingalo; Jinnie Jenkins; on top Of Old Smokey; Eggs And Marrowbone; Turtle Dove; I Wish I Was Single Again; Jesse James; Joshua; Mister Frog Went A-Courting; Wayfaring Stranger; 900 Miles

1 LP box set
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Elektra EKL 5001 (mono)

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Elektra (1967)
"How To Play Folk Guitar"
4196?In White America (Soundtrack)
Original Cast Recording

Judith Rutherford Marechal presents
by Martin B. Duberman
Directed by Harold Stone
Music performed by Billy Faier
musical direction by Oscar Brand

Designed by Robin Wagner
Costume supervision by Patricia Quinn Stuart
with Gloria Foster, James Greene, Moses Gunn, Claudette Nevins, Michael O'Sullivan and Fred Pinkard
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Columbia KOL6030
51965the beast of Billy Faierclick to enlarge!

- Folksinger's Heaven
- Dog's Life
- Denver, Colorado
- Rose Anne
- The Unpleasantness At The Nook

- Together Free
- Slow And Easy
- Cuba Song
- Leadbelly's Children
- Live And Let Live
- Song Of The Coo-Coo

rec. January 19 & 20, 1965 at Beltone Studios; Billy Faier, voc, bj; John Sebastian, hca, 2nd g; "Doc" Goldberg, b
photo by Leon Kuzmanoff

"No orders taken from the State of Mississippi." The album was released in 1965, at the height of the repression of civil rights activism

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Faier Records 1
61973Billy Faier: Banjo

Side Two
- Improvisation In E
- Longhorn Express
- Orion Rising
- New World Coming

Side One
- Fiddle Tune
- Pizzaraga
- Faier's Rag
- Zzyzx
- Rhinocerus Waltz
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Takoma C 1037

Takoma discography

71987Billy Faier: Banjos, Birdsong And Mother Earth

- Dear Mother Earth
- Song Of The Canyon Wren
- Matkatamiba
- Bright Angel Rag
- Song Of The Cukoo
- Cosmo

- Five String Fanfare
- For Me And My Baby
- Kemp's Jig
- Fragmented Rag
- The Great Assembly
- Si Me Quieres Escribir
- Cluck 'Ol Hen
- Solar System Music

rec. at Pilot Productions by Jack Nelson; mastered at Scott Petitoís NRS Studios; John Sebastian, mixing; + Gilles Malkine, g; John Sebastian, hca, g
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82007Billy Faier: The Downstairs Concert Bootleg

- Opening and intro
- The Great Assembly
- Outro/Intro
- Song of The Grand Canyon Mule Driver
- Intro
- Cluck Old Hen
- Intro
- Song of the Cuckoo
- Outro/Intro
- Bright Angel Rag
- Intro
- Five-String Fanfare
- Intro
- Zzyxx and Break Announcement
- Post-Break Intro
- Together Free
- Intro
- Dog's Life
- Intro
- Live and Let Live
- Intro
- It Was a Lover and His Lass
- Outro/Intro
- South American Tune
- Outro/Intro
- Whoa Mule
- Intro
- Miner's Lifeguard
- Intro
- Folk Singer's Heaven
- Encore Call
- Little Maggie and Closing

Produced by Northern Plains Archive Recordings, Ltd.
32 Tracks, 16 songs, 73.5 minutes total
photographer: Angela Henriksen


"Banjos, Birdsong & Mother Earth" cassette tape is available ($15) from:
Billy Faier, P.O. Box 343, Marathon, Texas. 79842
Tel. 432 386 4739

The two Riverside LPs are not available on cassette anymore.
Billy Faier 05/06/2005: "Any one who simply must have it may get a hand made CD from me for $25. This until I do a commercial run of it."

Thanks to Gilles Malkine for info / scan of 'Banjos, Birdsong & Mother Earth'


Billy Faier 1964; Foto David Gahr
Billy Faier 1964
source: David Gahr & Robert Shelton: The Face Of Folk Music.- New York 1968, p. 93


Anthologies / Compilations / Samplers
containing music performed by Billy Faier
of release
title / songs performed by Billy Faierlabel # / notes

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Banjos, Banjos, and More Banjos!
Dick Weissman - Billy Faier - Eric Weissberg

- Buck Dancer's Choice (Faier, bj, Weissberg, g)@ youtube (side A)
- Little Birdie (Weissman, bj)
- Glory, Glory (Weissberg, bj, Rosmini, g, voc)

- Old Joe Clark (Faier, bj)
- Chilly Winds (Weissman and Weissberg, bj, voc)
- East Tennessee Blues
  and Shout Lulu (Weissman, bj, Rosmini, g)

- Pigtown Fling (Faier, bj)
- Cape Cod Blues (Weissman, bj)

- Hard, Ain't It Hard (Weissberg, bj, Rosmini, g)@ youtube (side B)
- Red Wing (Faier, bj)
- A Day In The Kentucky Mountains (Weissman, bj, voc)
- You Can Dig My Grave (Faier and Weissberg, bj, voc)
- Sourwood Mountains (Weissman, bj)
- 900 Miles (Weissberg, bj, Rosmini, g)

- Cripple Creek (Faier, bj, Frank Hamilton, g)
- Blue Goose (Weissman, bj)

Dick Rosmini discography

notes by John Greenway
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Judson J 3017

notes by John Greenway
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= Washington WLP-704
(US 1961)   "Five String
Banjo Jamboree
- A
Treasury Of Banjo Music"
'Folk music of the World' series
(Riverside label subsidiary)


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Folk Festival at Newport Volume 3

Earl Scruggs
- Flinthill Special
Jean Ritchie
- What're We Going To Do With The Baby-Oh
- Pretty Saro
- Shady Grove

Jean Ritchie & Oscar Brand (accompanied by Billy Faier & Oscar Brand, g; Jean Ritchie, dulcimer)
- Paper Of Pins
John Jacob Niles
- The Hangman, or The Maid Freed From The Gallows
Frank Hamilton
- Lady Gay
Frank Warner
- Old Racoon

Earl Scruggs
- Earl's Breakdown

Oscar Brand (assisted by Billy Faier, voc, g)
- Which Side Are You On?
Cynthia Gooding
- Un Domingo
- Jalisco
Ed McCurdy
- The Old Fisherman
- When Cockle Shells Turn Silver Bells
- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Earl Scruggs
- Cumberland Gap

rec. at the Newport Folk Festival, July 11/12, 1959
notes by Studs Terkel

Vanguard VSD 2055 (mono)
VRS-9064 (stereo)

= Top Rank 35/072 (UK)
("Top Rank Jazz and Folk
Collectors' Choice Series
No. 5")

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= Fontana TFL 6009 (UK)


The Banjo Story

Mason Williams - Banjo Hello
Eric Weissberg & Marshall Brickman - Earle's Breakdown
Billy Cheatwood - Nine Hundred Miles (Hundreeds Of Miles)

Billy Faier - Green Corn   @ youtube
Art Podell - Ragaputa (Hindu Stomp)
David Lindley - Mad Mountain Medley

Dick Weissman - Trail Ridge Road
Joe Maphis - Flop Eared Mule (Joe's Breakdown)
Erik Darling - Banjo Tune
Dick Rosmini - Fast And Loose [MP3]
Jim McGuinn - Rumblin' On
Mike Seeger - Cripple Creek (Goin' Down There)

notes by Dick Weissman

Horizon WP 1623 (US 1963)

notes by Dick Weissman

= Delysé Envoy VOY 9158
(UK 1966)

419645-String Banjo Greats

- Goodman Coonhound
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Liberty LRP 3357(mono)
+ LST-7357 (stereo)

more info

519??The World of Folk Music
Hosted by Oscar Brand, Show # 104 (Billy Faier) & Show 105 (The Big Three)

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61960All-Star Hootenanny

Bob Gibson
- Whoa Buck
The Homesteaders
- Railroad Bill
Sonny Terry
- Red River
Oscar Brand
- The E-ri-e Was Rising
Cynthia Gooding
- I Know Where I'm Going
The Staple Singers
- Dying Man's Plea

- Make Me A Pallet On The Floor

Billy Faier
- Bahaman Lullaby
The Lonesome River Boys
- Raise A Ruckus
Memphis Slim
- Sunnyland Train
Eric Weissberg & Dick Rosmini
- Hard, Ain't It Hard
John Lee Hooker
- I Rowed A Little Boat

Illustration: Robert Blechman

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Riverside RM 7539 [mono]
RS 97539 [stereo]
71960All-Star Hootenanny Vol. Two

Bob Gibson
- Titanic
The Staple Singers
- Cottonfields
The Lonesome River Boys
- Sugar Hill
John Lee Hooker
- Black Snake
Oscar Brand w/ Erik Darling
- No More Booze
The Millburnaires '63
- What Have They Done To The Rain ?

The Homesteaders
- Last Monday Morning
- Oh, Papa

Billy Faier
- The Darby Ram
Memphis Slim
- Highway 61
Ed McCurdy
- Get Up And Bar The Door
The Carolina Freedom Fighters
- Woke Up This Morning With My Mind On Freedom
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Riverside RM 7543 [mono]
RS 97543 [stereo]
7a1966Folk Songs For Little Sailors

- Sail Away, Sail Away - Bob Gibson
- The Walloping Windowblind - Oscar Brand
- The Bold Fisherman - Oscar Brand

- High Barbary - Billy Faier
- The Sailor's Hornpipe - Billy Faier
- The Fishes Song - Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl
- The Golden Vanity - Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl
- Two Little Boats I Spy - Louise DeCormier
- The Mermaid - John Runge
- The Flying Dutchman - Dean Gitter
- Belfast Hornpipe - Margaret Barry
- Sir Patrick Spens - Ed McCurdy
- Bunch Of Roses - Oscar Brand
- Midnight On The Ocean - Oscar Brand
- Sailing Along And Singing - The Renaissance Chorus

Riverside LAB 1424
81966Folk Songs From The Children's Zoo

Ed McCurdy
Bob Gibson
- The Horse Named Bill
Oscar Brand
Peggy Seeger
The DeCormiers

Billy Faier
John Runge
- Poor Old Horse

Riverside LAB 1425
91975The Very Best of Country Banjo

- Goodman, Coon Hound, His Jig
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United Artists UA-LA411-E
101980The Banjo Greats, Vol. 1

- Green Corn
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Piccadilly Records Pic 3305
111991Folk Song America, Vol. 2:
A 20th Century Revival

- The Rakes Of Mallow

The Smithsonian Collection of
Recordings.- Sony Music Special
Products RD 046-2
121996The Riverside/Folklore Series Vol. 3:
Singing the New Tradition Songs, Singers, and Instrumentalists of the Folk Revival

- Green Corn
- Dance Of A Spanish Fly
- Three Jolly Rogues
rec. 1955-1958

Riverside RCD-9911-2

more info

132006Imaginational Anthem Vol. 2

James Blackshaw - River Of Heaven
Peter Lang - Future Shot At The Rainbow
Jose Gonzalez - Suggestions
Jesse Sparhawk - Light Cycle/Tetrahedra
Michael Chapman - Leaving The Apple
Sean Smith - What Blooms In Summer Dies In Winter
Fred Gerlach - Devil's Brew
Christina Carter - Ascend Mem
Jack Rose - Cross The North Fork II

Billy Faier - New World Coming
Sharron Kraus - Looking For The Hermitís Cave
Robbie Basho - Kowaka D'Amour

Tompkins Square 1424

149/2013Live At Caffè Lena: Music From Americaís Legendary Coffeehouse, 1967-2013

disc one:
Intro by Lena Spencer / Guy Carawan - Cripple Creek (1970)
Hedy West - Shady Grove (1968)
Intro by Lena Spencer / Sleepy John Estes - Holy Spirit (1974)
Frank Wakefield and Friends - Will The Circle Be Unbroken (1971)
Jean Ritchie - West Virginia Mine Disaster (1969)

Billy Faier - Hunt The Wren (1967)
Greenbriar Boys - Hit Parade of Love (1968)
Mike Seeger - O Death (1971)
Jacqui and Bridie - Hello Friend (1974)
Tom Paxton - Morning Again (1968)
David Amram - Little Mama (1974)
Patrick Sky - Reality Is Bad Enough (1971)
Rosalie Sorrels - Traveliní Lady (1974)
Smoke Dawson - Devilís Dream (1968)
Utah Phillips - The Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia (1974)
Michael Cooney - Thyme It Is A Precious Thing (1974)
Kate McGarrigle and Roma Baran - Caffè Lena (1972)

disc two:
Intro by Lena Spencer / Dave Van Ronk - Gaslight Rag (1974)
Jerry Jeff Walker - Mr. Bojangles (1968)
Barbara Dane - Mama Yanceyís Advice / Love With a Feeling (1968)
Roy Book Binder - Ainít Nobody Home But Me (1974)
Intro by Lena Spencer / David Bromberg - The Holdup (1972)
Rambliní Jack Elliott - Pretty Boy Floyd (1992)
Arlo Guthrie - City of New Orleans (2010)
Aztec Two Step - The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty (1989)
Happy And Artie Traum - Trials Of Jonathan (1974)
Rick Danko - It Makes No Difference (1988)
Paul Geremia - Somethingís Gotta Be Arranged (1989)
Robin and Linda Williams - -S-A-V-E-D (1987)
John Herald - Rambliní Jack Elliott (1991)
Pete Seeger - Somos El Barco (We Are the Boat)

disc three:
Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion - Folksong (2013)
Anais Mitchell - Wedding Song (2013)
Bill Morrissey - The Last Day Of The Furlough (1990)
Patty Larkin - Island Of Time (1992)
Greg Brown - Flat Stuff (1989)
Mary Gauthier - I Drink (2013)
Sean Rowe - Old Black Dodge (2013)
Tom Chapin - Cats In The Cradle (1987)
Intro by Lena Spencer / Christine Lavin - Itís A Good Thing He Canít Read My Mind (1987)
Bill Staines - Sweet Wyoming Home (1990)
Bucky and John Pizzarelli - I Like Jersey Best (1989)
Rory Block - Thatís No Way To Get Along (1989)
Chris Smither - Killing The Blues (1989)
Tift Merritt - Traveling Alone (2013)
John Gorka - Down In The Milltown (1990)
Lena Spencer - Dear Little Cafe (1972)

unreleased performances
3 CD box set

Tompkins Square TSQ 2967

Will be completed and expanded with further details !!!


Billy Faier; front cover of Takoma C-1037
Billy Faier on front cover of Takoma C-1037
(cover by Gloria "Cosmo" Charles)


(Guest) Appearances on other Artist's recordings
of release
artist / title / instrument(s) played by Billy Faierlabel # / notes
11952Frank Warner Sings American Folk Songs And Ballads

banjo accompaniment by Billy Faier

- Keep Your Hands On The Plow
- Hold My Hand, Lord Jesus
- Lord Lovel
- Battle Of Bull Run
- The Unreconstructed Rebel
- He's Got The Whole World In His Hand
- The Days Of Forty-Nine
- Gilgary Mountain
- Blue Mountain Lake
- Tom Dooley
- Days Of '49
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Elektra EKLP-3 (10")
= EKL 153 (1958)
Our Singing Heritage Vol. 3

reissued as 'American Traditional
Folksongs' (196?)

1a1957Logan English
The Days of '49: Songs of the Gold Rush

- What Was Your Name In The States?
- Sacramento
- A Ripping Trip
- Sweet Betsy From Pike
- Crossing The Plains
- Prospecting Dream
- Life in California
- I Often Think Of Writing Home

- The Days Of '49
- He's The Man For Me
- Clementine
- The Gambler
- Joe Bowers
- The California Stage Company
- California Bloomer
- Sacramento Gals

rec. by Kenneth S. Goldstein; Logan English, voc, g; Billy Faier, bj

Logan English discography

notes by
Kenneth S. Goldstein
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Folkways FH 5255

= Chants Du Monde
FWX-M-55255 (Fr)

21958Ed McCurdy: Children's Songs

- Billy Boy
- My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean
- S-M-I-L-E
- Tree In The Hole
- I Had A Little Rooster
- One Man Went To Mow
- 'Sing' Said The Mother
- The Old Woman And The Pig
- A Hole In The Bucket
- Froggy Went A Courting
- O Suzzana

- Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor
- The Little Black Bull
- Three Fisherman
- O Dear, What Can The Matter Be
- I Wish I Was
- I Had A Horse
- Mr Rabbit
- Keemo Kimo
- The Noble Duke Of York
- God Bye, My Lover, Good Bye
- Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star

banjo accompaniment by Billy Faier
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Tradition TLP 1027
31958Ed McCurdy: When Dalliance Was In Flower Vol. 2

Ed McCurdy, vocals
Robert Abramson, harpsichord
LaNoue Davenport, recorders
William Faier, guitar and banjo
Erik Darling, solo banjo

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Elektra EKL 140
41958Theodore Bikel & Geula Gill Sing Folk Songs from Just About Everywhere

banjo accompaniment by Billy Faier

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Elektra EKL 161
51959Oscar Brand: Every Inch A Sailor

plus Billy Faier, Mike Seeger, Milt Okun, Russ Savakus, and Ted Tyle

- Destroyer Life
- To A Wave
- Guantanamo Bay
- The Reuben James
- Steam Torpedo
- Barnacle Bill
- Home Boys Home

- The Captain
- Didn't She Ramble
- The Battle Of Ormoc Bay
- Laws Of The Navy
- Sub Division Nine
- Zamboanaga
- We Ain't Going To Sea No More

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Elektra EKL 169 [mono]
EKS 7169 [stereo]

61959Ed McCurdy: Son Of Dalliance

banjo accompaniment by Billy Faier

Elektra EKL 170
71960Oscar Brand: Election Songs Of The United States

banjo & guitar accompaniment by Billy Faier

Folkways FH 5280
81961Oscar Brand Sings for Adults

banjo accompaniment by Billy Faier

- The Good Peanuts
- Hey, Dig'A'Diggy
- Locks And Bolts
- Talking Atomic Blues
- Red Light Saloon

- Wanderin'
- Fiddlers 3
- Old Dolores
- Talking Guitar Blues
- Molly Brannigan
- Parties

ABC Paramount ABC 388

ABC-Paramount discography

91967The Best Of Ed McCurdy

banjo accompaniment on side 1 by Eric Darling, banjo and 2nd guitar accompaniment on side 2 by Billy Faier

- Dear Evelina
- Green Grow
- The Lilacs
- Dreary Black Hills
- The Bower
- Hush Little Baby

- Billy Boy
- My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
- Sing Said Mother
- Little Black Bull
- Three Fishermen
- Twinkle Little Star

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Tradition TLP 1051

= ASTOR GGS-853 (NZ)

101976Cathy Chamberlain: Rag'n Roll Revue

banjo accompaniment by Billy Faier

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Buddah 5686
= WB 3032 (1977)

Will be completed and expanded with further details !!!


Billy Faier's water bag 1964; Foto David Gahr
Billy Faier's water bag 1964
source: David Gahr & Robert Shelton: The Face Of Folk Music.- New York 1968, p. 68


Other Artist's recordings, on which Billy Faier is mentioned ;-)
of release
artist / title label # / notes
In '912 Greens' Ramblin' Jack Elliott tells the tale of his 1953 trip south with some buddies (Frank Hamilton and Guy Carawan) to look up Billy Faier, 'a 5-string banjo picker' who - at that time - lived 912 Toulouse St. in New Orleans (read Ramblin' Jack Elliott Goldmine interview at ------> read lyrics
11967Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Young Brigham

- 912 Greens

Ramblin' Jack Elliott discography

click to enlarge!
Reprise R/RS 6284

re-released (along with
"Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Bill
Durham Sacks & Railroad
Tracks") 1995 on CD:
Rounder CD 0368

re-released 2000 on
Japanese CD

21981Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Kerouac's Last Dream

- 912 Greens

Ramblin' Jack Elliott discography

recorded 24th and 25th
April 1980 at Tonstudio
St. Blasien, Northeim - West

click to enlarge!
Folk Freak FF 4005 (D)

= Wundertüte CD TUT-CD72.163

re-released (+ additional
material from those sessions)
1997 on CD: Appleseed
Recordings 1021

31995Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Me & Bobby McGee
- 912 Greens

Ramblin' Jack Elliott discography

click to enlarge!
Rounder CD 0368

re-release of 1967
Reprise LPs RS 6284
("Ramblin' Jack Elliott:
Young Brigham") and RS 6387
("Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Bill
Durham Sacks & Railroad

41997Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Kerouac's Last Dream
- 912 Greens

Ramblin' Jack Elliott discography

click to enlarge!
Appleseed CD 1021

re-release of Folk Freak
LP FF 4005 (+ outtakes
from the sessions),
recorded 24th and 25th April
1980 at Tonstudio St. Blasien,
Northeim - West Germany

Sources / Further reading:
- own record collection
- eBay auctions
- diverse internet resources


Jean Ritchie, Oscar Brand & Billy Faier at Newport Folk Festival '59, July 11/12, 1959; source: ebay auction; minor damages photoshop cleared up by Stefan Wirz (a cropped version of this photo is published on the back cover of Vanguard VSD 2055 / VRS-9064 'Folk Festival at Newport Volume 3'); photographer: 'Lawrence' (Larence N.) Shustak
Jean Ritchie, Oscar Brand & Billy Faier at Newport Folk Festival '59, July 11/12, 1959
source: ebay auction; minor damages photoshop cleared up by Stefan Wirz (a cropped version of this photo is published
on the back cover of Vanguard VSD 2055 / VRS-9064 "Folk Festival at Newport Volume 3")
photographer: "Lawrence" (Larence N.) Shustak


Billy Faier's Banjo Book, front cover; click to enlarge!

The Dance Of The Spanish Fly; click to enlarge! Three Jolly Rogues Of Lynne; click to enlarge!
Billy Faier's Banjo Book.- Hargail Music 1958
contains six tunes: Three Jolly Rogues Of Lynne, Sailorís Hornpipe, Hunt The Wren, Green Corn, The Dance Of The Spanish Fly, and Irish Medley (Haste To The Wedding, Garry Owen, and Miss McLeodís Reel)


Pete Seeger: 'The Goofing-Off Suite', front cover; click to enlarge!
Pete Seeger: "The Goofing-Off Suite"
Instrumental Pieces for 5-String Banjo and Guitar and Mandolin
arranged by Peter Seeger, transcribed by Billy Faier
Hargail Folk Anthology H 606


'CARAVAN - the magazine of folk music; front cover APR-MAY 1959 #16; click to enlarge!
the magazine of folk music APR-MAY 1959 #16
Published in NY3 by Billy Faier


Billy Faier
is member of the population of
Humbead's Revised Map of the World
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Billy Faier Dave Guard's Banjo Teacher?
bio / interview


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