the post-war blues volume 2
Highway 49 from Jackson to Yazoo City
- The entrance to the Delta
(photographer: Danny Lyon)
the post-war blues label
the post-war blues

Record label founded and run by Mike Rowe

This discography is a non-commercial labor-of-love and is in no way associated with any business firm.
All I know about the resp. artist's / label's musical output is shown on this page. To purchase out-of-print records I recommend an ebay, gemm or google search. And - sorry for that - I have not the time to answer any e-mails asking me about further information, let alone duplicating out-of-print recordings I happen to own.

Stefan Wirz

year of
brl 100
Hobos & Drifters

One String Sam
- My Baby Oooo
- I Need A Hundred Dollars

Black Diamond
- Lonesome Blues
- All My Money Is Gone

notes (Febr. 1966)
by Mike Rowe

the post-war blues brl 100
pwb 1
the post-war blues volume 1

Johnny Shines
- Brutal Hearted Woman [JOB 1010]
- Evening Sun [JOB 1010]
Willie Nix & His Combo
- Just Can't Stay [Sabre 104]
- All By Yourself [Sabre 104]
"Little" Willie Foster
- Falling Rain Blues [Parrot 813 / Blue Lake 113]
- Four Day Jump [Parrot 813 / Blue Lake 113]
J B. Hutto & His Hawks
- Pet Cream Man [Chance 1160]
- Lovin' You [Chance 1160]

Othum Brown
- Ora-Nelle Blues [Ora Nelle 711]
Little Walter
- I Just Keep Loving Her [Ora Nelle 711]
Johnny William(s)
- Worried Man Blues [Ora Nelle 712]
Johnny Young
- Money Taking Woman [Ora Nelle 712]
John Lee
- Knocking On Lula Mae's Door [J.O.B. 114]
- Rythm Rockin' Boogie [sic] [J.O.B. 114]
Junior Wells & His Eagle Rockers
- Hodo Man [sic] [States 134]
- Junior's Wail [States 134]

notes (May 1965)
by Charles Radcliffe

the post-war blues pwb 1
pwb 2
Memphis ....On Down
the post-war blues volume 2

Jimmy & Walter (Walter Horton & Jimmy De Berry)
- Easy
Joe Hill Louis
- Dorothy Mae
- When I Am Gone
Willie Love & His Three Aces
- Nelson Street Blues
- V-8 Ford
Levi Seabury & His Band
- Motherless Child Blues
Charley Booker
- Moonrise Blues
- Charley's Boogie Woogie

Harmonica Frank
- She's Done Moved
Junior Brooks
- Lone Town Blues
Drifting Slim
- My Little Machine
- Down South Blues
Luther Huff
- Dirty Disposition
- 1951 Blues
Boyd Gilmore
- Take A Little Walk With Me
- All In My Dreams

notes (Febr. 1966)
by Mike Rowe

the post-war blues pwb 2
pwb 3
Eastern And Gulf Coast States
the post-war blues volume 3

Dan Pickett
- Ride To A Funeral In A V8
- Early One Morning
John Lee
- Babys Blues
- Down At The Depot
- Alabama Boogie
Doug Quattlebaum
- Don't Be Funny Baby
Skoodle Dum Doo & Shefield
- Gas Ration Blues
- Tampa Blues

Leroy Dallas
- I'm Down Now But I Won't Be Down Always
- Your Sweet Mans Blues
Country Paul
- Mother Dear Mother
Blues King
- Me And My Baby
- Good Boy
Curley Weaver
- My Babys Gone
Julius King
- If You See My Lover
- I Want a Slice Of Your Puddin'
notes (Febr. 1966)
by Simon A. Napier

the post-war blues pwb 3
pwb 4
the post war blues volume 4

Jesse Thomas
- Texas Blues
- Gonna Write You A Letter
Alex Moore
- Neglected Woman
- If I Lose You Woman
Manny Nichols
- Walkin' Talkin' Blues
- Tall Skinny Mama Blues
Soldier Boy Houston
- Western Rider Blues
- Hug Me Baby

Buddy Chiles
- Mistreated Blues
- Jet Black Woman
Andy Thomas
- Baby Quit Me Blues
- Angel Child
Country Jim
- Old River Blues
- I'll Take You Back
Nat Terry
- Take It Easy
- I Don't Know Why
notes (April 1968)
by Paul Oliver

the post-war blues pwb 4
pwb 5
the post war blues volume 5

Harvey Hill & His String Band
- She Fool Me
L.C. Green
- When The Sun Is Shining
- Hold Me In Your Arms
Henry Smith & His Blue Flames
- Lonesome Blues
- Good Rockin' Mama
Sylvester Cotton & His Guitar
- Sak-Relation Blues
- Ugly Woman

Slim Pickens
- Papa's Boogie
Baby Boy Warren & His Buddy
- Lonesome Cabin Blues
- Don't Want No Skinny Woman
- Forgive Me Darling
- Please Don't Think I'm Nosey
Bobo Jenkins
- Bad Luck And Trouble
Andrew Durham & His Guitar
- Sweet Lucy
- Hattie Mae
notes (April 1968)
by Ron Harwood
and Sam Stark

the post-war blues pwb 5

A planned "California" compilation on the post-war blues label never materialized,
but Mike Rowe in 2007 compiled a 4 CD set
"Down Home Blues Classics - California & the West Coast 1948-1954"
for the Boulevard Vintage label


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Sources / Further reading:
- own record collection
- eBay auctions
- diverse internet resources

thanks to Rob Ford and Paul Vernon for additional info / scans


cover of Blues & Rhythm - The Gospel Truth # 23 (1986) (Joe 'Google Eyes' August); click to enlarge !   Keith Briggs: Bootin' 'em About.- Blues & Rhythm - The Gospel Truth # 23 (1986), p. 15-16; click to read pdf-file
Keith Briggs: Bootin' 'em About
Blues & Rhythm - The Gospel Truth # 23 (1986), p. 15-16


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