B R U C E   L A N G H O R N E (with Carolyn Hester, Bob Dylan and Bill Lee Columbia Studio A, New York City, September 29, 1961)
Bruce Langhorne with Carolyn Hester, Bob Dylan and Bill Lee, 1961

Bruce Langhorne
b. May 11, 19381) in Tallahassee, Florida "where his father headed the English Department at Florida Agricultural
& Mechanical College for Negroes (as it was then called). When his parents separated in 1942, he moved to Spanish
Harlem, New York City, with his mother, where she ran the Harlem Library System" (The Perlich Post)

d. April 14, 2017 (in Venice, CA?)

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Bruce Langhorne's solo outings
titlelabel # / notes
12004Bruce Langhorne: The Hired Hand soundtrack

- Opening
- Dead Girl
- Leaving Del Norte
- Riding Thru The Rain
- Three Teeth
- Spring
- Windmill
- No Further Need
- Arch Leaves
- Harry & Hannah
- Ending

rec. 1969
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Blast First [petite] PTYT 02


22011Bruce Langhorne: Tambourine Man

- Hard Headed Woman
- Samedi
- Subaru   @ youtube
- Chihuahua   @ youtube
- Bottom Of The Sea   @ youtube
- Go Go Jazz
- Le Vavalou   @ youtube
- Aunt Sally
- Perfect Love   @ youtube
- Mary
- The Wind   @ youtube
- Je Veux Dancer   @ youtube
- Angels

George Green CD



Bruce Langhorne Folksinger
titlelabel # / notes
1196?The Folksingers Of Washington Square

Anne Bird, guitar & autoharp

Alexander "Sandy" Bull, five-string banjo

Logan English, guitar

Bruce Langhorne, guitar, fiddle, harmonica

Martin Lorin, guitar

Molly Scott, guitar

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Continental CLP-4010

    Side One
  1. Introduction - This Land (Guthrie) and Narration (The Six Folksingers     Speaker: Kelsey Marechal)
  2. Big Ball In Nashville (Bird, Bull, English, Langhorne)
  3. C.C. Rider (Bruce Langhorne, playing guitar and harmonica (simultaneously!)
  4. The Sailor Boy (Anne Bird and Logan English, guitars)
  5. Hoe-Down Medley ("Sandy" Bull, banjo solo)
  6. Brooklyn John Henry (Martin Lorin, guitar)
  7. The E-ri-e Canal (Bull, English, Lorin, Scott)
    Side Two
  1. Meetin' At The Building (Molly Scott & Bruce Langhorne, guitars)
  2. Canon: "Non Nobis, Domine" (attributed to William Byrd, 1543-1623) ("Sandy" Bull, playing the banjo and whistling)
  3. I'm Sad And I'M Lonely (Molly Scott)
  4. Hard Trials ("Sandy" Bull, banjo and Martin Lorin, guitar)
  5. Wanderin' Boy (Anne Bird, autoharp)
  6. Talkin' Singin' Blues (Logan English, guitar)
  7. Grand Finale - This Land (Guthrie) (The Six Folksingers)
liner notes illustration Continental CLP-4010

picture from liner notes of 1973 LP "Sessions"
(Photography by Dick & Chris Rosmini)

Bruce Langhorne Accompanist / Session Man (guitar, percussion)
artist / title label # / notes
11961The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
with PETE SEEGER - banjo
and A Two Hundred Voice Singing Audience

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picture from back cover
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Columbia CS 8448
= CL 1658
21962The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem: The Boys Won't Leave The Girls Alone

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Columbia CS 8709
= CBS 62164
31962Chad Mitchell Trio: Blowin In The Wind

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Kapp KL-1313
41962Carolyn Hester: Carolyn Hester

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Columbia CS 8596
= CL 1796
51962Casey Anderson: The Bag I'm In

- Easy Rider
- Talkin' Blues
- Chain Gang
- One Kind Of Favor
- That's The Bag I'm In (Fred Neil)
- Sweet Sidney
- Mammo
- Canaan Land
- Even If The Weather Be Good (Sports Car Song)
- Old Jay Gould
- James A. Garfield
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Atco SD 33-149
61963Valentine Pringle: I Hear America Singing

- John Henry
- 900 Miles Away From Home
- Alberta
- Night Herding Song
- Didn't It Rain
- Battle Hymn
- Deep River
- Po' Little Jesus
- Red Rosey Bush
- Tide Comes In
- Put Some Weight On That Line
- Goin' Down That Road

RCA Victor LPM 2689
71963Boy Dylan: The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

guitar on
- Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
- Corrina, Corrina
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CBS PCT-8786
= SBPG 62193
81963Odetta: ... Sings Folk Songs

RCA LPM 2643 (US)
= RCA SF 7574 (UK)

more info

91964Odetta: It's A Mighty World

Bruce Langhorne guitar

RCA LSP 2792 (US)

more info

101963Joan Toliver: Joan Toliver

- High Flying Bird
- Err Job
- Fisherman's Wife
- Black Crow Flying
- Chink-A-Pink (Langhorne- Joan Sommer/ Quartet- Butterfield)
- Easy Rider Blues

- The Wayfarer
- Golden Apples
- Bones/The Flowers Are Blooming Forevermore
- Can Ye Sew Cushions
- Ole Hannah, Don't You Rise

Bruce Langhorne - arranger, guitar
Sam Brown - guitar
Norman Kennan - bass
Shep Shepard - drums

Kapp KRS-4502
111964Odetta: ... Sings Of Many Things

Bruce Langhorne second guitar
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RCA LPM 2923 (mono)
LSP 2923 (stereo)

more info

121965Odetta: ... Sings Dylan

Bruce Langhorne guitar, tambourine

RCA LSP 3324 (US)
= RCA SF 7703 (UK)

more info

131965Joan Baez: Farewell Angelina

Vanguard VSD 79200
141965Bob Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home

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Columbia CS-9128
151965Richard & Mimi Farina: Celebrations For A Grey Day

tambourine on
- V.
electric guitar on
- One-Way Ticket
- Another Country
- Reno Nevada
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Vanguard VSD 79174
161965Richard & Mimi Farina: Reflections In A Crystal Wind

electric guitar / tambourine on
- Reflections In A Crystal Wind
- Bold Marauder
- Dopico
- A Swallow Song
- Sell-Out Agitation Waltz
- Hard Loving Loser
- Mainline Prosperity Blues
- Allen's Interlude
- House Un-American Blues Activity Dream
- Raven Girl
- Children Of Darkness
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Vanguard VSD 79204
16a1966Odetta in Japan

- If I Had a Hammer
- Kaeshite Okure Ima Suguni
- The Fox
- Chilly Winds
- Ain't No More Cane On This Brazos
- One Man's Hand

- On Top Of Old Smokey
- Sakura
- Hush Little Baby
- Why Oh Why
- Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho
- We Shall Overcome

Odetta, voc, g; Bruce Langhorne, g; Les Grinage, b

notes by Sheldon Toomer

RCA LSP 3457 (US)
171966Tom Rush: Take A Little Walk With Me

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Elektra EKL-308 (mono)
EKS-7308 (stereo)
181966Buffy Sainte Marie: Little Wheel Spin

Vanguard VSD 79211
191966Gordon Lightfoot: Lightfoot

second guitarist on
- Long River
- Peaceful Waters
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United Artists UAS 6487
201966Peter Walker: Rainy Day Raga

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Vanguard VSD 79238

reissued on CD:
Vanguard VMD 79238

211967Buffy Sainte Marie: Fire & Fleet & Candlelight

guitar on 'Doggett's Gap'
and '97 Men ...'
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Vanguard VSD 79250
221967Richie Havens: Mixed Bag

- High Flying Bird
- I Can't Make It Anymore
- Morning, Morning
- Adam
- Follow
- Three Day Eternity
- Sandy
- Handsome Johnny
- San Francisco Bay Blues
- Just Like a Woman
- Eleanor Rigby

Bruce Langhorne arranger

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Verve/Forecast FTS 3006 (US)

more info

231967Steve Gillette:
Steve Gillette
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Vanguard VRS-9251 (mono)
VSD-79251 (stereo)
more info

reissued as CD:
Vanguard 79251-2
more info

241967Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Young Brigham

guitar / producer

Ramblin' Jack Elliott discography

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Reprise R/RS 6284

re-released (along with
"Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Bill
Durham Sacks & Railroad
Tracks") 1995 on CD: "Me
& Bobby McGee" Rounder
CD 0368

251967Save The Children
- Songs From The Hearts Of Women

- What Month Was Jesus Born?
Malvina Reynolds
- Money Crop
Joan Baez, Judy Collins & Mimi Farina
- Legend Of A Girl Child Linda
Buffy Sainte-Marie
- Universal Soldier
Judy Collins
- La Colombe
Viveca Lindfors
- To My Countrymen
The Pennywhistlers
- Vido Vido
Barbara Dane
- Masters Of War
Janis Ian
- Janey's Blues
Hedy West
- Pans Of Biscuits
Joan Baez & Judy Collins
- Oh Had I a Golden Thread
Bruce Langhorne, g
Russ Savakus, b
on some tracks

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Women Strike For Peace W 001

261968Hugh Masakela: The Promise of a Future

- Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Ashford/Simpson)
- Madonna
- No Face, No Name and No Number
- Almost Seedless
- Stop
- Grazing in the Grass (Elston/Hou)
- Vuca
- Bajabula Bonke (Healing Song)
- There Are Seeds to Sow

Hugh Masekela - Trumpet, Vocals
Henry Franklin - Bass
Al Abreu - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Nyimbo Henry Franklin - Bass
J. Bruce Langhorne - Guitar
Bill Henderson - Piano
Charles Carter - Drums
Stewart Levine - Producer

Uni 73028
271968Big Black: Lion Walk

with Phil Moore III
Ron Johnson
Bruce Langhorne
Brother Soul
John Boudreaux
Chester Washington
Herman Riley
Thurman A. Green
Owen Marshall
Curtis Peagler

Uni 73033

Uni discography

281968Tom Rush: The Circle Game

Elektra 74018
291968Richard & Mimi Farina: Memories

- The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
- Joy 'Round My Brain (with Russ Savakus, Bruce Langhorne, Charles Small, Al Rogers, and John Hammond)
- Lemonade Lady (with Bruce Langhorne and Russ Savakus)
- Downtown (instrumental)
- Almond Joy (with Russ Savakus, Charles Small and Bruce Langhorne)
- Blood Red Roses
- Morgan The Pirate (with ensemble led by Grady Martin)
- Dopico
- Celebration For A Grey Day (instrumental)
- House Un-American Blues Activity Dream (with Bruce Langhorne, Fritz Richmond and Kyle Garahan, recorded at the Newport Folk Festival 1965)
- A Swallow Song (sung by Joan Baez, produced by Richard Farina)
- All The World Has Gone By (sung by Joan Baez, produced by Richard Farina)
- Pack Up Your Sorrows (with Russ Savakus, Charles Small, Bruce Langhorne and Al Rogers)

Vanguard VSD 79263
301968Fred Neil: Sessions

Fred Neil discography

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Capitol ST 2862
311968John Braden: John Braden

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A&M SP 4172

more info

321969Tommy Flanders:
The Moonstone
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FTS-3075 [US]
= Verve SVLP 6020 [UK]

more info

331969Richie Havens: Richard P. Havens, 1983

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Verve/Forecast FTS 3047 (US)
= Verve 262001 (UK)
341969John Sebastian: John B. Sebastian

tambourine on
- Baby, Don't Ya Get Crazy
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MGM 4654 (US)
= Reprise 6379 (US)
= Reprise 44086 (UK)

more info

351969Mel Lyman Family With Lisa Kindred: American Avatar
(Love Comes Rolling Down)
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Reprise RS 6353

more info

361969Tom Rush: Classic Rush

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Elektra EKS-74062 (stereo)
371970Eric Andersen: Avalanche

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Warner Brothers WS 1748
Buffy Sainte-Marie: The Best Of ...

Vanguard VSD 3 / 4 (US)
391970Hugh Masakela: Reconstruction

- You Keep Me Hangin'
- I Will
- I Can't Dance
- Father Time
- Make Me A Potion
- Sala Le Mane
- Leave Us Alone
- Woza
- Both Sides Now
- Traces
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Chisa CS 803

bass - Wilton Felder and
Monk Montgomery;
drums - Al Foster and Wayne
piano - Larry Willis and
Joseph Sample (electric);
guitars - Arthur Adams and
Bruce Langhorne;
Conga - Francisco Aguabella;
vocalists - Letta Mbulu,
Caiphus Semenya,
Philemon Hou

Richard & Mimi Farina: The Best Of ...

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Vanguard VSD 21 / 22

re-release of Vanguard VSD
79174 ('Celebrations ...') and
Vanguard VSD 79204
('Reflections ...')

411971Hoyt Axton: Joy To The World

click to enlarge !
Capitol SMAS-788

more info

Buffy Sainte-Marie: The Best Of ..., Vol. 2

Vanguard VSD 33 / 34 (US)
431973David Ackles: Five & Dime

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CBS 32466

more info

441973Bob Dylan: Pat Garrett ...

CBS KC-32460

Hoyt Axton
- Captain America
- Joy To The World
(Bruce Langhorne, electric guitar;
Dick Rosmini, acoustic guitar)
written and produced by Larry Phillips and Dick Rosmini
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JBL (without #)
461974Noel Harrison: The Great Electric Experiment Is Over

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Reprise R 6321
Mike Bloomfield:
Bloomfield - A Retrospective

- Born In Chicago

Paul Butterfield, harmonica vocals
Michael Bloomfield, guitar
Elvin Bishop, guitar
Jerome Arnold, bass
Sam Lay, drums
Bruce Langhorne, tambourine
rec. July 26, 1965
Newport Folk Festival

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Columbia C2-37578 (US)
= CBS 22164 (UK)
481986Babatunde Olatunji: Drums of Passion: The Invocation


Rykodisc RCD-10102
more info

Babatunde Olatunji homepage

491988Babatunde Olatunji: Drums of Passion: The Beat

vocals, guitar

Rykodisc RCD-10107
more info

Babatunde Olatunji homepage

501991Mickey Hart: Planet Drum

Rykodisc RCD-10206
more info
2 CD
Gordon Lightfoot: The United Artists Collection

Capitol 27015
521994The Big Bang: In the Beginning Was a Drum

(Mickey Hart: Udu Chant
Babatunde Olatunji: Ajaja)
click to enlarge !
Ellipsis Arts 3401
3 CD
Carlos Santana: Dance Of The Rainbow Serpent
click to enlarge !
Columbia 64605
541995Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Me & Bobby McGee
guitar / producer on "Young Brigham"

Ramblin' Jack Elliott discography

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Rounder CD 0368

re-release of 1967 Reprise LPs
RS 6284 ("Ramblin' Jack Elliott:
Young Brigham") and RS 6387
("Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Bill
Durham Sacks & Railroad

551996Bob Neuwirth: Look Up


Bob Neuwirth discography

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Watermelon CD 1050
561997The Best Of Celtic Tradition, Vol. 1

(The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem)
click to enlarge !
Tradition CD 3002
571997The Chad Mitchell Trio Collection: Original Kapp Recordings

click to enlarge !
Varese CD 5749
581998Legends Of Ireland

(The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem)
click to enlarge !
Rhino 75202
591998Vanguard Sessions: Baez Sings Dylan

Vanguard CD 79512
4 CD
Gordon Lightfoot: The United Artists Collection

Rhino 75802
612002The Lyman Family

- River
- The Rain
- One Day I Was So Sad That The Corners Of My Mouth Met And Everyone Thought I Was Whistling
- I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
- Careless Love (voc Lisa Kindred)
- People Get Ready (voc Maria Muldaur)
- He Was A Friend Of Mine
- ...
rec. 1970

Transparency CD

more info

Jim Kweskin discography
Lisa Kindred discography

Bruce Langhorne Movie Scores
of release
titlelabel # / notes
The Hired Hand
A Peter Fonda Film
featuring Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Verna Bloom, Robert Pratt
click to view movie poster !
more info

soundtrack 2004 issued on CD !!!

The Upstairs Neighbor
directed by James Merendino

more info

not issued as soundtrack !

Thanks to Bob Hahn for additional info

1) source of exact date: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Langhorne


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Odetta, Bruce Langhorne, and Les Grinage arriving in Japan 1966; source: Back cover of RCA LSP 3457
Odetta, Bruce Langhorne, and Les Grinage arriving in Japan 1966
source: Back cover of RCA LSP 3457



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