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Testament Records

Testament Records was founded in 1963
by Pete Welding (1935-1995)

This discography is a non-commercial labor-of-love and is in no way associated with any business firm.
All I know about the resp. artist's / label's musical output is shown on this page. To purchase out-of-print records I recommend an ebay, gemm or google search. And - sorry for that - I have not the time to answer any e-mails asking me about further information, let alone duplicating out-of-print recordings I happen to own.

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year of
Can't Keep From Crying
Topical Blues on the Death of President Kennedy

Big Joe Williams
- A Man Amongst Men
James & Fannie Brewer
- I Want To Know Why
John Lee Granderson
- A Man For The Nation
Otis Spann
- Sad Day In Texas
Mary Ross
- President Kennedy Gave His Life
Bill Jackson
- The 22nd Day Of November

James Brewer
- Why Did He Have To Go?
Johnny Young
- I Tried Not To Cry
Avery Brady
- Poor Kennedy
Fannie Brewer
- When We Got The Message
Jimmy Brown
- He Was Loved By All The People

CD bonus tracks:
Jimmy Brown
- Tribute To J.F.K.
Avery Brady
- Poor Kennedy no. 2

rec. in Chicago, IL in the weeks immediately following JFK's death on November 22, 1963 by Norman Dayron and Peter J. Welding; prod. by Peter J. Welding
notes by Peter J. Welding
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Testament S-01

notes by Peter J. Welding
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= Bounty BY 6035 (1967)

notes by Peter J. Welding
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(=) Testament TCD 5007

200 / 2200 series
Testament T-201
Bill Jackson: Long Steel Rail
Blues by Maryland Songster Bill Jackson

- Old Rounder Blues
- Long Steel Rail
- Last Go Round
- Careless Love
- Titanic Blues
- Freight Train Runs So Slow

- Blues In The Morning
- You Ain't No Woman
- Freight Train Blues
- Moaning Guitar Blues
- Goin' Back South
- Blood Red River
- Don't Put Your Hands On Me

CD bonus tracks:
- Jailhouse Blues
- Key To The Highway
- Master & John
- Monkey, Baboon & Ape

address on label:
Testament T-201: "7 West Grand/Chicago, Illinois"

rec. in Philadelphia on New Years day 1962 by Pete Welding; Bill Jackson, voc, 6 & 12 str g (from Granite, Maryland)
notes by Pete Welding

Testament T-201

(=) Testament TCD 5014

Testament T-2202
Jimmy Walker & Erwin Helfer: Rough & Ready

- Rough And Ready
- Give Me 5 Cents Worth Of Love
- Goin' Back To Texas
- Give Me 10 Cents Worth Of Love
- Sneaky Pete
- Walkin' With Walker
- Mama Told Me
- Soul Woogie #
- Rough And Ready no. 2 #
- Makin' The Changes
- Ella Mae
- Fringe Benefit
- Sweet Patootie
- Mr. Freddie
- Four O'clock Blues
- On Your Way
- Mean And Evil #
- Dirty Dozens #
- One Step Beyond #
- Four O'Clock Blues (alt. take) #

# CD bonus tracks

rec. 1964 in Chicago, Ill.; Jimmy Walker, voc, p; Erwin Helfer, p; Lillian Walker, voc, Willie Dixon, b

Testament T-2202

= Testament TCD 5011

Testament T-2203
Modern Chicago Blues

Johnny Young
- My Baby Walked Out In 1954
Wilbert Jenkins
- Married Woman Blues
Johnny Young
- You Make Me Feel So Good
Maxwell St. Jimmy
- Crying Won't Make Me Stay
Big Walter Horton
- Everybody's Fishing
Johnny Young
- Money Talking Woman
Robert Nighthawk
- Blues Before Sunrise
Johnny Young
- Back To Chicago
John Lee Granderson
- Bumble Bee #
Maxwell Street Jimmy
- I've Got My Eyes on You #

Johnny Young
- Bad Blood
John Wrencher
- I'm Going To Detroit
Maxwell St. Jimmy
- Hanging Around My Door
Johnny Young
- Tired Of You Smiling
Wilbert Jenkins
- Crawling King Snake
Johnny Young
- Let Me Ride Your Mule
Big Walter Horton
- Hard-Hearted Woman
Johnny Young
- I Don't Feel Good
Maxwell Street Jimmy
Long Haired Doney #
John Lee Granderson
That's All Right #
William Mack
Hideaway #

# CD bonus tracks

Testament T-2203

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= Bounty BY 6025 (UK 1966)

= Polydor 545031 (UK 19??)

= Testament TCD 5008

Testament T-204/T-2204
The Legendary Peg Leg Howell

- Blood Red River
- John Henry
- Uncle Sam Blues
- Jack Rabbit Blues
- Worried Blues

- Jelly Roll Blues
- Jo Jo Blues
- Skin Game Blues
- Coal Man Blues
- Let Me Play With Your Yo-Yo

rec. April 11, 1963 in Atlanta, GA by George Mitchell; Peg Leg Howell, voc, g

originally supposed to come out on Delmark Records
addresses on labels:
Testament T-204: "5851 Blackstone Avenue/Chicago 37, Illinois"
Testament T-2204 repressing: "Los Angeles, Calif."

Peg Leg Howell discography

notes by Pete Welding

Testament T-204 / T-2204

no CD release !!!

Testament T-2205
Big Joe Williams
Back To The Country

- Ain't Gonna Be Your Lowdown Dog
- Annie Mae
- You Can Stay Out
- Mean Backstabber
- Worry You Off My Mind
- Miss Ida B
- Put On Your Nightcap
- Woody Woodpecker
- I Got My Ticket
- Saturday Night Ball #

- Shake Your Boogie
- See See Rider
- Blues Everywhere I Go
- Worried And Lonesome
- My Black Woman
- The Moon Is Rising
- Down The Line
- My Baby Left Me A Mule To Ride
- Desert Blues
- Breakdown (instr)
- Goin' Back Home #

# CD bonus tracks

with Jimmy Brown, fiddle, g; Willie Lee Harris, hca

Big Joe Williams discography

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Testament T 2205

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= Bounty BY 6018 (UK 1966)

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= Testament CD 5013 (1994)

Testament T-2206
Doctor Ross: Call The Doctor
Breakdowns And Blues By Mississippi One-Man Band Dr. Isaiah Ross

- Cat Squirrel
- Blues & Trouble
- Freight Train
- Illinois Blues
- Hobo Blues
- Mama Blues
- My Little Woman
- Dr. Ross' Rock

- 32-20
- Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
- Chicago Breakdown
- China Blues
- Blues In The Night
- Going To The River
- Drifting Blues
- Fox Chase

CD bonus track:
- Jivin' Blues

rec. 1965 in Flint, Michigan Pete Welding

Doctor Ross discography

Testament T-2206

= Bounty BY 6020 (UK 1966)

= Testament TCD 5009 (1994)

Testament T-2207
Chicago Blues: The Beginning

Muddy Waters & Homer Harris
- Hard Day Blues
Johnny Shines
- Delta Pine Blues
James Clark with Homer Harris & Muddy Waters
- Come To Me Baby
Homer Harris & Muddy Waters
- Atomic Bomb Blues
Johnny Shines
- Ride, Ride, Mama
Muddy Waters & Homer Harris
- Jitterbug Blues

Homer Harris & Muddy Waters
- I'm Gonna Cut Your Head
Johnny Shines
- Evil Hearted Woman Blues
Muddy Waters & Homer Harris
- Burying Ground Blues
James Clark with Homer Harris & Muddy Waters
- You Can't Make The Grade
Johnny Shines
- Tennessee Woman Blues
Homer Harris & Muddy Waters
- Tomorrow Will Be Too Late
notes by Pete Welding

Testament 2207
Testament T-2208
My Home Is In The Delta - Blues and Spirituals by Fred and Annie McDowell

- Waiting For My Baby
- I'm In Jail Again
- The Girl I'm Loving
- Going Down South, Carrying My Whip
- Diving Duck Blues
- The Sun Rose This Morning

- Get Right Church
- Amazing Grace
- Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin' Bed
- Where Could I Go
- The Lord Will Make A Way
- Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
- When The Saints

CD bonus tracks:
- Six White Horses
- Down on Dankin's Farm
- Big Road Blues
- When I Lay My Burden Down

rec. Como, MS Nov. 24, 1963 (side 1) & Feb. 24, 1964 (side 2)

Mississippi Fred McDowell discography

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Testament T-2208

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= Bounty BY 6022

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= Polydor 236.570 (UK 1966)
"Going Down South"

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= Testament TCD 5019

Testament T-2209
The Sound Of The Delta
A Mississippi Blues Anthology

Ruby McCoy
- Black Mary
Elijah Brown
- Won't Be Troubled Long
Big Joe Williams
- Your Close Friend
Avery Brady
- Goin' Home With My Baby #
Mississippi Fred McDowell
- Kokomo
Bert Logan
- Don't You Want To Be A Member?
Elijah Brown
- Pearline
Arthur Weston
- Uncle Sam Called Me (I Got To Go)
Avery Brady
- Bad Weather

Big Joe Williams
- Walkin' Blues #
Ruby McCoy
- Rising Sun, Shine On
Arthur Weston
- Early in the Morning
Big Joe Williams
- Walkin' Ground Hog
Elijah Brown
- Winding Ball
Avery Brady
- Uncle Sam's Own Ship #
Russ Logan
- Annie Mae
Mississippi Fred McDowell
- Louise
Avery Brady
- Let Me Drive Your Ford
Andrew Cauthen
- Canary Bird

# CD bonus tracks

prod. by Sammy and Pete Welding
engineered by Norman Dayron or Big Joe Williams
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Testament LP 2209 (US)

= Bounty BY 6033 (UK)

= Testament TCD 5012

Testament T-2210
Muddy Waters: Down On Stovall's Plantation
His First Recordings: The Celebrated 1941-42 Library Of Congress Recordings, with The Son Sims Four

- I Be's Troubled
- Rambling Kid Blues
- You Got To Take Sick And Die Some Of These Days
- Burr Clover Blues
- Pearlie Mae Blues
- Country Blues No. 1

- Why Don't You Live So God Can Use You?
- Country Blues No. 2, Take A
- Walk With Me
- Joe Turner
- You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Dead And Gone
- I Be Bound To Write To You

rec. 1941/42 for the Library of Congress by Alan Lomax

Testament T-2210

= Bounty BY 6031

(=) MCA/Chess CD 9344
(1993) "The Complete
Plantation Recordings

(=) Universe LUNV111 (It)

Testament T-2211
Otis Spann's Chicago Blues: Nobody Knows My Troubles

- Get Your Hands Out Of My Pocket
- Nobody Knows My Troubles
- Sarah Street
- Worried Life Blues
- You Can't Hide
- Jack-Knife
- What's On Your Worried Mind?

- Vicksburg Blues
- Who's Out There?
- Spann's Boogie Woogie
- See See Rider
- Lovin' You
- One-Room Country Shack
- Mr. Jelly-Roll Baker

CD bonus track:
- G.B. Blues 
Otis Spann, voc, p; James Cotten, hca; Johnny Young, g; Jimmy Lee Morris, b; S. P. Leary, dr
notes by Pete Welding

Testament T-2211

= Testament TCD 5005

Testament T-2212
The Johnny Shines Band
Masters Of Modern Blues Volume 1

- Rollin' & Tumblin'
- Trouble Is All I See
- Mr. Tom Green's Farm
- My Black Mare
- What Kind Of Little Girl Are You?

- So Cold In Vietnam
- Sweet Home Chicago
- Walkin' Blues
- Black Panther
- Two Trains Runnin'

no CD bonus tracks

The Johnny Shines Band with Otis Spann, Big Walter Horton, Lee Jackson, Fred Below

Johnny Shines discography

notes by Pete Welding

Testament 2212

notes by Pete Welding

= Testament TCD-5002
(1994) "Masters Of
Modern Blues"

= P-Vine PCD-5565

Testament T-2213
J.B. Hutto & The Hawks
Masters of Modern Blues Volume 2

- Dust My Broom
- Mistake In Life
- Goin' Down Slow
- Lulubelle's Here
- She's So Sweet

- My Kind Of Woman
- Pet Cream Man
- Blues Stay Away From Me
- The Girl I Love
- Sloppy Drunk

TCD 5020 bonus tracks:
- Wild Wild Woman
- Bluebird

J. B. Hutto & The Hawks with Johnny Young, Big Walter Horton, Lee Jackson, Fred Below

Testament T-2213

= Testament TCD 5020

(=) Retroworld 165
(along with TCD-5010)

Testament T-2214
Floyd Jones - Eddie Taylor
Masters of Modern Blues Volume 3

Floyd Jones
- Rising Wind
- Stockyard Blues
- M&O Blues
- Dark Road
- Sweet Talkin' Woman #
- Hard Times
- Playhouse Blues #
- Dark Road #

Eddie Taylor
- Big Town Playboy
- Peach Tree Blues
- Bad Boy
- Feel So Bad #
- Train Fare Home
- Take Your Hand Down
- After Hours
- Bad Boy #

# CD bonus tracks

Floyd Jones, voc, g; Eddie Taylor voc, g; Big Walter Horton, hca; Otis Spann, p; Fred Below, dr; prod. by Pete Welding

Floyd Jones discography

notes by Pete Welding

Testament T-2214

= Testament TCD 5001

Testament T-2215
Robert Nighthawk / Houston Stackhouse
Masters of Modern Blues Volume 4

Robert Nighthawk
- Black Angel Blues
- Maggie Campbell
- Crowing Rooster Blues
- I'm Getting Tired
- Bricks In My Pillow
- Merry Christmas Baby

Robert Nighthawk
- Crying Won't Help You
- Kansas City Blues
- Kidman Blues #
- Bricks In My Pillow (alt. take) #
Houston Stackhouse with Robert Nighthawk
- Big Road Blues *
- Cool Water Blues *
- Big Fat Mama Blues *
- Take A Little Walk With Me *
- Bye Bye Blues #
- Mean Old World #
- The Wrong Man [] #
- Kansas City Blues [] #

Houston Stackhouse tracks rec. August 28, 1967 in Dundee, Ms.; Houston Stackhouse, b; Robert Nighthawk, g, [] voc; Peck Curtis, dr

# TCD 5010 bonus tracks
notes by Pete Welding

Testament T-2215

= Testament TCD 5010

(=) Retroworld 165
(along with TCD-5020)

Testament T-2216
Bottleneck Blues

Napoleon Strickland
- Key To The Bushes
Big Joe Williams
- Talking About Bottleneck
- Traveling Blues
Robert Night Hawk
- Crying Won't Help You

Mississippi Fred McDowell
- Six White Horses
Mott Willis
- Knife Instrumental
Robert Lee Granderson
- Flora Blues
J.B. Hutto & The Hawks
- Wild Wild Woman
Blind Connie Williams
- St. Louis Blues
David Honeyboy Edwards
- Worryin' Woman Blues
Robert Johnson
- I'm Coming, Lord, Please Don't Drive Me Away
Chicago Blues Band
- Verna Lee Blues

Mississippi Fred McDowell
- Wouldn't Mind Dying
John Littlejohn
- Dust My Broom
Blind Connie Williams
- Trouble In Mind
Big Joe Williams
- How Do You Want Your Rollin' Done
Mott Willis
- M & O Blues
Johnny Shines
- Crucial Moment
Jack Owens
- Train Time
Robert Johnson
- I Don't Know When Death Is Gonna Call Me
Herb Quinn
- Casey, You Can't Ride This Train
Napoleon Strickland
- Skake 'Em Down
[Testament 2216
announced, but not issued]

Testament TCD 5021

= P-Vine PCD-5576 (Jp)

Testament T-2217
Johnny Shines with Big Walter Horton

- Hello Central
- You Don't Have To Go
- Sneakin' And Hidin'
- 'Til I Made My Tonsils Sore
- Fat Mama
- Worried Life Blues
- I Cry, I Cry
- If It Ain't Me
- I Want To Warn You, Baby
- G.B. Blues

CD bonus track:
- I Cry, I Cry (alt. take)
- Sneakin' and Hidin' Part 2

rec. 1966 in Chicago and 1969 in Los Angeles; Johnny Shines, voc, g; Big Walter Horton, hca; Otis Spann, p; Lee Jackson, b; Fred Below, dr; Luther Allison, g; Prince Candy, b; Bill Brown, dr

Johnny Shines discography

notes by Pete Welding

Testament 2217

= Testament TCD-5015

Testament T-2218
Goin' To Chicago

LP tracks:
Sam Lay Blues Band
- Tell Me, Mama
- Walking By Myself
- I Can't Be Satisfied
Billy Boy Arnold Band
- I Left My Happy Home
- Billy Boy's Jump
- Crying And Pleading

J.B. Hutto & The Hawks
- Wild, Wild Woman
- Bluebird
Floyd Jones - Eddie Taylor Band
- Playhouse Blues
- I Feel So Bad
- Sweet Talkin' Woman

CD tracks:
Billy Boy Arnold Band
- Left My Happy Home
- Billy Boy's Jump
- Cryin' and Pleadin'
- Left My Happy Home (alt. take)
- Baby Jane
- Rock 'n' Roll
- Baby Left Me A Mule to Ride
- Hello Baby
- I Love Only You
- Evalina
- Come See Me Early in the Morning (take 1)
- Why Is Everybody Down On Me
- Come See Me Early in the Morning (take 2)
- Somebody Help Me With These Blues

Testament T-2218

(=) Testament TCD 5018

Testament T-2219
Fred McDowell And The Hunter's Chapel Singers:
Amazing Grace

- Jesus On The Mainline
- When I Lay My Burden Down
- I'm So Glad I Got Good Religion
- Going Over The Hill
- I Know I've Been Converted
- Just a Little More Faith
- Back Back Train
- You Got To Move
- Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed
- Amazing Grace
- Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
- Tell The Angels
- When You Come Out Of The Wilderness
- The Lord Will Make A Way
- It's A Blessing
- This Little Light Of Mine

no CD bonus tracks

Fred McDowell, g, voc; Fannie Davis, voc; Annie Mae McDowell, voc; Grace Bowden, voc; James Collins, voc

Mississippi Fred McDowell discography

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Testament T-2219

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= Testament TCD 5004

Testament T-2220
The Chicago String Band
Carl Martin, Johnny Young, John Lee Granderson, John Wrencher

- The Sun Is Sinking Low
- Trouble On Your Hands
- Weeping And Moaning
- You Know I Do
- Hoodoo Blues
- You Got Good Business

- Take It Easy Baby #
- I Got To Find That Woman
- Clean Cut Mama
- Railroad Blues
- Don't Sic Your Dog On Me
- John Henry
- Memphis, Tenn., 1939 Blues
- Bye Bye Pete #

# CD bonus tracks

John Lee Granderson discography

Carl Martin discography

John Wrencher discography

Johnny Young discography

notes by Pete Welding

Testament T-2220

= Testament TCD 5006

Testament T-2221
Johnny Shines: Standing At The Crossroads

- Standing At The Crossroads
- Milk Cow's Troubles
- Death Hearse Blues
- Drunken Man's Prayer
- Hoo-Doo Snake Doctor Blues
- It's A Lowdown Dirty Shame

- How Long #
- Crying Black Angel #
- Down In Spirit #
- Your Troubles Can't Be Like Mine
- Kind-Hearted Woman
- Baby Sister Blues
- My Rat
- Don't Take A Country Woman
- Kind-Hearted Woman (alt.) #
- Death Hearse Blues (alt.) #

# CD bonus tracks:

rec. Nov. 11 & 17, 1970 in Altadena, Ca.; Johnny Shines, voc, g

Johnny Shines discography

notes by Pete Welding

Testament 2221

= Testament TCD-5022

Testament T-2222
It Must Have Been The Devil
Mississippi Country Blues by Jack Owens & Bud Spires

- Can't See, Baby
- Jack Ain't Had No Water
- Cherry Ball #
- Nothin' But Notes
- Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl
- I Love My Baby #

- Catfish Blues
- It Must Have Been The Devil
- Hard Times #
- Ain't No Lovin', Ain't No Gettin' Along #
- I Won't Be Bad No More #

# CD bonus tracks

rec. September 7, 1970 in Bentonia, MS by David Evans

Jack Owens discography

notes by David Evans
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Testament T-2222

= Testament TCD 5016

Testament T-2223
Traveling Through The Jungle
Negro Five & Drum Bands

Ephram Carter, J.W. Jones, James Jones, Floyd Bussey
- Old Hen Cackled, Laid A Double Egg
- Unknown Piece
- Shout, Lula With The Red Dress On
- Buck Dance
- I Love Jesus, Yes, I Do
J.W. Jones
- Wake Up, Sal, Day Done Come, Let Me Chew Your Rosin Some
Ephram Carter, J.W. Jones, James Jones, Floyd Bussey
- Old Lady Dinah Sitting By The Fire
Sid Hemphill Band
- Jesse James
Alec Askew
- Come On, Boys, Let's Go To The Ball
Sid Hemphill Band
- The Death March
- Emmaline, Take Your Time
- The Sidewalks Of New York

Napoleon Strickland, Othar Turner, R.L. Boyce
- My Babe
Napoleon Strickland, Fred McDowell
- Traveling Through The Jungle
Compton Jones, Othar Turner
- Sitting On Top Of The World
Othar Turner, Arthur Williams, R.L. Boyce
- Late At Midnight, Just A Little 'fore Day
Napoleon Strickland, Othar Turner, R.L. Boyce
- Granny, Will Your Dog Bite?
Compton Jones
- Number Five
Napoleon Strickland, Jimmy Buford, R.L. Boyce
- When The Saints Go Marching In

CD bonus tracks:
- Fife and Drum Piece
- I'm So Worried
- Baseball Bat
- Rollin' and Tumblin'

rec. 1969 & 1970

Testament T-2223

= Testament TCD 5017

Testament T-2224
Eddie Lee Jones: Yonder Go That Old Black Dog
Blues, Spirituals and Folksongs from Rural Georgia by Eddie Lee Jones and Family

- Yonder Go That Old Black Dog
- Baby Please Don't Go
- She's Mine She's Yours
- Oh Graveyard You Can't Hold Me Alway
- You're Gonna Need My Help Someday
- Slide Instrumental
- Stop And Listen
- I May Never See You Anymore

- I Got A Yellow Gal
- John Henry
- I Won't Be Troubled No More
- I'm Talking 'bout You
- Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
- Instrumental
- Let That Liar Alone
- Which Way Does The Blood Red River Run

no CD bonus tracks

rec. in Lexington, Georgia in 1965 by a graduate student completing his dissertation - Bill Koon

Testament T-2224

= Testament TCD 5023

Testament T-2225
Blind Connie Williams: Philadelphia Street Singer

- St. Louis Blues   @ Spotify
- Careless Love
- Trouble In Mind   @ youtube   @ Spotify
- Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt
- See See Rider
- One Thin Dime
- Stop By The Woodside
- John Henry

- Crossed The Separated Line
- I Can See Everybody's Mother, Can't See Mine   @ youtube
- Will The Circle Be Unbroken
- Take Your Burden To The Lord []
- Oh What A Time
- Mother Left Me Standing On The Highway
- Through The Years I Keep On Toiling
- Motherless Children []
- I Shall Not Be Moved

CD bonus tracks:
- Milky White Way   @ youtube
- Gonna Talk For My Savior
- When The Saints Go Marching In
- He Watches Down Over Me
- I'll Fly Away
- He's The Lily Of The Valley

rec. May 5, 1961 in Philadelphia, PA by Pete Welding; Blind Connie Williams, voc, g, [] accordion

Testament T-2225

(=) Testament TCD 5024

Testament T-2226
Johnny Young & His Friends

- Prison Bound
- Sugar Farm Blues
- All My Money Gone
- My Home Ain't Here
- Did You Get That Letter?
- I'm Leaving Baby
- I Got It

- Meet Me In The Bottom
- You Made Me Feel So Good
- Blues And Trouble
- Kid Man Blues #
- Humpty Dumpty
- Instrumental #
- Forty-Four Blues
- Whoop It Up

# CD bonus tracks

Testament T-2226

= Testament TCD 5003

Testament T-2227
Johnny Turner & Zaven Jambazian: Blues With A Feeling

- Checkin’ On My Baby #
- Hard Luck Blues
- Can't Hold Out Much Longer #
- She's Mine All Mine
- Tennessee Woman Blues

- Tomorrow Night #
- You’re So Fine
- Last Night
- Don’t Start Me To Talking #
- You Don't Have To Go

no CD bonus tracks

# Jake Leg JL-100 tracks

rec. May 25, 1976 at The Raven & The Rose in Sierra Madre, CA.; Johnny Turner, voc, g; Zaven Jambazian, hca; Tony Manriquez, b; Stu Perry, dr; originally prod. by Zaven Jambazian, LP prod. by Zaven Jambazian and Pete Welding
Jake Leg JL-100 (1976)
(7 inch 4 track EP)

Testament T-2227

= Testament TCD 5025

3300 series
Testament T-3301
Nancy, Dorsey & Howard Dixon: Babies In The Mill

- Babies In The Mill
- Weave Room Blues - (duet with Howard)
- I Saw The Wood
- Across The Shining River
- Hard Times In Here - (solo by Nancy)
- Hard Times In Here
- Christmas Cake
- Will The Circle Be Unbroken
- Be At Home Soon Tonight
- Pin Ball Machine
- Wreck Of The Old '97
- Factory Girl - (solo by Nancy)
- Factory Girl
- Weaver's Life - (duet with Howard)
- Burglar Man
- Wreck On The Highway
- Somebody Touched Me
- Our Johnny
- Girl I Left In Danville - (duet with Howard)

rec. East Rockimgham, NC, August 6-8, 1962; Dorsey Dixon, voc, g; Howard Dixon, Nancy Dixon

Dixon Brothers discography

notes by Archie Green

Testament T-3301

= HMG2502-CD

Testament T-3302
Jimmy Tarlton: Steel Guitar Rag

- John Henry
- Banks Of The Ohio
- Steel Guitar Rag
- Jimmie's Blue Heaven
- All Bound Down In Birmingham Jail
- Put-together Blues
- Pretty Little Girl
- Never Get Drunk Anymore
- Down In Florida On A Hog

- Fort Benning Blues
- Lowe Bonnie
- Uncle Joe And His Hounds
- Ain't It A Sin To Gamble On A Sunday
- Joe Bowers
- Hawaiian March
- Administration Blues
- Cowboy Johnny
- Brown Eyes
- Rollie Dixon

prod. by Eugene Earle
notes by Ann
& Norman Cohen

Testament T-3302

= HMG-2503-CD (1998)

4400 series
Testament T-4401
Pete Robinson: Dialogues For Piano And Reeds

- St. Louis Views
- Dark Boy
- Motes
- Handles
- Entrance
- Blues Connotation

- Cloud Song For Zina
- R.U.R
- Serpentine Lament
- Oblique Freight
- Mouth Piece

rec. 1972; Pete Robinson, Ernie Watts, Alan Praskin, Charles Orena

Testament T-4401
Testament T-4402
New Music By The New Phil Woods Quartet

- Charity
- Cumulus
   - Nefertiti
   - Riot
- Yesterdays #

rec. 1973 in Los Angeles; Phil Woods, asax; Pete Robinson, p, synth; Henry 'The Skipper' Franklin, b; Brian Moffatt, dr
# rec. live (poss. at Donte's Jazz Club, 4269 Lankershim Boulevard, Hollywood, Calif.)

Testament T-4402

Additional information appreciated !!!


Sources / Further reading:
- own record collection
- http://www.atsf.co.uk/elektra/discography.php?from=5260&to=5640
- eBay auctions
- diverse internet resources

Thanks to Alan Balfour for additional info / scan


Testament CDpreceding LP
Testament TCD 5001 Masters Of Modern Blues, Floyd Jones & Eddie TaylorTestament T-2214
Testament TCD 5002 Masters Of Modern Blues, The Johnny Shines BandTestament T-2212
Testament TCD 5003 Johnny Young & His Friends, Johnny Young & His FriendsTestament T-2226
Testament TCD 5004 Amazing Grace, Fred McDowellTestament T-2219
Testament TCD 5005 Otis Spann's Chicago Blues, Otis SpannTestament T-2211
Testament TCD 5006 The Chicago String Band, The Chicago StringbandTestament T-2220
Testament TCD 5007 Can't Keep From Cryin'Testament S-01
Testament TCD 5008 Modern Chicago BluesTestament T-2203
Testament TCD 5009 Call The Doctor, Dr Isaiah RossTestament T-2206
Testament TCD 5010 Masters Of Modern Blues, Nighthawk & StackhouseTestament T-2215
Testament TCD 5011 Rough & Ready, Jimmy Walker / Erwin HelferTestament T-2202
Testament TCD 5012 The Sound Of The DeltaTestament T-2209
Testament TCD 5013 Back To The Country, Big Joe WilliamsTestament T-2205
Testament TCD 5014 Long Steel Rail, Bill JacksonTestament T-201/T-2201
Testament TCD 5015 Shines & Horton, Johnnny Shines & Big Walter HortonTestament T-2217
Testament TCD 5016 It Must Have Been The Devil, Jack Owens & Bud SpiresTestament T-2222
Testament TCD 5017 Travelling Trough The Jungle, Fife And Drum BandTestament T-2223
Testament TCD 5018 Goin' To Chicago, Billy Boy ArnoldTestament T-2218
Testament TCD 5019 My Home Is In The Delta, Fred McDowellTestament T-2208
Testament TCD 5020 Masters Of Modern Blues, JB Hutto & HawksTestament T-2213
Testament TCD 5021 Bottleneck Blues[Testament T-2216, not issued]
Testament TCD 5022 Standing At The Crossroads, Johnny ShinesTestament T-2221
Testament TCD 5023 Yonder Go That Old Black Dog , Eddie Lee JonesTestament T-2224
Testament TCD 5024 Philadelphia Street Singer, Blind Connie WilliamsTestament T-2225
Testament TCD 5025 Blues With A Feeling, Johnny TurnerTestament T-2227
Testament TCD 5026 I'm a Southern Man, Louis MyersAdvent 2809
Testament TCD 5027 Born in Texas, Thomas ShawAdvent 2801
Testament TCD 5028 Chicago Blues At HomeAdvent 2806
Testament TCD 5029 San Diego Blues JamAdvent 2804
Testament TCD 5030 Standing on the Highway, Clarence Clay & William ScottBluesville 1066
Testament TCD 5031 Hard Luck John, John Lee Granderson---
Testament TCD 6001 Live The Life, Otis Spann---
Testament TCD 6002 Crawling Kingsnake, David Honeyboy Edwards---
Testament TCD 6003 If You've Ever Been Mistreated, Doug Quattlebaum[Heritage, not issued]
Testament TCD 6004 Mandolin Blues---
Testament TCD 6005 Pea Vine Whistle, Arthur Weston---
Testament TCD 6006 Crow Jane Blues, Carl Martin---
Testament TCD 6007 Levee Camp Blues, Fred McDowellOrigin Jazz Library OJL 8051
Testament TCD 6008 Goin' To Brownsville, Sleepy John Estes---
Testament TCD 6009 Down Home Slide---
Testament TCD 6010 These Are My Blues, Big Joe Williams---
Testament TCD 6011 Down Home Harp---


Testament Records addresses:

5851 Blackstone Avenue / Chicago 37, Illinois
P.O. Box 1813 / Chicago, Illinois 60690

577 Levering Avenue / Los Angeles, California 90024

507 Palo Verde Avenue / Pasadena, California 91107


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