Terrea Lea
b. June 6, 1922 in Liberty Landing, Missouri
d. January 5, 2013 in Vista, California
T E R R E A   L E A

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Terrea Lea 78 rpm / 45 rpm / LPs
of release
titlelabel # / notes
119??Lynn Murray and His Orchestra and Chorus

- (The Wreck Of The) John B. (Carl Sandburg-Lee Hays) (L5973) #
- So Long (Woody Guthrie) (L5974) *

# The Travelers, voc

* Cisco Houston, Terrea Lea and Chorus, voc

Coral 60366
21951Terrea Lea with Andy Parker and The Plainsmen

- On Top Of Old Smokey (RR1655-6)
- Jesse James (RR1656-4)

Intro 6014   [country music
subsidiary of the Aladdin label]
31951Terrea Lea

- The Eagle's Heart (Cindy Walker) (RR-1703-4)
- Working Kind Of Man (RR-1706-3)

Intro 6022
41951Terrea Lea (The Gal with the Folksy Air)

- He Only Came Back To Say Goodbye (RR-1704-6)
- On Rosary Hill (RR-1705-2)

Intro 6023
51957Terrea Lea and her Singing Guitar: Folk Songs   @ Spotify

- The Lass From The Low Country
- The Fox
- Shenandoah
- How Should I Your True Love Know?
- Wake Up, Jacob
- Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies
- Sinner Man

- Ballynure Ballad
- Lonesome Valley
- Henry Martin
- Lavender Blue
- Little Wee Croodin’ Doo
- Fare Thee Well, Oh Honey
- The Jolly Farmer
- Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
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ABC-Paramount ABC-161

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61957Terrea Lea: Folk Songs & Ballads   @ Spotify

- Mary Hamilton
- The Turkish Revery
- I'm Sad And I'm Lonely
- Gently Johnny My Jingalo
- If'n I Was Your True Love
- Kate Kearney
- Turtle Dove
- Mary And Martha
- The Chivalrous Shark
- Red Rosy Bush
- Aunt Rhody
- I Wonder As I Wander
- My Boy Willie
- Scarlet Ribbons
- Billy Barlowe
- All The Pretty Little Horses

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Hifi R-404

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Hifi discography

7c.1961Terrea Lea At The Garret

- Lighthouse
- Eileen
- Buffalo Boy
- Two Brothers
- Bonsoir Dame
- My Bonnie Boy
- Drummer And The Cook

- Where Does It Lead
- Johnny Guitar
- Suliram
- With A No That Sounds Like Yes
- When The World Was Young
- Maria
- All My Sorrows
- Fast Freight

rec. live at the Garret Coffee House in West Hollywood, California
notes by Bud Dashiell
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Valon LPC 1003

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81961Les Baxter's Balladeers

- Ashville Junction
- Dunya
- The Green Mountain Boys
- Que Bonita Bandera
- My Fisherman,My Laddie O
- Darlin' Corey

- Let My Little Light Shine
- Gotta Travel On
- Sinner Man
- Joy Joy Joy
- Brandy
- Sail Away Ladies

Les Baxter's Balladeers (on this album) were: Joyce James, Terrea Lea, Phil Campos, Ernie Sheldon, Paul Potash, Jerry Yester, Michael Kollander and Paul Hansen; additional instrumentalists: Allan Reuss, g; Mike Storm, 12-str g; Jerry Yester, bj; Tony Reyes, b; Chico Guerrero, dr
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Reprise R9-6064

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91968Terrea Lea: Conversations With The Heart

- Once Was
- Come On In
- Looking Through A Tear
- Love Is A Moment
- Come Laugh With Me
- Ask A Child
- Thank You Stranger

- Acre Of Man
- I'm Goin' Away
- Let Me Love You
- The Lovers
- Try To Remember

Terrea Lea, voc, g; Van Dyke Parks, p, org, harpsichord; Steve Mann, g, hca; Dick Rosmini, g, whistling; John Horton, g, b; prod. by Dick Rosmini
notes by Rod McKuen
and Terrea Lea
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Matchbox Records
10c.1966Terrea Lea

- Ask A Child
- To Love Somebody

Yes CF-740
111970Terrea Lea

- Until It's Time For You To Go
- First Time Ever
- Far Side Of The Hill
- Shenandoah
- Come Saturday Morning
- Time Of Man

- Long Long Time
- Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies
- Dink's Song
- The Klan
- Once Upon A Yesterday
- Reason To Believe
- Virgin Mary
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LRM Media Productions SLP

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122004Terrea Lea: By Popular Demand

- The Lass From The Low Country
- Dink's Song
- Shenandoa
- The Chivalrous Shark
- Eileen
- Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies
- Red Rosy Bush
- If'n I Was Your True Love
- The Fox
- How Should I Your True Love Know
- I Wonder As I Wander
- Go Tell Aunt Rhody
- Where Does It Lead
- All My Sorrows
- Gently Johnny My Jingalo
- Turtle Dove
- Ask A Child
- Once Upon A Yesterday
- Buffalo Boy
- My Bonnie Boy
- Mary Hamilton
- Virgin Mary

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- http://www.tedstaunton.com/labels/1950_1960/pages/Intro_Records/intro_records.html
- eBay auctions
- diverse internet resources

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