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year of
Mississippi John Hurt
Folk Songs And Blues

- Avalon Blues
- Richland Women Blues
- Spike Driver Blues
- Salty Dog
- Cow Hooking Blues
- Spanish Fangdang

- Casey Jones $
- Louis Collins
- Candy Man Blues
- My Creole Bell
- Liza Jane (God's Unchanging Hands) #
- Joe Turner Blues

Mississippi John Hurt, voc, g
$ Mississippi John Hurt, 12 string g
# Mississippi John Hurt, hca

rec. by P.V. Kuykendall, Peter Silitch and Sandy Fisher on March 24, 26, 29 and April 2, 1963 in Washington, DC; produced by Dick Spottswood


the record number (13157) was meant to take up where Paramount records left off when they went out of business in 1931 !

notes by Dick Spottswood

Piedmont PLP 13157

notes by Dick Spottswood

= Gryphon GLP 13157

notes by Dick Spottwood;
additional notes
by Lawrence Cohn
(1964 Sing Out! article)

reissued and distributed
19?? by OJL
"Mississippi John Hurt,
(Volume I of the
Original Recordings
'Folksongs and Blues')"

= OJL 8053

notes by David Brown

= Rounder CD 1081 (1991)
"Avalon Blues 1963"


= Vivid Sound VSCD-130
(Jp 2001)

Mississippi John Hurt

A Recorded Documentary 1899-1929

Vess Osman
- Creole Belles

Piedmont PLP 13158
Kings Of The Twelve String

Blind Willie McTell
- Dark Night Blues
- Mama, Let Me Scoop For You
- Ain't It Grand To Be A Christian
- Loving Talking Blues
Seth Richard
- Skoodeldum Doo
- Lonely Seth Blues
Willie Baker
- No No Blues

Barbecue Bob
- How Long Pretty Mama
- Barbecue Blues
George Carter
- Ghost Woman Blues
- Weeping Willow Woman [real title: Weeping Willow Blues]
Charlie Turner ["Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner"]
- Kansas City Dog Walk
Charlie Lincoln [real name: Charlie Hicks]
- Depot Blues
- Mama Don't Rush Me

cover illustration of Piedmont PLP 13159 by Anne H. Spottswood

Flyright 101 "presented by Robin L. Gosden, Simon A. Napier and Bruce Bastin"

In case anybody wonders why the 1978 edition of the Flyright LP has "(p) 1973" on its labels: The "need for putting '(P) 1973' on the label comes about because of the passage of the amending 1978 US copyright act" (Bob Eagle):
303. Duration of copyright: Works created but not published or copyrighted before January 1, 1978
(a) Copyright in a work created before January 1, 1978, but not theretofore in the public domain or copyrighted, subsists from January 1, 1978, and endures for the term provided by section 302. In no case, however, shall the term of copyright in such a work expire before December 31, 2002; and, if the work is published on or before December 31, 2002, the term of copyright shall not expire before December 31, 2047.
12 page booklet

Piedmont PLP 13159 (1963)

12 page booklet

= Gryphon GLP 13159 (on
cover), Chesapeake CLP
13159 (on label), Richland
(on notes) (1964)
[Dick Spottswood labels
founded soon after he "left"
Piedmont Records]

Piedmont discography

= Flyright LP 101 (UK 1973)

= Flyright LP 101 (1978)

Flyright discography

Jolly Joe And His Jug Band
First new jug band in the traditional style .....

- Borrow Love And Go (Trad.) #
- Jug In The Shade (Coltman-Bussard) #
- Cider Time Rag (Coltman-Bussard) #
- Black Cat Moan (Coltman) #
- Coal Tipple Blues (Coltman-Bussard) #
- Scattin' Rag (Coltman-Bussard) #

- High Sheriff Blues (Bussard)
- Goofus Rag (Coltman-Bussard)
- Jolly Jug Blues (Bussard)
- Careless Love Blues (Trad.)
- What She's Got (Bussard) #
- Basement Blues (Coltman-Bussard) #

Joe Bussard (Jolly Joe), Bob Coltman, Oscar Myers, Jerry Marcum

# on Fonotone CDs

Fonotone 78 rpm

Piedmont PLP 13160

5 CD set

Dust To Digital CD


Mississippi John Hurt
Worried Blues

- Lazy Blues
- Farther Along
- Sliding Delta
- Nobody Cares For Me
- Cow Hooking Blues No. 2

- Talking Casey
- Weeping And Wailing
- Worried Blues
- Oh Mary, Don't You Weep
- I Been Cryin' Since You Been Gone

rec. by P.V. Kuykendall, Wynwood Recording Studio, on March 14, 15 and 21, 1964; produced / liner notes by Dick Spottswood

notes by Robert Shelton
and Dick Spottswood

Piedmont PLP 13161

notes by Robert Shelton
and Dick Spottswood

= Chesapeake CLP 13161

original notes by Robert
Shelton and Dick Spottswood

reissued and distributed
19?? by OJL
"Mississippi John Hurt,
(Volume II of the
Original Recordings
'Worried Blues')"

notes by Eric Park

= OJL 8054

notes by David Brown

= Rounder CD 1082 (1991)
"Worried Blues 1963"
["1963" ?]


= Vivid Sound VSCD-131
(Jp 2001)

Mississippi John Hurt

Rev. Robert Wilkins
Memphis Gospel Singer

The Original 1964 Recordings

- Jesus Will Fix It Allright
- Thank You, Jesus
- Just A Closer Walk With Thee
- Do Lord Remember Me
- Here Am I, Send Me

- The Prodigal Son
- Jesus Said If You Go
- I'm Going Home To My Heavenly King

rec. by Peter V. Kuykendall, Wynwood Recording Studio; prod. by Music Research, Inc.

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Piedmont PLP 13162

notes by Dick Spottswood
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= Piedmont PLP 13162

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= Origin Jazz Library
OJL 8052 (1984)
"The Prodigal Son"

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= Origin Jazz Library
OJL 8052 (19??)
"The Legendary Piedmont

Robert Wilkins

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Dick Spottswood with Mississippi John Hurt; Front cover of Steve Cushing's forthcoming [July 2014] book 'Pioneers of the Blues Revival'; click to enlarge !
Dick Spottswood with Mississippi John Hurt
Front cover of Steve Cushing's forthcoming [July 2014] book "Pioneers of the Blues Revival"


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