C A T   I R O N; from notes of Folkways FA 2389; photographer: Frederic Ramsey Jr.
source: notes of Folkways FA 2389
photographer: Frederic Ramsey Jr.

Cat Iron
William Carradine
'Cat Iron' is not an actual nickname, but a mishearing of his surname
b. c. 1896 in Garden City, Louisiana

d. c. 1958 in Natchez, Mississippi

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Cat Iron LPs / CDs
of release
titlelabel # / notes
11958Cat-Iron Sings Blues And Hymns

- Poor Boy A Long, Long Way From Home
- Don't Your House Look Lonesome
- Tell Me, You Didn't Mean Me No Good
- Jimmy Bell
- I'm Goin' To Walk Your Log
- Got A Girl In Ferriday, One In Greenwood Town [XTRA: 'Farriday']

- Well I'm In Your Hand
- When I Lay My Burden Down
- Old Time Religion
- Fix Me Right
- The Blood Done Signed My Name
- When The Saints Go Marching Home

rec. / prod. 1957 in Buckner's Alley in Natchez, Mississippi by Frederic Ramsey Jr.

notes by Frederic Ramsey Jr.

Folkways FA 2389

notes by Mike Raven

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= XTRA 1087 (UK 1969)
"Cat Iron Sings Blues And Hymns"

custom CD from

22003Classic Blues from Smithsonian Folkways

- Old Jabo - Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
- Mule-Ridin' Blues - Big Bill Broonzy
- Joggie Boogie - Memphis Slim And Willie Dixon
- Black Woman - Vera Hall
- Mercury Blues - K. C. Douglas
- Ran The Blues Out Of My Window - Roosevelt Sykes
- Leaving Blues - Lead Belly
- One Dime Blues - Etta Baker
- County Farm Blues - Son House
- Clog Dance (Stomping Blues) - Champion Jack Dupree
- Boll Weevil - Pink Anderson
- Nickel's Worth Of Liver - Edith North Johnson And Henry Brown
- Don't Leave Me Here - Big Joe Williams

- Jimmy Bell - Cat Iron
- Candy Man - Rev. Gary Davis
- Beer Drinking Woman - Memphis Slim And Willie Dixon
- Come Go Home With Me - Lightnin' Hopkins
- Careless Love - Josh White
- I Asked Her If She Loved Me - Henry Townsend
- Rising Sun - Brownie McGhee And Sonny Terry
- Pony Blues - David "Honeyboy" Edwards
- Vicksburg Blues - Little Brother Montgomery
- Vastapol - Elizabeth Cotten
- Drifting Along Blues - Lonnie Johnson
- Oh Baby, You Don't Have To Go - The Chambers Brothers
- Don't Lie Buddy - Lead Belly And Josh White

prod. by Barry Lee Pearson

notes by
Barry Lee Pearson

Folkways Smithsonian
32003Classic Blues from Smithsonian Folkways Vol. 2

- Dark Road - Brownie McGhee And Sonny Terry
- Step It Up And Go - Warner Williams
- It Was Early One Morning - Lead Belly
- Blues - Until My Baby Comes Home - Nora Lee King
- That's No Way To Do - Pink Anderson
- Farro Street Jive - Little Brother Montgomery
- I Ain't Gonna Cry No More (Depot Blues) - Son House
- Graveyard Blues - Roscoe Holcomb
- 44 Blues - Roosevelt Sykes
- Big Fat Mama - David "Honeyboy" Edwards
- Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor - Lucinda Williams
- Lieutenant Blues - Thomas Mcfarland (Barrelhouse Buck)
- The Woman Is Killing Me - Sonny Terry And Friends
- Little Drops Of Water - Edith North Johnson And Henry Brown
- When Things Go Wrong (It Hurts Me Too) - Big Bill Broonzy

- Poor Boy A Long, Long Way From Home - Cat-Iron
- My Jack Don't Drink Water No More - Shortstuff Macon
- 'way Behind The Sun - Barbara Dane
- Tell Me, Baby - Lightnin' Hopkins
- Just A Dream - Memphis Slim
- Jelly Jelly - Josh White
- Down In The Alley - The Chambers Brothers

prod. by Barry Lee Pearson

notes by
Barry Lee Pearson

Folkways Smithsonian

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William Carradine at his home at Buckner's Alley, Natchez; source: Jazz Monthly November 1957, p. 3; photographer: Frederic Ramsey Jr.; click to enlarge !
William Carradine at his home at Buckner's Alley, Natchez
source: Jazz Monthly November 1957, p. 3
photographer: Frederic Ramsey Jr.


Other artist's Covers of Cat Iron's songs
of release
Record Title

- featured Cat Iron song
label # / notes
106/63Koerner, Ray & Glover: Blues, Rags and Hollers

- Linin' Track
- Ramblin' Blues
- It's All Right
- Hangman
- Ted Mack Rag
- Down To Louisiana
- Creepy John
- Bugger Burns
- Sun's Wail
- Dust My Broom
- One Kind Favor
- Go Down Ol' Hanna
- Good Time Charlie
- Banjo Thing
- Stop That Thing
- Too Bad
- Snaker's Here
- Low Down Rounder

- Jimmy Bell
- Mumblin' Word
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Audiophile AP-78
211/63Koerner, Ray & Glover: Blues, Rags and Hollers

- Linin' Track
- Ramblin' Blues
- It's All Right
- Hangman
- Down To Louisiana
- Creepy John
- Bugger Burns
- Sun's Wail
- One Kind Favor
- Go Down Ol' Hanna
- Good Time Charlie
- Banjo Thing
- Stop That Thing
- Snaker's Here
- Low Down Rounder

- Jimmy Bell
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Elektra EKL-240

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= Mode Disques
"Chants du Sud des Etats-Unis"

This reissue of the
Audiophile disc is missing
four tunes from the
original Audiophile release

31971Stoney & Meatloaf

- (I'd Love To Be) As Heavy As Jesus
- She Waits By The Window
- It Takes All Kinds Of People
- Game Of Love
- Kiss Me Again

- What You See Is What You Get
- Sunshine (Where's Heaven?)

- Jimmy Bell
- Lady Be Mine
- Jessica White

Rare Earth R-528L

Prodigal PDL 2010 (1978)

Tamla Motown ZL 72217 (1986)

41976The Numbers Band: Jimmy Bell's Still In Town

- Animal Speaks
- About The Eye Game
- Narrow Road
- Thief

- Jimmy Bell (10:55)
- About Leaving Day

Water Brothers
Glitterhouse GRCD-522 (UK)
Hearpen HR-112
Bomba (Jp)
51978Peter Lang: Back To The Wall

- Going Down The China Road
- Back To The Wall
- Guitar Rag
- Country Blues Medley

- Jimmy Bell
- Colored Aristocracy

- My Dear Mary Anne
- Halloween Blues
- Living In The Weeds
- Windy And Warm
- This World Is Not My Home
- Farewell Maximillian

rec. 1975

Waterhouse 7
(White Blues In The 1960s - The Jac Holzman Years )

Koerner, Ray & Glover
- Linin' Track
- Hangman
- One Kin Favor
- Banjo Thing

- Jimmy Bell
- Corrina
- Fannin Street
- Black Dog

- Poor Howard
- Black Betty
- Broke-Down Engine
- Rent Party Rag
- Don't Let Your Right Hand Know What Your Left Hand Do
- Can't Get My Rest At Night
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Elektra 60383-1-U
706/93Ray & Glover: Picture Has Faded

- Tell Me Mama
- Jimmy Bell
- Can't See Your Face
- Downtown Blues
- Sitting On Top Of The World
- Long-Haired Doney
- Ice Blue

- Going Away Blues
- Afraid To Trust Them
- Mellow Chick Swing
- Saturday Blues
- New Buddy Brown
- If It Looks Like Jelly
- As The Years Go Passing By

EP bonus tracks:
- I Had To Give Up Gym
- Big Road

- What's Going On Wrong
- Temple's Cure

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The LP release contains a 45
EP bonus record with
additional four tunes
Tim/Kerr Records 92LP036
+ 92EP036

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Tim/Kerr Records 92CD036

more info at Dave Ray's site

81995The Sharks: Like A Van Parked On A Dark Curve

- Perfect Days
- Gone To The Dogs
- Cry Like A Baby
- Wake Me When It's Time To Dance
- White Man

- Jimmy Bell

- The First Thing
- Die For Love
- Can't Stop Thinking About Me
- Blues Rags And Hollers
- The Shadow Knows

rec. March 1993

Bubblehead BH003 (UK)
Angel Air SJPCD 090 (1998)

92002Tom Doughty: The Bell

- Banty Rooster
- Tell Me (You Didn't Mean Me No Good)
- Under The Bright Moon
- Come On In My Kitchen
- Sleepwalk
- Built Right On The Ground
- Into The Bong
- Mama In The Kitchen
- Ben Hall
- Been On The Road So Long
- Come Back Baby
- I'll Make Love To You Anytime
- The Bell

Corker Music CCD001


102007Peter Lang live at Charlotte's Web

- Daylight Is Darkkness
- Drifting Away
- Farewell Maximillian
- Fatback & Greens
- Future Shot At The Rainbow
- Going Down The China Road
- Green Apple Quickstep
- Two Steps Forward,One Step Back
- When Kings Come Home
- That Will Never Happen No More / Angel Of Baffins Bay
- Wide Oval Rip-off
- My Dear Mary Anne
- Young Man, Young Man, Look At Your Shoes
- Halloween Blues / That's All Right Medley
- Adair's Song
- Back To The Wall
- Colored Aristocracy
- Country Blues Medley
- Guitar Rag
- I Should Have Known

- Jimmy Bell
- Living In The Weeds
- Quetico Reel / Poor Howard
- R. C. Rag
- Red Meat On The Road
- Round Worm Reel / Snow Toad
- St. Charles Shuffle
- There Will Be A Happy Meeting In Heaven Tonight
- Toth's Song
- Turnpike Terror
2 CD + DVD package

Snapshot CD
102007Watermelon Slim & The Workers: The Wheel Man

- The Wheel Man
- I've Got News
- Black Water

- Jimmy Bell
- Newspaper Reporter
- Drinking & Driving
- Fast Eddie
- Sawmill Holler
- Truck Driving Mama
- I Know One
- Got Love If You Want It
- Rattlesnake
- Peaches
- Judge Harsh Blues

Northern Blues CD 38

Sources / Further reading:
- own record collection
- Les Fancourt & Bob McGrath: The Blues Discography 1943 - 1970.- Vancouver 2006, p. 87
- eBay auctions
- diverse internet resources

source of left column picture: Front cover of XTRA 1087

thanks to Alan Balfour and John Miller for scans / additional info

William Carradine = Cat Iron? source: Blues World 43 (Summer 1972), p. 9; click to read article !
William Carradine = Cat Iron?
source: Blues World 43 (Summer 1972), p. 9


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