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Roy Book Binder 45 rpm / LP / CD
of release
titlelabel # / notes

Blue Goose Records, 54 King Street, New York, N.Y. 10014
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These Blues Is Meant To Be Barrelhoused@ youtube (full album playlist)

Graham Hine with John Lewis
- No Place To Go   @ youtube
John Lewis
- East Village Rag   @ youtube
Larry Johnson & Woody Mann
- Bad Feeling Blues   @ youtube
Graham Hine
- Have You Had Your Look, Mush?   @ youtube
John Lewis
- U.S.A. Blues   @ youtube
Larry Johnson
- Seabord Train Blues   @ youtube
Larry Johnson & Rob Fleder
- Keep A Knockin' An' You Can't Come In   @ youtube
John Lewis
- I Waited   @ youtube
Bill Williams
- John Henry   @ youtube

John Lewis
- Beggin' Woman   @ youtube
Stephen Calt & Kenneth McNichol
- Wimp Wompin' Blues   @ youtube
John Lewis
- Sociology Rag   @ youtube
Graham Hine with John Lewis
- Walking Blues   @ youtube
Larry Johnson & Woody Mann
- Barrelhouse Blues   @ youtube
Graham Hine with John Lewis
- Rocks In My Bed   @ youtube

Roy Bookbinder
- He's In The Jailhouse Now   @ youtube

prod. by Nick Perls

more info about this LP

notes by
'Maggie de Miramon'
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Blue Goose 2003

notes by
'Maggie de Miramon'
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Blue Goose Records, 245 Waverly
Place, New York, N.Y. 10014

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Blue Goose 2003 (repress)

Blue Goose discography

21971Roy Bookbinder: Travelin' Man

- Travelin' Man (Pink Anderson)
- Delia (Rev. Gary Davies)
- Biscuts (Bo Carter)
- Statesboro Blues (Blind Willie McTell)
- Weeping Willow Blues (Blind Boy Fuller)
- Cincinnati Flow Rag II Rev. Gary Davis)

- Baby It Must Be Love (Blind Willie McTell)
- Bye Bye Baby Blues (Little Hat Jones)
- Never Drive A Stranger From Your Door (Willie Harris)
- That'll Never Happen No More (Blind Blake)
- Bad Luck Blues (Blind Lemon Jefferson)
- Mississippi Blues (Willie Brown)

CD bonus track:
- Candy Man (Rev. Gary Davis)

rec. 1971 at Adelphi Studios; Roy Bookbinder, voc, g; prod. by Gene Rosenthal; cover drawing by Daniel Sadowski
notes by Roy Bookbinder
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Adelphi 1017

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(=) Adelphi GCD 1017 (1997)

31971Roy Bookbinder

- Candy Man
- Delia
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Adelphi AD-451
41974Some People Play Guitar Like A Lot Of People Don't

Stefan Grossman
- Tell Me Baby
Woody Mann
- Good Gal
- Old Devil
- Crosstown Blues

Roy Bookbinder
- Bad Luck Blues
Larry Sandberg
- Delta Swing

Roy Bookbinder
- I Got Mine
- Bye Bye Baby Blues
Rev. Gary Davis
- Swinging Blues
- Darktown Strutter's Ball
Woody Mann
- Who's Been Here
Stefan Grossman
- Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl
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Kicking Mule KM 104 (US)

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= Sonet SNKF 102 (UK)

Kicking Mule

51975Roy Bookbinder: Git-Fiddle Shuffle
(with Fats Kaplin)

- Let's Get Drunk Again
- 'Lectric Chair Blues
- I Got Mine
- Hey, Hey Daddy
- Never Cried 'til My Baby Got On The Train
- 'Sweets' Petunia

- Take Me To The Land Of Jazz
- He's In The Jailhouse Now
- Franklin Blues
- Bad Dream Blues
- Black Dog Blues
- Git-Fiddle Shuffle
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Blue Goose 2018

Blue Goose discography

= Air Mail Recordings
AIRAC-1027 (Jp 2002)

61977Roy Bookbinder: Ragtime Millionaire
(with Fats Kaplin)

- King Edward Blues
- One Meat Ball
- Travelin' Man Blues
- Keep A Knockin'
- Wonder What's The Matter
- Long Tall Mama

- 3 x 7
- Ragtime Millionaire
- C C & O Blues
- Stack O Lee
- Hesitation Blues
- Maybe It's Love
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Blue Goose 2023

Blue Goose discography

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= Air Mail Recordings
AIRAC-1029 (Jp 2002)

71979Roy Bookbinder: Goin' Back To Tampa

- Goin' Back To Tampa
- Hunkie Tunkie
- Church Bell Blues
- Biscuits
- Scandalous And A Shame
- Oh Glory, How Happy I Am

- Keep It Clean
- Kentucky Blues
- Travelin' Man
- Cocaine Habit
- Every Day Of The Week
- Friend Of Mine
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Flying Fish FF-098
81979Dave Peabody: Payday

- Something Different (Paul Geremia)
- Payday (Mississippi John Hurt)
- Jesus Be My Saviour (Dave Peabody)
- Gone By Midnight (Dave Peabody)
- Blues Gonna Getcha (Dave Peabody)
- Hum Dum Dinger From Dingersville (Jimmie Davis)
- Slappin' On My Black Cat Bone (Dave Ray)

- You Just As Well Let Her Go (Casey Bill Weldon)
- Knockin' Myself Out (Lil Grenn)
- Wild Women Don't Have The Blues (Ida Cox)

- South Carolina Rag (Willie Walker) #
- Don't Sell It, Don't Give It Away (Oscar 'Buddy' Woods)
- I Know (Dave Peabody)
- I Got A Gal (Big Joe Turner & Pete Johnson)

# Roy Book Binder 6 string g

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Waterfront WF 001

Dave Peabody

919??Roy Book Binder: The Tampa Sessions 1979
(with Knocky Parker)

- Keep It Clean
- Every Day Of The Week
- David Travis Rag
- Church Bell Blues
- Biscuits
- Scandalous And A Shame
- Friend Of Mine
- Travelin' Man
- Kentucky Blues
- Hunkie Tunke Blues
- Goin' Back To Tampa
- Babe I Want You To Know
- The Cocaine Habit
- Oh Glory, How Happy I Am

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PegLeg CD 7001-2

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101988Roy Book Binder

- The Motorhome Song
- You'll Never Find Another Friend Like Me
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Rounder 4559
111988Roy Book Binder: Bookeroo!

- Friend Like Me
- Gonna Get Myself A Motorhome
- Something Different
- Mississippi Blues
- Gin Done Done It
- I'm Going Home
- Good Gal
- Nobody Knows I'm Hurtin'
- Waiting For A Train
- Cigarette Blues
- My Road Is Rough And Rocky
- Tell Me How Do You Feel
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Rounder CD 3107
121992Roy Book Binder: The Hillbilly Blues Cats
(with Rock Bottom and Billy Ochoa)

- She Did You A Favor
- Babe, I Want You To Know
- Anywhere You Go
- Tired Of Bein' Mistreated
- Over To My House
- One Meatball
- T-Man Blues #2
- Talks All Over Town
- Statesboro Blues
- Won't You Be Kind
- I Got Mine
- Mississippi John
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Rounder CD 3121
131994Roy Book Binder: Live Book...
Don't Start Me Talkin'...

- Black Dog Blues
- Candy Man
- Let's Get Drunk Again
- I 'm Goin' Home Someday
- Statesboro Blues
- Kentucky Blues
- Davis-Travis Rag
- Hesitation Blues
- King Edward Blues
- In The Jailhouse Now
- While He Served His Time

Rounder CD 3130
141995Hills Of Home
25 Years Of Folk Music On Rounder Records

Roy Book Binder
- She Did You A Favor

Rounder CD ROUNAN16
151995The Real Music Box
25 Years Of Rounder Records

Roy Book Binder
- She Did You A Favor

Rounder CD ROUNAN25
161995Rock Bottom: Too Many Bad Habits

- Lightnin'
- Stompin' At The Aaheim
- Ramona's Blues
- Too Many Bad Habits
- Set The Meat Outdoors
- My Blues
- Who's Been Fooling You
- Ice Cream Freezer
- Person To Person
- Blues For Anne B.
- My Mind Is Ramblin'

- Snake Dancin' Through God's Barnyard #
- Hadacol Bounce
- Boozoo Stomp
- Close To You Baby

# Roy Book Binder, National g

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Double Trouble DT 3035
171995Ten Great Years at Kerrville Folk Festival Vol. 1 Disc 2

Roy Bookbinder
- Kentucky Blues

rec. 1983

10 disc two box set

Silverwolf CD 1001-2
181995Ten Great Years at Kerrville Folk Festival Vol. 2 Disc 5

Roy Book Binder
- Mississippi Blues

rec. 1991

10 disc two box set

Silverwolf CD 1002-5
191997Country Blues Guitar

- Done Left Here - Mississippi Fred McDowell
- Walkin' Blues - Rory Block
- Honeymoon Blues - John Hammond
- Blues for Tampa Red - Paul Rishell & Annie Raines
- Broke Down Engine - Paul Geremia
- Going To The River - Johnny Shines
- Mean Old Frisco - Frank Hovington
- Long Tall Mama - David Bromberg
- John Henry - Kristina Olsen
- Reno Factory - John Cephas & Phil Wiggins

- Mississippi Blues - Roy Book Binder
- One Dime Blues - Etta Baker

Easydisc CD 7051
201998Blues Crossroads: Acoustic Blues...

- Big Road Blues - Rory Block
- Trouble Everywhere I Go - Mississippi Fred McDowell

- Friend Like Me - Roy Book Binder
- Lonesome Whistle - Robert Jr. Lockwood & Johnny Shines
- Automobile Mechanic - Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan
- Shuckin' Sugar Blues - Paul Geremia
- John Hardy - George Thorogood
- Staggerlee - John Cephas & Phil Wiggins
- Mudville - Tony Furtado
- Going To That City - Angela Strehli
- Police Dog Blues - Etta Baker

Easydisc CD 7066
211998Roy Book Binder: Polk City Ramble

- Trouble In The Streets
- Palm Trees Shakin' In The Night
- She Did You A Favor
- Polk City Ramble
- Ballad Of Amazing Grace And Side Show
- Don
- Married Man's A Fool
- Baby Let Me Lay It On You
- Electricity
- Police Dog Blues
- New Age Woman Blues
- Blind Lemon
- Anywhere You Go
- I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal
- Ship Is At The Landing
- Let Us Get Together
- Rag Mama

Rounder CD 3153
221999Blues At Kerrville

Dave Van Ronk
- Another Time And Place
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
- Sometimes I Feel Myself Slippin'

Roy Book Binder
- Kentucky Blues
Marcia Ball
- My Man Is A Two Timer
Josh White Jr.
- I Can Be Had
Angela Strehli
- Telephone Blues
Marcia Ball
- Under Love's Spell
Tom Ball/Kenny Sultan
- Honey Bee
Mance Lipscomb
- Texas Blues
Robert Shaw
- Put Me In The Alley
Juke Boy Bonner
- I've Had The Blues
Spider John Kelmer
- Midnight Special
Kenneth Threadgill
- Mississippi Delta Blues

Silverwolf CD 1016
232000Roy Book Binder: The Radio Show

- The introduction
- Beginning the interview
- Rag Mama
- St. Pete Blues
- Book Binder, singer songwriter
- Can't Do That No More
- The Book, the early years
- Candyman
- The blues scene today
- Roy talks about old guitars
- Minstrels & medicine
- The artist sells out?
- Anywhere You Go
- The devil's music on video?
- Electricity
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PegLeg CD PL 7002-2
242001Roy Book Binder singer-songwriter BLUESMAN

- It's Gonna Be Alright Someday
- The Preacher Picked The Guitar
- St. Pete Blues
- Anywhere You Go
- Travelin' Man Blues
- Can't Do That No More
- She Did You A Favor
- Goin' Back To Tampa
- New Age Woman Blues
- Trouble In The Streets
- While He Served His Time
- Blind Lemon
- I'm Goin' Home Someday
- Palm Trees Shakin' In The Night
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PegLeg CD PL 7003-3
252005Roy Book Binder
LIVE at the Fur Peace Station

- What You Gonna Do
- Baby Let Me Lay It On You
- Delia
- Jelly Roll Blues
- Three Times Seven
- Full Go Round
- Ragtime Millionaire
- Yas, Yas, Yas
- Cocaine Blues
- CC&O Blues
- Travelin' Man
- Mermaids Flirt With Me
- Charlie Stone
- Won't You Be Kind
- Old Chunk Of Coal
- Electricity
- Another Friend Like Me
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PegLeg CD PL 7005-5
262013Roy Book Binder: The Good Book

- The Good Book
- It Coulda Been Worse
- Step Right Up
-Full Go Around
- Poker Playin' Papa
- Crazy About You
- What You Gonna Do
- They Called Him Junior
- Electric Cigarette Blues
- Hacksaw
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PegLeg CD

CD available
at the Book Store

279/2013Live At Caffè Lena: Music From Americaís Legendary Coffeehouse, 1967-2013

disc one:
Intro by Lena Spencer / Guy Carawan - Cripple Creek (1970)
Hedy West - Shady Grove (1968)
Intro by Lena Spencer / Sleepy John Estes - Holy Spirit (1974)
Frank Wakefield and Friends - Will The Circle Be Unbroken (1971)
Jean Ritchie - West Virginia Mine Disaster (1969)
Billy Faier - Hunt The Wren (1967)
Greenbriar Boys - Hit Parade of Love (1968)
Mike Seeger - O Death (1971)
Jacqui and Bridie - Hello Friend (1974)
Tom Paxton - Morning Again (1968)
David Amram - Little Mama (1974)
Patrick Sky - Reality Is Bad Enough (1971)
Rosalie Sorrels - Traveliní Lady (1974)
Smoke Dawson - Devilís Dream (1968)
Utah Phillips - The Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia (1974)
Michael Cooney - Thyme It Is A Precious Thing (1974)
Kate McGarrigle and Roma Baran - Caffè Lena (1972)

disc two:
Intro by Lena Spencer / Dave Van Ronk - Gaslight Rag (1974)
Jerry Jeff Walker - Mr. Bojangles (1968)
Barbara Dane - Mama Yanceyís Advice / Love With a Feeling (1968)

Roy Book Binder - Ainít Nobody Home But Me (1974)
Intro by Lena Spencer / David Bromberg - The Holdup (1972)
Rambliní Jack Elliott - Pretty Boy Floyd (1992)
Arlo Guthrie - City of New Orleans (2010)
Aztec Two Step - The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty (1989)
Happy And Artie Traum - Trials Of Jonathan (1974)
Rick Danko - It Makes No Difference (1988)
Paul Geremia - Somethingís Gotta Be Arranged (1989)
Robin and Linda Williams - -S-A-V-E-D (1987)
John Herald - Rambliní Jack Elliott (1991)
Pete Seeger - Somos El Barco (We Are the Boat)

disc three:
Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion - Folksong (2013)
Anais Mitchell - Wedding Song (2013)
Bill Morrissey - The Last Day Of The Furlough (1990)
Patty Larkin - Island Of Time (1992)
Greg Brown - Flat Stuff (1989)
Mary Gauthier - I Drink (2013)
Sean Rowe - Old Black Dodge (2013)
Tom Chapin - Cats In The Cradle (1987)
Intro by Lena Spencer / Christine Lavin - Itís A Good Thing He Canít Read My Mind (1987)
Bill Staines - Sweet Wyoming Home (1990)
Bucky and John Pizzarelli - I Like Jersey Best (1989)
Rory Block - Thatís No Way To Get Along (1989)
Chris Smither - Killing The Blues (1989)
Tift Merritt - Traveling Alone (2013)
John Gorka - Down In The Milltown (1990)
Lena Spencer - Dear Little Cafe (1972)

unreleased performances
3 CD box set

Tompkins Square TSQ 2967


Other artist's Covers of Roy Book Binder songs
of release
Record Title

- featured Roy Book Binder song
label # / notes
11999Rock Bottom & The Cutaways:
Shake Your Boogie Leg

- Shake Your Boogie Leg
- Web Top Checker
- St. John's Eve
- Manatee County Jail
- (Speedy Done Lost His) Mojo Bag
- The Tampa Grind
- Rock Bottom Boogie
- In The Alley
- State Of The Blues
- Trash Can Rhythm

- Trouble In The Streets (Roy Book Binder)
- Get Up Baby
- Let's All Go To Leon's
notes by Roy Book Binder

New Moon Blues NMC 9821
22007Jorma Kaukonen: Stars In My Crown

- Overture: Heart Temporary
- Fur Peace Rag
- By The Rivers Of Babylon
- Living In The Moment
- Late Breaking News
- Come Back Baby
- Mighty Hard Pleasure
- No Demon
- There's A Table Sitting In Heaven
- The Man Comes Around
- A Life Well Lived
- Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?

- Preacher Picked The Guitar (Roy Book Binder)
- Instrumental Reprise: Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?
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Red House RHR-202
32009Jorma Kaukonen: River Of Time

- Been So Long
- There's A Bright Side Somewhere
- Cracks In The Finish

- Another Man Done A Full Go Round (Roy Book Binder)
- Trouble In Mind
- Izze's Lullaby
- More Than My Old Guitar
- Nashville Blues
- A Walk With Friends
- Operator
- Preachin On The Old Camp Ground
- River Of Time
- Simpler Than I Thought
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Red House RHR-217
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