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The New York Times obituary


Allan Forrest Block
b. October 6, 1923 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
d. October 23, 2013 in Francestown, New Hampshire
A L L A N   B L O C K; source: Front cover of Living Folk LFR 104; photographer: Michael Coughlin
source: Front cover of Living Folk LFR 104
photographer: Michael Coughlin

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Allan Block (left) with Tom Stocky and John Kirk
Allan Block (left) with Tom Stocky and John Kirk
source: John & Trish website


of release
titlelabel # / notes
11964Old Time Banjo Project

Allan Block, Bill Vanaver, Ralph Smith, Rory Block
- Old Molly Hare
John Cohen, Penny Cohen
- John Booker
Bill Vanaver
- Ramblin' Hobo

Bob Siggins, Allan Block
- Old Jimmy Sutton
Hank Schwartz
- Brighter Day
Peter Siegel
- Waterbound

Allan Block, Walter Gundy, Bill Vanaver, Eric Thompson
- Chicken Reel
John Cohen
- Pateroller Song
Hank Schwartz
- Johnson & Dixon
Winnie Winston
- Twinkle, Twickle, Little Star
Bob Siggins
- Skillet Good And Greasy
Winnie Winston, Walter Gundy, Eric Thompson
- Reuben's Train

Peter Siegel, Allan Block, Ralph Smith
Mississippi Sawyer
Winnie Winston
- Spanish Fandango
Peter Siegel, John Cohen
- Bill Mason

Bill Vanaver, Allan Block, Rory Block
- Colored Aristocracy
Peter Siegel
- Soldier's Joy
John Cohen, Penny Cohen
- John Johanna
Winnie Winston
- John Henry
Bob Siggins, Bill Vanaver
- Don't You Cry, Melinda
Hank Schwartz, John Cohen
- Banging Breakdown
Peter Siegel, John Cohen
I Don't Reckon That'll Happen Again
John Cohen
- Last Chance
Bill Vanaver, Ralph Smith
- Paddie On The Turnpike

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Elektra EKL-276 (mono)
= EKS-7276 (stereo)
2196?String Band Project

Uncle Willie's Brandy Sniffers
- Hellelujah To The Lamb
- The Burial Of Wild Bill
Stu Jamieson Boys
- All Aroound The Mountain
- Been All Around The World
Phil Boroff
- Cocaine
The Dry City Scat Band
- Baldheaded End Of The Broom
- Jealous
Uncle Willie's Brandy Sniffers
- What Will I Do For My Money's All Gone
- I Got A Gal In Baltimore

John & Penny Cohen with Bob Mamis
- Sugar Hill
John Cohen with Bob Mamis
- Chilly Winds
John & Penny Cohen with Bob Mamis
- Ragtime Annie
The Mother Bay State Entertainers
- Red Rockin' Chair
- Billy In The Low Ground
- Train On The Island

The Spontaneous String Band
(Allan Block, Peter Siegel, Richard Blaustein)
- Ever See A Devil Uncle Joe
- Goodbye Miss Liza Jane
- Single Girl
- Stoney Point
Siegel - Grisman - Rose - Lowinger
- Stoney Point

cover art by Bob Pepper
liner notes & 4-page leaflet
by John Cohen
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Elektra EKL-292 (mono)
= EKS-7292 (stereo)
31971Allan Block & Ralph Lee Smith

- Morpeth Rant
- Sugar In The Gourd
- Charliy's Neat
- Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
- The Ways Of The World
- Finger Ring
- I've Been All Around This World
- Speed The Plow

- Polly Put the Kettle On
- Mississippi Sawyer
- The Cruel War Is Raging
- Hawkins County Jail
- Chorus Jig
- Georgia Railroad
- The Dying Ranger *
- The Rose Tree
- Roll On The Ground
- Home Sweet Home

rec. June 1971; * with Rob Fleder, g
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Meadowlands MS 1
4197?Allan Block: Alive And Well And Fiddling

- Grub Springs
- Flop Eared Mule # 2
- East Tennessee Blues
- Hard To Love
- Money Musk
- Budded Roses
- Cider Mill
- Devil's Nine Questions
- Bunch Of Rushes
- Ain't No Use In Highhattin' Me

- Johnson Gal
- Rights Of Man
- Temple House
- Sandy River Belle
- Paddy On The Turnpike
- Two Brothers
- Sunny Home in Dixie
- Quince Dillon

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Living Folk LFR 104
51972Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra

- Farewell To Whiskey
- Money Musk
- Flight
- Petronella
- Kolendara Kolo
- Coleraine
- Prince William
- Irish American Reel

- Chorus Jig
- Huntsman's Chorus
- Petronella
- Auretti's Dutch Skipper
- Poor Old Woman
- Yarmouth Reel
- Maguinnis' Delight

Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra consists of:
Allan Block, fiddle
Fred Breunig, fiddle
Art Bryan, guitar
Pete Colby, banjo, autoharp
Larry DeLorier, flute, piccolo, pennywhistle
Charlene Fagelman Morse, flute
Dave Fuller, accordion
Nicholas S. Howe, fiddle
Dudley Laufman, fiddle, accordion, harmonica
Ted Levin, fiddle
Bob McQuillen, piano, accordion
Vince O'Donnell, fiddle, electric guitar
Jack Perron, fiddle
Jack Sloanaker, string bass, piano
Dick VanKleeck, French horn
Jerry Weene, fiddle, mandolin, viola, banjo

Farm & Wilderness FW-3
61973The Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra Meets the F&W String Band

Farm & Wilderness FW-4

71974Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra

Farm & Wilderness FW-5

81974Contra Dances: The Canterbury Orchestra

- Brisk Young Lads / Two And Sixpenny Girl (jigs)
- Starr Label Reel / Ned Kendall's Favorite (reels)

45 rpm

Country Dance and Song
Society CDS5

9197?Folkscene Live - Old-Timey Vol. 1

Allan Block & Bill Jones
- Too Young To Marry
- Boys Of Blue Hill
- Grub Springs

KPFK cassette
101976Ebenezer: Tell It To Me

- Barlow Knife
- Ryestraw
- From Heaven To Earth
- Tell It To Me
- Quindaro Hornpipe
- Wagoner's Lad
- Turkey Buzzard
- Paddy On The Railroad
- Fiddler's Choice

- Dixie Beeline
- Louis' First Tune
- Hop Along Peter
- Reel Of The Hanged Man
- Little Liza Jane
- Girl Of Constant Sorrow
- Lynchburg Town
- George Booker

rec. at Cathedral Sound Studios in New York City; Ebenezer are: Nancy McDowell, George Wilson & Allan Block; prod. by Arnold S. Caplin
cover drawing by Rory Block from an original photo by John Cohen
notes by Anonymous
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Biograph RC-6007

Biograph discography

111976Fox Hollow Lodge String Band Festival, Vol. 1   "Comin' Home"

Hotmud Family
- If You Don't Love Your Neighbor
- Cumberland Gap
- Whe I Stop Dreaming
Delaware Water Gap
- Golden Slippers
- Richmond Cotillion
Wretched Refuse String Band
- Hell Among The Yearlings
- Down Yonder

Bottle Hill
- The Shape I'm In
- Brand New Tennessee Waltz
- Morning Light
- South Wind
Dave Burgot
- Temperance Reel

- Growling Old Man And Woman
- Molly Put The Kettle On

notes by Joel Bernstein
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Biograph RC-6008

Biograph discography

121978New England Contra Dance Music

- Hull's Victory
The Arm & Hammer String Band
- Medley: Kitty McGee/Hundred Pipers

Allan Block
- Double File
- Medley: Ross's Reel/Batchelder's Reel
George Wilson
- Swing Away
- My Home Waltz
The Arm & Hammer String Band
- Medley: Salhamanaca Reel/The Hunter's Purce/Tarbolten

- Medley: Turnpike Side/Tobin's Fancy
The Arm & Hammer String Band
- Medley: Goin' Uptown/Avalon Quickstep
- Medley: Farewell To Whiskey/Mara's Wedding
The Arm & Hammer String Band
- Medley: Apples In Winter/Hitler's Downfall
- Westphalia Waltz
- Mountain Ranger

rec. August & November, 1977 at the Chelsea House Folklore Center, West Brattleboro, Vermont by Ira Wilner & Bill Gehman
front cover woodcut by Mary Azarian

notes by Richard Nevell
and Bob Carlin
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Kicking Mule KM 216

Kicking Mule discography

132001Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra

- Earl Of Mansfield
- Chorus Jig
- Coleraine
- Mistwold
- Starr Label Reel, Ned Kendall
- Maguinnis's Delight
- Prince William II
- Scotch Hornpipe
- Glenn Towle
- Reel de Jeunne Marie
- Madame Bonaparte
- Farewell To Whiskey, Money Musk
- Prince William
- Brisk Young Lads, 2 & 6 Penny Girl
- Petronella
- Irish American Reel
- La Gondeuse
- Poor Auld Woman
- Huntsmen's Chorus
- Petronella with calls
- Meeting Of The Waters

Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra consists of: Allan Block, fiddle; Fred Breunig, fiddle; Art Bryan, guitar; Pete Colby, banjo, autoharp; Larry DeLorier, flute, piccolo, pennywhistle; Charlene Fagelman Morse, flute; Dave Fuller, accordion; Nicholas S. Howe, fiddle; Dudley Laufman, fiddle, accordion, harmonica; Ted Levin, fiddle; Bob McQuillen, piano, accordion; Vince O'Donnell, fiddle,; electric guitar; Jack Perron, fiddle; Jack Sloanaker, string bass, piano; Dick VanKleeck, French horn; Jerry Weene, fiddle, mandolin, viola, banjo
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Farm & Wilderness FANDW-CD01
"Canterbury Country
Dance Orchestra
with Dudley Laufman"

The best of three LPs
and one 45-RPM single

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Allan Block with daughters Mona and Rory
Allan Block with daughters Mona and Rory
source: Liner notes to Rory Block: Color Me Wild.- Alacazam! ALA 1003
Rory Block Official Life Story page


Allan Block & Nancy McDowell; source: Back cover of Living Folk LFR 104; photograper: Michael Coughlin
Nancy McDowell & Allan Block
source: Back cover of Living Folk LFR 104; photograper: Michael Coughlin


David Dowling's Music Musings on Allan Block
("If anyone deserves to be written about, itís him!")
("Allan tells me they hope to record a dad/daughter album before too long")
("Tonight Allan proudly told me he has recently become a great-grandfather")

Doug Henkle's extensive Rory Block discography

Rory Block's early records


Allan Block
is member of the population of
Humbead's Revised Map of the World
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A L L A N   B L O C K   S A N D A L   S H O P; source: Front cover of 'Rory Block - The Early Tapes'
Rory Block with son Thiele in front of her father's Sandal Shop. West 4th St., NY
source: Front cover of 'Rory Block - The Early Tapes 1975 / 1976'; photography: David Gahr

"Perhaps because of its proximity to the Square and the MacDougal Street clubs, perhaps because of the footwear of the time, Allan Block's Sandal Shop became a late afternoon hangout for anybody who knew where it was and what was going on there. As the singing faded in the Square, the hard core would gather at this comfy workplace to hear Mr. Block and friends play some music. These friends were the cream of the crop of touring traditional musicians - Doc Watson, Mississippi John Hurt, Clarence Ashley, a musical feast, with a menu that changed each week. Every time I managed to get in, I learned something ..."

source: John Sebastian's liner notes to 'Rory Block: High Heeled Blues'

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