b. June 30, 1940 in Kansas City, Missouri
d. February 25, 2007 in Pioneer, California
M A R K  S P O E L S T R A (picture from back cover of Columbia CS 9793)

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Mark Spoelstra 45 rpm / LPs
of release
titlelabel # / notes
11963The Songs Of Mark Spoelstra
with Twelve-String Guitar

- The Times I've Had
- Sugar Babe   @ youtube
- Slip Knot
- Buckdancer's Choice #2
- Wreck Of The Number Nine
- Drowsy Sleeper
- Working On The Building

- Corinna Blues
- Stranger Blues
- Poor Boy
- Deep Blue Sea Blues
- Jail House Now
- Children's Blues
- The Way My Baby Walks
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Folkways FA 2444

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= Verve Folkways FV/FVS-
9018 "The Times I've Had"

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custom-made CD F-2444

21963Mark Spoelstra
recorded at Club 47 Inc.

- Don't Say It So Slow
- Farewell Train
- Let Us Pray
- My Love Is (Like) A Dewdrop
- Dead Thumb Roll #1
- You Don't Worry My Mind
- Follow Me Baby
- Goin' Home

- Somebody's Gonna Miss Me
- Born To Die
- Willow Tree
- Dead Thumb Roll #2
- Wild About My Lovin'
- Civil Defense Sign
- K. C. Moan Blues
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Folkways FG 3572

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custom-made CD F-3572

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2a1964Mark and the Two Timers

- Walking Around Town
- Corinna
Folkways F45001
2b1964Mark and the Two Timers

- Sugar Babe
- Buck Dance No. 2
Folkways F45002
31965Mark Spoelstra: five & twenty questions

- Five And Twenty Questions   @ youtube
- On The Road Again
- My Love Is (Like) A Dewdrop   @ youtube
- White Winged Dove   @ youtube
- Jesse's Jump
- Ballad Of 12th Avenue   @ youtube

- Won't Allow Manking To Rest   @ youtube
- Somebody's Gonna Miss Me
- The Leaves   @ youtube
- Fife And Drum   @ youtube
- Untitled Instrumental
- Just A Hand To Hold   @ youtube

prod. by Paul Rothchild
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Elektra EKL-283 mono
EKS-7283 stereo

= Collector's Choice CD
WWCCM06762 (remastered)

41966State Of Mind
Mark Spoelstra accompanying himself on guitar

- Too Late
- State Of Mind
- Guns Of Our Cities
- Bubble Gum Song
- Dizzy Spell Blues
- This Man

- Gimme Gimme
- Souless Blues
- Full Time Man
- Sacred Life
- Play Run Run
- Farewell To North Avenue

prod. by Paul Rothchild

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Elektra EKL-307 mono
EKS-7307 stereo

= Collector's Choice CD
WWCCM06772 (remastered)

51969Mark Spoelstra

- Hobo Poet
- Not So Inclined To Be Kind
- Thanks Anyway
- Sound Of The Rainbow
- You Should Know
- Meadow Mountain Top

- Don Juan's Turn To Bow
- Song Of Sad Bottles
- Mona Sue
- Dim Lights And Bar Fights
- Child Statue
- Empty Words
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Columbia CS 9793
61971Mark Spoelstra
This House

- Dirty Movie Show
- Better Butter
- Amazon Song
- Pretty Bird
- Let Your Fingers Do The Talkin'
- This House

- Bucket Of Grease
- Workin' With A Woman
- Henry And Henrietta
- Tonight's For Lovin'
- Another Mother For Peace
Fantasy/Galaxy 8412

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= Bellaphon BLPS 19053

- Working With A Woman
- Tonight's For Lovin'
Fantasy 664
6b1972Mark Spoelstra Sings his own compositions "People Helping People"

- Give Your Neighbor A Hand
- The Ballad Of Lazarus

Sweet Artichoke Publishing Co.

Good Samaritan Records
71977Mark Spoelstra
Somehow I Always Knew

- Here It Is
- Let's Make A Melody
- Psalm 136
- Oh My Bride
- The Tongue
- Playin' With Fire

- The Pickle Song
- Gospel Trucker
- Mary And The Master
- Thomas The Twin
- Believer's Rest
- Living In The Spirit
- Somehow I Always Knew
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Aslan ARS-1002
81979Mark Spoelstra
Comin' Back To Town

- Jesus Comin' Back To Town
- Swing Low Sweet Chariot
- I Saw The Light
- Just A Closer Walk With Thee
- What A Friend We Have In Jesus

- This Little Light Of Mine
- New Seed Growing
- Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain
- Will The Circle Be Unbroken
- The Song The Singer The Lord

Inwood 1001
92001Mark Spoelstra
Out Of My Hands

- I'm a Stranger Everywhere
- Angelette in Blue
- Just for You
- Crazy Blue
- School Boy Crush
- San Joaquin County Fair
- Hug Today
- T-Bone T-Bone Blues
- San Francisco Zoo
- Dancer's Choice IV
- Touchy Tiger
- Teach You To Relax
- Yosemite Valley
- River Of Mercy
- Fishin' Song
- Ileanna
cover painting
by Eric von Schmidt
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Origin Jazz Library OJL 2001
10200?Gospel Trucker

"planned for reissue"

from front cover of FOLKSONG '65
Mark Spoelstra on front cover of FOLKSONG '65

Anthologies / Compilations / Samplers
containing songs performed by Mark Spoelstra
of release
title / songs performed by Mark Spoelstralabel # / notes
11963Introducing BROADSIDE
A Handful Of Songs About Our Times

- Civil Defense Sign
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Broadside B-301

= Broadside Ballads, Vol. 1
Folkways 05301

26/1964the BLUES project
A compendium of the very best on the urban blues scene

- Fixin' To Die (Dave Ray)
- Blow Whistle Blow (Eric Von Schmidt)
- My Little Woman (John Koerner)
- Ginger Man (Geoff Muldaur)
- Bad Dream Blues (Dave Van Ronk)
- Winding Boy (Ian Buchanan)
- I'm Troubled (Danny Kalb)

- France Blues (Mark Spoelstra)

- Don't You Leave Me Here (Dave Van Ronk)
- Devil Got My Woman (Geoff Muldaur)
- Southbound Train (John Koerner)
- Downtown Blues (Geoff Muldaur)
- Leavin' Here Blues (Dave Ray)
- Hello Baby Blues (Danny Kalb)

- She's Gone (Mark Spoelstra)
- Slappin' On My Black Cat Bone (Dave Ray)

assisting musicians: Bob Landy [Bob Dylan], Doug Pomeroy, Fritz Richmond, John B. Sebastian, Tony Glover; prod. by Jac Holzman & Paul A. Rothchild
cover artwork by Eric Von Schmidt
back cover notes plus
5 page foldout booklet
by Barry Hansen, Harold
Courlander & Paul Nelson
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Elektra EKL-264 (mono)
Elektra EKS-7264 (stereo)

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= Mode MDEKL 9459
(Fr 1964)

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= Edsel ED248 (UK 1987)

5 CD set
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(=) Elektra CD 8122795661-2
(EU 2015) "The Greenwich
Village Folk Scene"

(five original Elektra albums from the
1960s, including "The Blues Project")

more info

2a1964Broadside Ballads Vol. 3
The Broadside Singers

- Ain't That News - The Broadside Singers with Tom Paxton
- More Good Men - Goin' Down The Broadside Singers with Dave Cohen

- Times I've Had - The Broadside Singers with Mark Spoelstra
- Paths Of Victory - The Broadside Singers with Bob Dylan
- Christine - The Broadside Singers with Matt McGinn
- Rattlesnake - The Broadside Singers with Peter La Farge
- Carry It On - The Broadside Singers with Gil Turner

- Links On The Chain - The Broadside Singers with Phil Ochs
- Causes - The Broadside Singers with Pat Sky
- Immigrante - The Broadside Singers with Buffy Sainte-Marie
- The Faucets Are Dripping - The Broadside Singers wth Malvina Reynolds
- Father's Grave - For Cordell Reagon - The Broadside Singers with Len Chandler
- The Scruggs Picker - The Broadside Singers with Ernie Marrs
- Plains Of Nebrasky-O - The Broadside Singers with Eric Andersen
- Freedom Is A Constant Struggle - The Broadside Singers
notes by Phil Ochs
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Broadside BR 303
=Folkways FH 5303
4 LP
The Folk Box

- France Blues

Elektra EKL 9001
= EUK 2512/2 (UK)
41965Folksong '65
Elektra 15th Anniversary Commemorative Album
Tom Rush - Long John (3:51)
Judy Collins - So Early, Early In The Morning (3:07)
Koerner, Ray & Glover - Linin' Track (2:15)
Hamilton Camp - Girl Of The North Country (2:28)
Dick Rosmini - 900 Miles (2:37)
Tom Paxton - The Last Thing On My Mind (3:05)

Paul Butterfield Band - Born In Chicago (3:13)   @ youtube
Kathy & Carol - Fair Beauty Bright (2:32)

Mark Spoelstra - White Winged Dove (4:04)
Fred Neil - Blues On The Ceiling (2:22)
Bruce Murdoch - Rompin' Rovin' Days (2:15)
Phil Ochs - Power And The Glory (2:15)

notes by Stefan E. Powers
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Elektra S-8
51968Fantastic Folk

- France Blues
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Elektra EUK 259
61973Soundtracks for
"Electra Glide in Blue"

- Meadow Mountain Top
- Song of Sad Bottles
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United Artists UA-LA062-H

more info

71984Bleecker And MacDougal
(The Folk Scene Of The 1960's)

- White Winged Dove
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Elektra 60381

more info

(White Blues In The 1960s - The Jac Holzman Years )

- France Blues
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Elektra 60383-1-U
boxed set
The Best of Broadside 1962 - 1988
Anthems of the American Underground from the Pages of Broadside Magazine

- Civil Defense Sign

Smithsonian Folkways
SFW CD 40130

more info

from liner notes to 'Out of My Hands'; photo: Dale Barnett, Images For The Ages; click to enlarge !
Mark Spoelstra
(from liner notes to 'Out of My Hands'; photographer: Dale Barnett)

Production / (Guest) Appearances on other Artist's recordings
of release
artist / title / instrument(s) played by Mark Spoelstralabel # / notes
11976Pam Mark (Hall)


Aslan ARS-1001

from liner notes to 'Out of My Hands'; photo: Dale Barnett, Images For The Ages; click to enlarge !
Mark Spoelstra
(from liner notes to 'Out of My Hands'; photographer: Dale Barnett)

Other artist's Covers of Mark Spoelstra songs
of release
Record Title

- featured Mark Spoelstra song
label # / notes
11964Harry Belafonte
Ballads, Blues and Boasters

- My Love Is A Dewdrop [lyrics]

RCA Victor LSP-2953
21982Janis Joplin: Farewell Song
- Magic Of Love
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= PC 37569

more info


31999Big Brother & The Holding Co: Cheap Thrills
- Magic Of Love (CD bonus track; previously unreleased live March 1968 version)
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Columbia PC 9700
41998Janis Joplin/Big Brother & The Holding Co: Live At Winterland '68
- Magic Of Love

Sony/Columbia Legacy 64869

more info

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Mark Spoelstra's song 'My Love Is A Dewdrop' [lyrics]
not to be confused with the traditional song
'My Love Is Like A Dewdrop' [notes/lyrics]


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