Lisa Kindred
L I S A   K I N D R E D; source: Cover of Vanguard VRS 9196 (1965); photographer: Larry Shustak
source: Cover of Vanguard VRS 9196 (1965)  
photographer: Larry Shustak  

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Lisa Kindred LPs / CDs
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titlelabel # / notes
16/1964New Folks Vol. 2

Eric Andersen
- Boot Of Blue
- Dusty Box Car Wall
- Come To My Bedside
- Rambler's Lament

Lisa Kindred
- Wild Child ((World Of Trouble) *
- Times So Hard *
- Mole In The Ground *
- The Bulgine Run * #
Phil Ochs
- William Moore
- There But For Fortune
- Talking Airplane Disaster
- Paul Crump
- What Are You Fighting For
Bob Jones
- Put Your Finger In The Air #
- Black Jack Davey #
- Do Re Mi

* Lisa Kindred, voc, 12-string g; Bill Lee, b

# not on Vanguard CD 143/44-2 (prod. by Mary Katherine Aldin)

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Vanguard VRS 9140

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= Vanguard / King CD
KICP 2230 (Jp)

notes by
Mary Katherine Aldin

re-released 1993 on CD
(along with tracks from
"New Folks [Vol. 1]")
Vanguard CD 143/44-2
"The Original New Folks"

21965Lisa Kindred:
I Like It This Way

- Bring It With You When You Come []
- Reuben //
- Candy Man []
- I Like It This Way []
- If You Live Your Time Will Come []
- Down At Bolden's Place []

- Stealing //
- Move That Thing
- Out On The Western Plains []
- The Water Is Wide
- Baby, Did You Hear Me
- Hangin' Around //

- Wild Child *
- Times So Hard *
- The Bulgine Run *
- Mole In The Ground *

with instrumental ensemble directed by Erik Darling: Erik Darling, 6 + 12 str g, // voc in chorus; Russ Savakus, str b; Ted Summer, dr; [] Bill Svanoe, 6 + 12 str g; Don McLean, 6 + 12 str g, fretted dobro, // voc in chorus

* CD bonus tracks (from "New Folks Vol. 2")

notes by Peter La Farge
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Vanguard VRS 9196 (mono)

notes by Peter La Farge
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= VSD 79196 (stereo)

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(=) King KICP-774
(Jp 2001)

  Lisa Kindred
album supposed to be called Kindred Spirit

rec. 1966; prod by Mel Lyman; engineered by David Gude for the Vanguard company
[read the story]

intended to be
Vanguard VSD 79221

= Warner Bros./Reprise 6353
"The Lyman Family
with Lisa Kindred"

31/1970The Lyman Family with Lisa Kindred:
American Avatar

Love Comes Rolling Down

- California Water - take 1 (Trad.)
- James Alley Blues (Rabbit Brown)
- Good Shepherd (Trad.)
- Jesus Met The Woman At The Well (Trad.)

- It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Man [on label: "a Train"] To Cry (Bob Dylan)
- My Love Comes Rolling Down (Eric von Schmidt)
- California Water - take 2

rec. 1966; prod by Mel Lyman; engineered by David Gude for the Vanguard company; Lisa Kindred, voc; Mel Lyman, hca; Jim Kweskin, g, Terry Bernhard, p; Geoff Muldaur, g; Reed Wasson, str b; Bruce Langhorne, g, band dr, el b; cover design by American Avatar [i.e. Eben Given]

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inner gatefold of Warner Bros./Reprise 6353

notes by Mel Lyman
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Warner Bros./Reprise 6353

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= WPCR 10719 (Jp 2000)

more info

Jim Kweskin discography

41996Bay Area Blues
Talking with the blues Vol. 5
A Collection of Contemporary Blues Songs from the San Francisco Bay Area Vol. 1

- Margarita Drive - Kent Earl Housman
- Steppin' Stone - Sy Klopps Blues Band
- Too Through With You - Steve Gannon
- Pin-Eyed Woman - Ron Thompson
- Long Distance Love - Jeff Jolly
- Devil's Dick Blues - Zero

- 2:19 Train - Lisa Kindred & Chris Goddard
- Now I See - Jerry Miller Band
- Gypsy Good Time - Wendy Dewitt/Blue Saloon
- Bad Brain - Chris Cobb Band
- Without You - David Denny
- Mailbox Blues - Vipers
- Hard Way - Michael Quinn
- Big Fish - Annie Sampson
- I'll Play The Blues For Y - Bobbie Webb
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Taxim Tx 1019

51996More Bay Area Blues
Talking with the blues Vol. 6
A Collection of Contemporary Blues Songs from the San Francisco Bay Area Vol. 2

- I Can't Seem To Shake These Blues - Gary Smith Blues Band
- Squeezin' - Kenny "Blue" Ray
- Hard Thing - Nick Gravenites
- Hard Times - Wendy Dewitt & Blue Saloon
- Good Woman - John "Broadway" Tucker & Broad
- Million Dollar Feeling - Harvey Mandel
- Shade Tree Mechanic - Henry Oden

- Minglewood Blues - Lisa Kindred & Chris Goddard
- Homesick - Mike Henderson Blues Band
- Boogie 'Til We All Fall Down - Chuck Vincent & Shuffle
- Somebody Told Me - Blue Jeans
- Blues Medley Take 1 - Mike Wilhelm
- Watch Your Step - Doug Jay
- Dimples - Stu Blank
- Treehouse Blues - Mark Naftalin
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Taxim Tx 1022

62002The Lyman Family

- River
- The Rain
- One Day I Was So Sad That The Corners Of My Mouth Met And Everyone Thought I Was Whistling
- I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

- Careless Love (with Lisa Kindred, voc)
- People Get Ready (with Maria Muldaur, voc)
- He Was A Friend Of Mine

rec. 1964-71

Transparency CD
72002Lisa Kindred Band: Steppin' Up in Class

- Steppin' Up In Class
- Why People Like That
- Twenty Four Hour Blues
- Ain't No Big Deal On You
- I Feel Like Lying Down
- Aw' Shucks Hush Your Mouth
- Tell Me
- You Got To Move
- New Riviera
- I Woke Up Screaming
- Cut Off My Right Arm
- Last Thing On My Mind
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The Saloon Recordings

Source of left column picture: Cover of Vanguard VRS 9140 ("New Folks Vol. 2")


picture from
(L-R) Charlie Musselwhite, Tommy Castro, Fly Brooks, Lisa Kindred, Patrick Newman,
Stu Blank, Johnny Nitro, Gary Silva, Johnny Ace, Terry Hanck

picture from


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