B O B   N E U W I R T H   (picture from back cover of 'Back To The Front')
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"I never thought Neuwirth would make a record.

I thought he was too dangerous. I thought he was too dangerous to himself .... and to everyone else

I've sat around the table many a late night passing guitars around, and when a guitar got to Neuwirth, he would start playing the best song any of us had ever heard. Someone would ask who wrote that one, and after a while, it would become clear that he had been making it up as he went along, and that he couldn't remember a note he had sung, not that he had really sung any notes.

I just wanted to say that I think in many ways, he's the best pure songwriter of any of us.

T-Bone Burnett
Liner notes to 'Back To The Front' (1988)

'Baby, Let Me Follow You Down', p. 86 (photograph by Stephen Fenerjian)
Bob Neuwirth at Indian Neck 1961
(from "Baby, Let Me Follow You Down", p. 86;
photograph by Stephen Fenerjian)


Bob Neuwirth LPs / CDs
of release
title / label # / notes
11974Bob Neuwirth

- Rock and Roll
- Kiss Money
- Just Because I'm Here (Don't Mean I'm...)
- Honky Red
- Hero
- Legend in My Time
- Rock and Roll Rider
- We Had It All
- Country Livin'
- Mercedes Benz

Asylum 1008

re-released 1999 on CD
Asylum AMCY-2902 (Jp)

= Water CD 109 (US 2003)

21988Back To The Front

- Banjo Introduction
- Eye On The Road
- Annabelle Lee
- Private Eye
- Beauty
- Heartaches
- Pretend
- Turn It Around
- Venice Beach
- Lucky
- Akron
- For P.B.
- Honky Tonk
- Great Escape

Gold Castle 171015-1
= Virgin VGC 5 (GB)
= Virgin 209496 (D)
= Virgin CD 259496

re-released 1998:
Koch International 8009

3199099 Monkeys

- Great Spirit
- Biggest Bordertown
- First Time
- Good Intentions
- Biding Her Time
- Life Is for the Living
- Dazzled by Diamonds
- Ancient Questions (War & Peace)
- Winter in Berlin
- Cloudy Day *
- Busted Bottle *

* not on CDVGC16

Gold Castle CDVGC176
= Gold Castle D 21S-71347
= Gold Castle 261315

re-released 1999 on CD
Koch International 8010

41994John Cale / Bob Neuwirth
Last Day On Earth

- Overture:
  a) A Tourist
  b) A Contact
  c) A Prisoner
- Café Shabu
- Pastoral Angst
- Who's In Charge?
- Short Of Time
- Angel Of Death
- Paradise Nevada
- Old China
- Ocean Life
- Instrumental
- Modern World
- Streets Come Alive
- Secrets
- Maps Of The World
- Broken Hearts
- High And Mighty Road

MCA MCAD-11037

more info on
Lou Reed's site

51996Look Up

- Blue Detour
- I Don't Think Of Her
- What's Our Love Comin' To
- Lucky Too
- Beyond the Blues
- Nashville
- Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
- Everybody's Got A Job To Do
- Heroes
- Traveling Light
- Sweet And Shiny
- Cloudy Day
- Just Like You
- Beautiful Day
- Save Me Jesus
- Gilbert Says Hello

Watermelon WMCD 1050

61999Havana Midnight

- Havana Midnight
- The First Time
- Dead Man's Clothes
- Miracles / Milagros
- Don Quixote
- The Call
- Look Up
- Havana Farewell
- Aracely's Natias

Diesel Motor Records CD 1003


'Baby, Let Me Follow You Down', p. 48 (photograph by John Cooke)
Bob Neuwirth 1960s
(from "Baby, Let Me Follow You Down", p. 48;
photograph by John Cooke)


(Guest) Appearances on other Artist's recordings
of release
artist / title /
songs/instruments/functions of Bob Neuwirth
label # / notes
11974Kris Kristofferson

voc on 'Rescue Mission'

Monument PZ 32914 (US)
= 69074 (GB/D)

'Rescue Mission' lyrics
(Kris Kristofferson,
Bob Neuwirth,
Roger McGuinn,
Seymour Cassell)

21992T-Bone Burnett
The Criminal Under My Own Hat


- Over You (Burnett)
- Tear This Building Down (Burnett)
- It's Not Too Late (Burnett/MacManus/Neuwirth)
- Humans From Earth (Burnett)
- Primitives (Burnett)
- Criminals (Burnett)
- Every Little Thing (Burnett/Neuwirth)
- I Can Explain Everything (Burnett)
- Any Time At All (Burnett)
- I Can Explain Everything (Burnett)
- Long Time Now (Burnett/Neuwirth)
- Kill Switch (Burnett)

Columbia CD 45213
31993Steve Young
Switchblades of Love


Watermelon CD 1016
41994Vince Bell


Watermelon CD 1027

51998Bob Holman
In With The Out Crowd

Perc, voc

- Sung To The Tune Of "The Weary Road" (Holman)
- We Are The Dinosaur (Holman/ Kramer)
- For Jorge Brandon (Holman/ Spedding)
- Death Of Poetry (Holman/ Spedding)
- Impossible Rap (Holman)
- Fire: Friend Or Foe? (Holman/ Ricci/ Rota)
- Later For Now (Holman/ Spedding)
- Forgotten Melody (Holman)
- Cowboy Heaven (Holman/Neuwirth)
- Poetry By Number (Holman/Tiomkin)
- Levitatin' In Levittown (Holman/ Spedding)
- I'd Rather Be Crazy Than Stupid (Holman/ Neuwirth)
- That's Why (Holman/ Spedding)
- Storyline (Holman)
- Perfect Harmony (Holman/ Neuwirth)
- After Li Po (Holman)

Mouth Almighty CD 558006

more info

62000Geoff Muldaur

harmony vocals on 'K. C. Moan'

Hightone HCD 8125

more info


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Anthologies / Compilations / Samplers
containing songs performed by Bob Neuwirth
of release
title / songs performed by Bob Neuwirthlabel # / notes
11989V.A.: All-Ears Review, Volume 7 - Still Amazing After All These Years

- Eye On The Road

ROM Records ROM 21007

more info

21996V.A.: New Country

- I Don't Think Of Her At All

New Country Music
Magazine Vol. 3, No. 6


Other artist's Covers of Bob Neuwirth songs
of release
Record Title

- featured Bob Neuwirth song
label # / notes
11974Kris Kristofferson

- Rescue Mission (Kris Kristofferson/ Bob Neuwirth/ Roger McGuinn/ Seymour Cassell)

Monument PZ 32914 (US)
= 69074 (GB/D)


21976Roger McGuinn
Cardiff Rose

- Rock and Roll Time (Kristofferson/ McGuinn/ Neuwirth)

Columbia CK 34154

more info/lyrics

31986T-Bone Burnett

- Annabelle Lee (Bob Neuwirth)
- The Bird That I Held In My Hand (T-Bone Burnett/ Bob Neuwirth/ Billy Swan)

41992T-Bone Burnett
The Criminal Under My Own Hat

- It's Not Too Late (Burnett/ MacManus/ Neuwirth)
- Every Little Thing (Burnett/ Neuwirth)
- Long Time Now (Burnett/ Neuwirth)

Columbia CD 45213
51992Peter Case
Six-Pack Of Love

- Beyond The Blues (Peter Case/ Tom Russell/ Bob Neuwirth)

Columbia CD 45213

more info

61997Martin Stephenson
Beyond The Leap Beyond The Law

- Great Spirit (Neuwirth)

Demon FIENDCD 938
71998Bob Holman
In With The Out Crowd

- Cowboy Heaven (Holman/ Neuwirth)
- I'd Rather Be Crazy Than Stupid (Holman/ Neuwirth)
- Perfect Harmony (Holman/ Neuwirth)

Mouth Almighty CD 558006

more info


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Bob Neuwirth interview

John Byrne Cooke PHOTOGRAPHY: 'Bob Neuwirth with paintings and tricycle'

A poem Patti Smith wrote for Bob Neuwirth


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Von Schmidt, Eric and Jim Rooney: Baby Let Me Follow You Down:
The Illustrated History Of The Cambridge Folk Years.
Garden City, New York: Anchor Press / Doubleday & Co. 1979 (2nd edition 1994: Univ. of Massachusetts Press; ISBN: 0-87023-925-2

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