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Down With The Game   Volume 1
Vintage Country Blues

Bukka White
- High Fever Blues
- When Can I Change My Clothes
Uncle Skipper (Charley Jordan)
- Cutting My A B C's
- Chifferobe
Little Buddy Doyle
- Sweet Man Blues
- Three-Sixty-Nine Blues
Memphis Minnie
- Memphis Minnie-itis Blues

Memphis Minnie
- Frankie Jean (That Trottin' Fool)
Little David (Alexander)
- Original Sweet Patunia (Patootie Blues)
- Standing By A Lampost [sic]
Robert Petway
- Boogie Woogie Woman
(Big) Joe Williams
- Please Don't Go
- Break 'Em On Down
Tommy Griffin
- Miserable Life Blues

Down With The Game
D 200
Down With The Game   Volume 2
Vintage Country Blues

Casey Bill Weldon
- Gonna Take My Time
- Somebody Changed The Lock
Furry Lewis
- Everybody's Blues
- Rock Island Blues
Poor Boy Lofton
- Dirty Mistreater
- Rainey Day Blues
Walter Davis
- I Think You Need A Shot

Walter Roland
- Red Cross Blues No. 2
Sonny Scott
- No Good Biddie
Bo Carter
- Sue Cow
- Flea On Me
- Pussy Cat Blues
Robert Lee McCoy
- Prowlin' Nighthawk
- C.N.A.

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Down With The Game
D 201
God Don't Like It!   Volume 1
Classic Post-War Sanctified Music

Reverend A. Johnson
- God Don't Like It
- If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again

Sister O.M. Terrell
- The Bible's Right
- Lord. I Want You To Lead Me On
7 inch 45 rpm EP
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Down With The Game
D 202
God Don't Like It

Reverend A. Johnson
- Death In The Morning
Brother Willie Eason
- I Want To Live Right

Gospel Song Birds
- When They Ring The Golden Bell
Sister Littleton
- Go Devil Go
7 inch 45 rpm EP

Down With The Game
Down With The Game   Vol. 3
Vintage Country Blues

Big Bill (Broonzy)
- C & A Blues
Devil's Daddy In Law (Floyd Council)
- Lookin' For My Baby
Sonny Boy Nelson
- Low Down
Yank Rachell & Dan Smith
- Night Latch Blues
- Gravel Road Blues
Frank Stokes
- Mistreatin' Blues
(Big) Joe Williams
- Meet Me Around The Corner

Walter Roland
- Piano Stomp
Will Batts
- Cheatin' Woman
- Cadillac Baby
Lucille Bogan
- Shave 'Em Dry
Devil's Daddy In Law (Floyd Council)
- I Don't Want No Hungry Woman
Sam Montgomery
- I'm Through With You
Charlie Pickett
- Trembling Blues

Down With The Game
D 203
Down With The Game Vol. 4: Walter & Peetie

Peetie Wheatstraw + 'Neckbones'
- Tennessee Peaches Blues
Peetie Wheatstraw
- Don't Feel Welcome Blues
- Long Lonsome Drive
Kokomo Arnold
- Shine On, Moon
Peetie Wheatstraw
- Don't Feel Welcome Blues
- Long Lonsome Drive
- The Last Dime
- More Good Whiskey Blues
Alice Moore
- Three Men

Walter Davis
- I Can Tell By The Way You Smell
- Moonlight Is My Spread
- My Babe
Booker T. Washington
- Save It All For Me
Walter Davis
- Frisco Blues
- Root Man Blues
- West Coast Blues

title on labels: "Peetie & Walter"

Down With The Game
D 204
Down With The Game   Vol. 5
Vintage Country Blues

Walter Roland
- Cold Blooded Murder
Sam Montgomery
- Honey Dripper
- Mercy Mercy Blues
Jazz Gillum
- Sarah Jane
- I Want You By My Side
George Noble
- New Milk Cow Blues
Hattie Hudson
- Doggone My Good Luck Soul

J. T. 'Funny Papa' Smith
- Howling Wolf Blues part 1
- Howling Wolf Blues part 2
Walter Roland
- Sail On Little Girl No.2
George Noble
- Dozing Blues
Yank Rachel
- Lake Michigan Blues
Albert Clemens
- Policy Blues
Big Bill Broonzy (with George Barnes lead guitar)
- You Know I Got A Reason

Down With The Game D 205
Down With The Game   Vol. 6
Vintage Country Blues

Scrapper Blackwell       [track sequence?]
Big Bill Broonzy
- Something Good
Bumble Bee Slim
- Everybody's Fishing
Tommy Griffin
- Mistreatin' Papa
- Snake Hipping Blues
Frank James
- Springback Papa
Elijah Jones
- Katy Fly
- Mean Actin' Mama
Robert Petway
- Let Me Be Your Boss
Josh White
- Cherry Picker
- Pigmeat And Whiskey Blues
Joe Williams
- Crawlin' King Snake
Blind Squire Turner
- She Ain't No Girl Of Mine
- Pitty-Pat Blues

Down With The Game
D 206
["... never released;
2 test pressings exist ...
with mock up Robert Crumb
style sleeve" (Peter Brown)]

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- Görgen Antonsson discographies
- eBay auctions
- diverse internet resources

source of left column picture: Cover of Down With The Game D 205

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cover of Blues & Rhythm - The Gospel Truth # 23 (1986) (Joe 'Google Eyes' August); click to enlarge !   Keith Briggs: Bootin' 'em About.- Blues & Rhythm - The Gospel Truth # 23 (1986), p. 15-16; click to read pdf-file
Keith Briggs: Bootin' 'em About
Blues & Rhythm - The Gospel Truth # 23 (1986), p. 15-16


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